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Gathering the books of the Elements:
Mission name: Gathering the Books of the Elements(Repeatable)
Mission rank: C
Objective: Gather one of the five element books and bring it back to the library
Location: Sunagakure
Reward: 220 ryo
Mission description: Please search for one of the five elemental library books and return it to the nearest library for your reward
Mission details: You must set out to find the book of one of the five elements Katon, Doton, Raiton, Fuuton and Suiton. You must then read a small page from the book to confirm its authenticity.
Along the way you may encounter several possible situations.

Situation 1 : The book is hidden and must be revealed from its hidden location using sensory methods(Sensory jutsu) and seal breaking techniques(Have fuuinjutsu spec)

Situation 2 : The book is held by a nice villager who will give you the book the first time around(This situation is non-repeatable)

Situation 3 : The book is held by several D-Rank Bandits who all possess a single kunai and a smoke bomb to escape if they feel defeated. Their stats are all D and there will be anywhere between 3 to 4 of them

Situation 4 : The book is held by another Genin who can use up to C-Rank of the library matching the element of the book. This genin has D-Rank stats and will use the replacement jutsu at least once. Will give up the book if defeated or scared

This mission has a word count of 1000 in order to complete

He was given the task once again, but it was not the same as it was before. The book was on its way to the library, but there was a rumor that the book was taken by bandits who were last seen near the library. They had not traveled far as they were turning it into a regular hot spot for robbing the scholars who had started coming there to read. With the library supporting his home as well as providing him with work he could not let them get away with it and it just so happened this book was also one of the elemental books. It was the book of water which meant he would perhaps find something he could use inside of its pages. However there was something that bothered him, the last time he did this mission he was helpless and only succeeded due to the mercy and kindness of the old man. As he knew what he had to do there was only one he could turn to in his time of need, only one man who he could consider one day calling his friend.

He made his way to the shop where they had met as he did send a message for them to meet there. He began to get the details of the mission written down as the little girl came with a glass of milk she placed on the table. Her father was sitting at the main counter as he still could not believe how well their business was running now that those thugs were defeated. However things had changed and the man knew that one day the real boss would appear to find out what happened. The man did not know what to say or do to prevent this but he knew that child with the wings and the boy with the cool shades were his only hope.

While worrying about his own problems the girl was the one mainly running the shop now and they were planning to start opening up an inn real soon once the upstairs renovations were done.

The young little green haired boy Noel sat down drinking his milk now that he finished the note, it was only a matter of time before Sozo got there and they would set out to find the book that he knew he would not be strong enough to get on his own.

Words = 403/1000



Sozo let out a sigh as he read the note from Noel asking him to meet him at the shop they first met at in the slums. The note asked for Sozo's help for getting a elemental book for the library the details in the note weren't in real good detail but Sozo felt obligated to help he new friend with the mission. Sozo walked down the street heading back to the place where he killed two thugs and one ran away before he could kill him as well. But it was also the place where he met Noel the green haired boy with wings so it made sense to meet there since he knew where it was. Sozo' mind began to drift into thought of the mission as in why would Noel need his help if it was collecting a simple book. Then different scenario's began to play thought his mind. But Sozo thought it was pointless to think of them as he wasn't even sure on what the mission really required. But he was sure it would involve some fighting if Noel asked him for his help. Noel didn't really look alike the combat type of shinobi and more like the support type.

After a half hour of walking in the slums still littered with drunks and people who looked like they were going to rob you the second you let your guard down. Sozo finally made it to the shop and entered he looked around only seeing a small part of Noel's green hair. The shop owners daughter greeted Sozo with a smile and showed him to Noel's booth. Sozo sat on the other side of Noel and watched him drinking. Then he noticed he had written on a piece of paper so it seemed that Noel was still unable to speak to Sozo. Which was a minor pain to Sozo as he wondered why Noel didn't want to speak to him but Sozo wasn't going to push the matter. The little girl came back and placed a glass of water in front of Sozo. Sozo reached over to grab as sugar packet and ripped the corner to pour the sugar into the water and mixed it with a straw.

Sozo took a sip from the water before turning his attention to Noel "So what do you need my help with Noel?" Sozo asked as he tilted his head back cursing the heat of the desert and the hell hole know as the Sunagakure no Sato. Whatever Noel needed his help with he wanted it to get it over with as quick as possible so he could take a nice cold bath to cool down afterwards.




The young little boy just pushed the note across the table as it just detailed that the book had been taken by a group of about three or four bandits as he trusted Sozo to help him, he showed with his hand for Sozo to follow him not even waiting as he had put great faith in Sozo. The reason he hardly spoke was not really out of his shyness but more out of a fear that Sozo had yet to learn about. As he took to the skies in order to find the bandits as he flew around he could not fight them and with a flying height of only fifteen meters he could not clear most buildings as he found them circling around at their location he was hoping that Sozo would be able to take care of the bandits as he looked and counted about four of them as he was preparing to also do something, but he was not that skilled and he wanted the book, he did not want the bandits at all.

