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1 Nukenin Questions on Sat Nov 15, 2014 12:39 pm



Just what does it take to become a Nukenin, Ronin and Village Ninja-wise. What if a Village Ninja kills a ronin, will they still be convicted. What if a ronin kills another ronin with the Wilderness of a land? Please list it off.

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ok first off, I'll be trying to explain it in terms of how it goes on this site:

Nukenin: These people are those that have either commited heineous crimes, have left their villages without consent or that have turned on their village.

Ronin: simply put, shinobi without allegiances. They have no particular loyalty to any village, but as long as they are not known as criminals, they will be treated with the respect they deserve in all villages, having the ability to support these villages by completing missions for them or granting them their knowledge and skills.

Village shinobi: Thes eare as the name says Shinobi with a loyalty and allegiance to a village. These can either be former ronin deciding to live somewhere for the rest of their life, people born in that village or in some rare cases Nukenin in hiding or repentant nukenin.

1.How one becomes a nukenin in case of a village shinobi

A village shinobi can become a nukenin in various ways, but the most prominent are:

-Defecting from their village due to reasons unknown, on the contrary of becoming a ronin they defect, rather than leave with a clear conscience and in peace.

-Aiding or harboring wanted criminals: when the authorities suspect that a village shinobi has been aiding a criminal, they can be branded as a criminal themselves.

-Acts of treason, criminal acts: certain deeds such as killing one's own village people and comrades, attacking innocent civilians without reason or joining another nation while possessing valuable information will almost always lead to a village shinobi being branded as wanted (some become nukenin, some just join another village to have more security)

2.How a Village shinobi becomes a ronin:

-This is simple: they can always become a ronin if they peacefully leave their village in agreement with their comrades, explaining that their loyalty lies elsewhere. If done in a peacefull and understanding way, a shinobi leaving her or his village is not seen as a defection.

3. How a Ronin becomes a nukenin:

-crimes in general will have a chance of turning a ronin into a nukenin. Ronin that aid wanted criminals, attack or kill village shinobi or do heineous deeds and get caught in the process will most likely be branded nukenin or at least wanted in the place they've been caught.

4. special things:

when a ronin would kill a ronin there's less to be said. If the murder is witnessed by a village shinobi, there could be consequences if the village shinobi would see this act as a crime against her or his village. Also if the killed ronin in question has close ties to a village, it could lead to being branded a criminal, however both aforementioned cases are rare and seldomly happen.

A ronin killing a nukenin will not become a nukenin

A nukenin killing a ronin wont affect their status either

Hope this helps

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Thanks ^u^

But what if a Village-Nin kills a Ronin? For instance they meet, argue, fight, and the Village Nin ends up killing the Ronin in the process, having the intention too.

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funny enough that would be exactly the same as ronin vs has to meet a certain set of standards before the village shinobi would be branded a criminal.

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