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Kaekio had just gotten back from her last mission, The head of troll was now sitting atop Sanosuke's Desk. She was walking down the street towards her apartment. it had been a long day. she had gotten up early, and been out all day tracking that troll all over the place. Only to have an easy time killing it with if fear of fire. as she was walking down the street the sun was setting on her ever long day. She decided to stop into a ramen shop to grab a quick bite to eat before she she headed home. She really didn't feel like going home and making her own food tonight, and her tight budget allowed her to have a few meals out. She just couldn't go crazy with it. she entered a small shop , with little to no people in it. a few people smiled and waved at her, remembering her from the recent parade. She waved back, and sat at a table... all by herself. It was moments like this where she already missed nozomi. The two brand new couple had left off on the worst note ever. first Nozomi had wanted to go a bit further than cuddling with kaekio, and kaekio's indecisiveness gave off the impression that she wasn't all that into nozomi. then Kaekio had to fight nozomi the very next round. Kaekio's fighting side eventually took over her soft side, and she almost killed the poor girl. However, Nozomi did promise to write her every single day, and Kaekio hopped for everything that she did keep that promise. Kaekio's heart tinged with pain a little bit as she was already missing nozomi. A girl so far away. Kaekio got lost in thought, thinking about nozomi until her thoughts were interrupted. She heard a cough from above her, and looked up to see a waitress was standing over her table. "Oh shit sorry... i kind of got lost in thought." Kaekio said immediately apologizing. "It's fine" the waitress smiled back. although Kaekio could tell she was growing a bit inpatient. "Are you ready to order? or shou-" Kaekio cut her off there. She knew where she was going with the sentence, and yes she was ready to order. She had been ready since before she walked into the restaurant. "Yes i am ready... ill just take a ramen if that is okay." Kaekio said returning her smile. The girl proceeded to fire off questions about what kind of ramen she wanted, and then went into the kitchen to deliver her request to the chief.

It wasn't a very long wait until she got her food seeing as how their were very little customers actually in the restaurant. She thanked the waiter for the food, and before she could leave Kaekio tried the food, and told her to tell the chief that the ramen was amazing. Kaekio slowly ate her food, enjoying every bite of it. she hadn't eaten since she made breakfast that morning, granted it had been a large breakfast, but then again that was at like 3 in the morning, and she hadn't eaten since then. However her enjoyment was short lived. As she got half way through her delious bowl of ramen she heard shouting outside "S-some one HELP!!! They... THEY MADE A MONSTER... SOME ONE PLEASE HELP!" Kaekio let out a small sigh... This would be to hard for a genin, there was a tiny amount of chunin in the village, and they were all probably asleep from a long day of work. The jounin were still out doing missions... This left her to do it. She stood up and took out a bundle of ryo and placed it on the table, knowing the waitress would take the left overs for a tip... She had been a good waitress. then she walked out of the restaurant.

When she got out of the restaurant she ran immediately over to the man screaming and running down the street. He was a civilian so her speed would have looked like she simply teleported next to him. she placed a hand on his shoulder and said in his ear "i am here to help..." a look of relief appeared on his face as he turned around and saw her Kumogakure headband around her neck. He then proceeded to tell her that a massive monster had been terrorizing the outskirts of the village. a brief moment of doubt crossed Kaekios mind as she had just killed a troll that day, but as he began to describe the monster it became clear that it was not a troll. Kaekio gave the man a bow before running towards the village gate once again. The sun now out of sight.

On the outskirts it was nearly too dark to even see effectively, but kaekio had a plan for this. She walked around the grounds staring at the ground with massive flames coating completely around her. her guardian flames lighting up a significant portion of the area around her in order for her to see. it didn't take her but an hour or so to find absolutely massive foot prints leading into the wilderness. She let out a big sigh as she would have to track down yet another monster way out in the middle of fucking no where. She clapped her hands together to see if she could get a fix on his location, but nothing came up that was even close to big enough to make these foot prints. so she dragged her ass through the night following the foot print closely, until she heard the sound of trees falling over.