Words = 403 + 178 = 581/1000
Chakra = 145/150



Sozo started looked over the piece of paper that gave him the details of the mission they were going to do. So a book about water element was stollen by some bandits i see Sozo thought. Then when he found out that it would only be four bandits he had to fight he sighed in relief as that few of bandits shouldn't be to difficult to deal with as long as Noel stayed out of his way. The green hair boy as Sozo figured he would spoke no words to him. He only got up after Sozo was done reading his not and Sozo finished drinking his sugar water. Noel simply motioned with his hand to follow Sozo what was with members of this clan that made them think Sozo would just follow them just by simply moving a hand or walking in a direction. But at last Sozo did what Noel thought he would do and followed him out the door and watched as Noel took to the skies in search of the bandits. Sozo followed suit after a few minutes of Noel flying around he started to circle around the area where the bandits were at.

Sozo ran to where the bandits were he was in a hurry to finish this mission as soon as possible so it was a unfortunate day to be a bandit. Sozo turned the corner to find that they were standing around talking about what to do with the book they stole. Till one of them noticed Sozo who was standing in the only opening of the ally way they were hiding out in. They all got ready to attack Sozo as he counted one, two, three, and four so they are all here will this will be easy. Before they had the chance to move Sozo weaved the hand seals for his temporary paralysis jutsu causing all the bandits to become frozen in their movements. As Sozo simply walked up to each one as he pulled his Kunai out and slit three of the bandits necks making them choke on their own bloods. As it poured from their neck wounds there was only one left he saved that one for Noel to kill. The bandit looked on in horror as Sozo looks through the bandit's dead comrades corpses looking for the book.




He still could not believe how blood thirsty Sozo was as he watched the bandits defenseless, getting killed one by one as the forth one seemed to have luck on his side, holding the book as the young little green haired boy began to fly down towards the confused target and took out his folded windmill shuriken which he hit against the back of the man's head knocking him out as he looked to Sozo and then at the dead bodies. He then noticed the book on the floor as the bandit began to get up slowly to make his escape as the young boy walked towards the book picking it up before throwing a kunai to the bandit's leg making him fall to the ground. The boy then stabbed the bandits right arm with a shuriken, before looking to Sozo sighing as he opened the book.

He read through it as it told him the technique known by Kirigakure, the hidden mist jutsu as he kept on reading he felt one day he could use it as well as this book being an important addition to the library. Then writing on a piece of paper he stabbed it into the bandits back before dragging the bandit to Sozo. The piece of paper said No Kill as he then yawned a bit stretching as their mission was nearly done, he looked to Sozo then wrote down something he thought he was important as the note said.

'Hi, Sozo... can you carry him to the guards in the slums and let me hand in the mission. After this would you like to come over to my place?" as the young little green haired boy blushed unlike he had ever blushed before

Words = 581 + 292 = 873/1000



Sozo cared little for the lives of the bandits he just killed. As there was a very high chance that they killed innocent people to gain what they wanted. So you could say this was sweet karma working through his body and doing her bidding. But as he looked through the corpses of the bandits he slew he was unable to find the book. When he tuned his attention over the the fourth and final bandit in order to finish him off as well. But he was to late as the green haired boy flew and hit the bandit in the back of the neck. With what seemed to be a folded fuma shuriken Sozo started to walk over as Noel found the book and started to read from it. He had a few questions about the book but didn't bother asking Noel right now. Noel handed a Sozo a piece of paper when Sozo was done reading the piece of paper he saw Noel blushing as hard as Sozo has ever saw Noel blush. "Sure Noel we can have a sleep over"

Sozo patted Nole's head moving his hand making his green hair messy before he walked over to the bandit and saw a note stabbed in the bandits back. Sozo removed the note and the item used to keep the note in place before Sozo lifted the bandit onto his shoulder and proceeded to head to the guards to drop off the trash.

1,092/1000 Mission completed



He took the patting of his head as a yes, he gave Sozo a second note which was his address as he began to walk towards the library. As he stepped inside slowly and carefully towards the shinobi training guides section, placing the book back into the shelf before heading over to meet with the head librarian. He bowed as the lady looked at the boy seriously and silently adjusting her glasses ever so slightly.

She gave him the papers of the mission and some ryo for his services and told him that he had to remember not to miss his regular duties in the library. He then went into the back and got changed before heading home where he would wait for Sozo to get there as he was happy to have a friend now.

Words = 873 + 136 = 1009/1000

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