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1 Relaxing Bath (Private/NoKill/Training) on Thu Nov 13, 2014 12:33 am

Yuzu Ren

Yuzu Ren

His heart was beating so hard as he held his chest with his hand, he can not remember what happened but he knew he needed to rest as he walked towards the hot springs and then entered as the lady asked him whether he was going to use the mixed baths or the ordinary baths. He showed his membership card and was directed to a private area before the lady left telling him to enjoy his time as much as he wanted.

He took off his white running shoes and tossed them one side on the ground. He undressed slowly before taking a single step followed by another step as he sunk into the warm waters to relax. He eased his way in as his body was hurting all over, he began to look up to the sky as the water massaged his damaged body. "This is not what i asked for."

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Whoever said blood is thicker then water, has never felt the true nature of the freezing mists

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