Kaekio's senses picked up immediately from her nearly dead tired state. She placed her hands together once more to double check that what she was hearing was simply not an illusion from her being tired, and surely enough a massive beast was currently smashing something which she assumed to be a tree. she ran over to it drawing out her swords as she did so. She infused Raiton chakra into both of her Rusty katanas, making them glow a bright blue color, as she approached the beast. She lached onto it's electrical signals as she got closer, opening up it's movements before her eyes as she could sense every muscle and fiber twitching and read it like a book. The beast of course took notice of the bright blue thing behind and proceeded to stop smashing the tree and turned around to face her.

Kaekio stood there unphased by the massive beast now having it's attention on her. She knew this fight was going to be harder than the troll she had killed today, but it wasn't anything she couldn't handle. she was tired enough that she wanted to give this thing a warning before she slaughtered it. Listen here buddy... ill give you 3 seconds to fall over dead on the ground." then she loudly counted to three as the thing stood there waiting for her to make her move. Once she reached three she spoke again. "Fine... i guess i warned you... Now it's time to go to sleep... for like the rest eternity" Kaekio would probably look back on this moment and face palm at how stupid she sounded, but at this moment she had gone without sleep for nearly 24 hours, and so she didn't care anymore. She ran towards the beast as it noticed her advance almost immediately, It raised both of it's arms, and then brought them down right as she should have been in range, but kaekio knew better. She could read him like an open book in her native language, with a bold and large font. it was no real challenge at all for her.  she jumped to the right right before the large hands hit the ground. She slash the outside of the left hand, and then dragged her blade upwards along his arm. than as she ran up to drag her blade along his arm, she had to jump to finish cutting at his shoulder. Once she couldn't cut any further she kicked off of his shoulder and launched herself higher into the air. She twirled and then slashed with One of her swords, infusing extra chakra into it as she did so. The slash went beyong the swords reach, and cut the eyes of the beast before her. it was a nifty little technique she had picked up on recently, and it did it's job effectively.

Once she had both feet on the ground she charged towards the beast again. it was blind this time, but that didn't mean it didn't have other senses.  However it's accuracy was much much less accurate. Kaekio didn't even have to dodge his next attack that hit a meter or so to the left of her. she ran up his arm this time, and then once she reached his neck, she jumped slightly. She would land on his chest, infusing chakra in her feet so she didn't fall backwards, and stabbed him deep in each side of his neck. The blood drained out of his neck, no longer reaching his brain, and making him unconscious in a matter of seconds. Kaekio stood on his chest a rode him to the ground like that, as he fell backwards. By the time he hit the ground he was dead.

Kaekio pulled out her blades, and wiped the both of them off on the beasts fur before she sheathed them. Then she began her long trek back to kumogakure... she reached the gates in about half an hour, and then it only took a few more minutes to get to her house. She had walked the entire way. mostly dragging her feet as she was dead tired, Because at this point he had been up for 24 hours and needed sleep in order to function for whatever tomorrow held in store for her. She hopped it was a long nap. Kaekio grabbed the keys out of her pants pocket and began to unlock her door. As she turned the key in the lock she heard foots steps next to her. she had been apparently too tired to even sense them coming up, Or they had someone managed to block her sensory. When kaekio turned to see it all made sense to her. A man dressing in traditional ANBU black ops gear, with a mask that somewhat resembled a fox was walking towards her. "Ryuzoji, Kaekio?" He said allowed with what she guessed was not hisz real voice. "Yes?" she responded sleepily, as if she had no idea what she was about to be asked. There was only one reason ever anbu ever made their appearance public to her. Sano-Sensei had a mission for her. "I have a message for you from the raikage" He said in reply to her. Kaekio rolled her eyes as she tired to keep from falling asleep on the spot right there... if this was mission why couldn't it have waited until morning? unless it was urgent... Then sano would have had Kae woken if she wasn't already. If it was urgent than it would have been something recent... It all sparked in Kaekio's head at once. She turned to the Anbu Black ops agent "Let me guess... He has a mission for me to go kill a big green hairy monster looking thingy... about 8 or 9 ft tall, and has terrorized the outskirts of town" The mans sudden body posture change gave way to surprise. As well as his response. "W-well... Yes... how did you know?" Kaekio rolled her eyes and laughed a little bit. "I know because someone was screaming about it earlier today when i was trying to have dinner, and i have already taken care of it." she then proceeded to tell the anbu agent where the body was located and told him to tell sanosuke that she would give him a full report of what had happened in the morning... but for now she needed sleep...

500 extra words...

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