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1 Bank robbery[B-rank, Repeatable] on Sat Nov 08, 2014 4:26 am



Mission name: Bank robbery
Mission rank: B
Objective: To stop the robbers from aquiring any funds from the bank
Location: Anywhere inside kumogakure
Reward: 285
Mission description: A Anonymous tippers tipped of the Kage and told them that a bank was going to be robbed at 3:50 am, tommorow morning. Your job is to stop them. if they gather ANY funds the mission fails.
Mission details: there are 5 bank robbers in total, 4 of them are genin level, D-rank stats, with basic Taijustu, and 5 kunai. they are in pairs so be warned. after the 4 are defeated, and you find the vault which previously you couldn't find no matter how hard you tried, inside the fault is the boss of the thieves, he wields a B-rank Claymore, and uses All of the Library Raiton techniques up to C-rank. He has all C-rank stats. No money can be destroyed by your battle or the mission fails. When you find him he will already be stuffing money in his backpack, once you enter the room he will instantly know you are there, drop the bag filled with cash and start attacking you.

2 Re: Bank robbery[B-rank, Repeatable] on Tue Nov 11, 2014 3:02 pm



I will need an npc form for the boss of thieves


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