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1 The Sleepover (Sozo/NK/Training) on Sat Nov 15, 2014 12:58 pm



The door opened quietly as the little boy arrived home from his mission that day, he took a deep breath as the air flowed around freshly as he looked around. He felt a bit excited, but he was not sure what to do since Sozo was probably still delivering the bandit. He began to wonder if Sozo remembered to take the bandit alive or not, as he thought about it for a moment before his tummy growled. He was hungry and he needed to eat something so he walked over slowly to his little fridge and opened it. Inside he searched through the empty bottles and found his bottle of milk which he was drinking to help his wings grow and to keep them healthy and white, just like his teeth and his bones.

As he was drinking his bottle of milk as he closed his fridge which seemed to only have this single drink. He began to search the kitchen cupboards and got out a small sandwich as he had one made for him to eat later today. He was not sure how long Sozo would take, but he took bite after bite from his sandwich before walking over to the secret basement door as he walked around to his downstairs. He made the steps a bit cleaner and began to make his way to the bathroom where he had packed some few things. He slowly took off the clothes he used in the mission tossing them in the basket he had in the locker area of his bathroom. He stretched out a bit from left to right and right to left.

He sat on the little bench that was there as he then stretched out his wings a bit, before stretching out his arms wide with his legs. When he was done stretching he went and turned the master tap as the bath began to fill and all the shower heads in the bath started spraying water while the locker area was the only area unaffected by this. The steam that rose did enter the locker area a bit, but most of it went out the entrance as he walked to the center before jumping into the bath tub as he made a big splash as the water then fell on his little head full of light green hair and his wings full of water as he began swaying his head side to side while half submerged in the water, before the water rose up to neck height as he relaxed. The warm waters were flowing all over his body, his feet feeling a fizzy warm sting from the pain of walking too much that day. The water had bubbles inside of it as he felt it gently tickle the back of his foot as he giggled before it rose up his leg and traveled around sliding behind his thigh, on his soft cute little bum before rising up his lower back as he leaned forward in the water as the bubble reached the back of his neck before popping. Soon more bubbles rushed his body as he went over to the bubbly section enjoying the feeling of the air bubbles on his soft silky skin as sank a bit only his nose and eyes sticking out. His wet green hair was hanging down quite a lot as the water carried the strands of his hair outwards. As the strands floated his wings were submerged under the water as he then dropped under the water performing a barrel roll as a large splash could be heard.

He then began to float to the surface as he just laid back in the water, his wings touching the bottom as he looked up at the ceiling and the shower waters raining down on him as he began to think of Mikasa. He still thought of her, but he was beginning to change as his mind wondered if he could actually make friends as he remembered all his beatings and how no one but Mikasa saw anything in him. She did not really acknowledge him, but she noticed him more than anyone else ever would. She was a Goddess and even though everyone said she was just a cocky brat who declined ruling the clan cause she felt she was above it. He felt she did not want to rule a mere clan, she wanted to rule the world and she did not have time to be dealing with small clan problems, or useless little kids. As he began to think of this his mind reminded him that he was still a useless little kid and that he was not even worthy of seeing Mikasa again. Even with that it did not matter to him, Mikasa was his world and he hoped he was an important part of her world.

As he laid there he suddenly felt like he was drowning as he sat up quickly coughing as he fell asleep in the water and realized he had to get out now, he jumped up out of the bath then ran slipping as he hit his head into the wall, suffering a small bleeding from his forehead as he turned the master tap close, as all the water was sinking away only the tub still full as he went to the locker. His wings spread then ruffled themselves releasing all the trapped water as he flapped them dry quickly. He then took out a small towel and put it over his chest as it reached down to his knees. The towel was small but he was equally small so to speak.

He then plopped down on his chest, grabbing hold of a small book he borrowed from the library and began reading forgetting that Sozo could arrive at anytime now.

He turned the pages and began to read the poetry story book

'Long ago in the village of snow, lived a girl and a boy with nowhere to go'
'try as they may, to live everyday, the world would not let them have their way'
'as children of white and black, with the marks of a harsh world whipped against their back'
'no longer children, where did it begin, that they would sacrifice whatever it took to win'
'These two were opposites and chose paths of dark and light, while in the end never ever choosing to fight'
'He accepted her darkness as she accepted his blinding night, like a full moon forever bright'
'One day the girl said to the boy, she did not love him and that he was just a toy'
'The boy was hurt but what could he do, when he wanted her to love him too'
'In the end he never gave up as he chose to work for her love'
'Looking to the skies as her darkness circled above'

'He touched her once and then it was the end'
'It took taking her life to become her best friend'

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2 Re: The Sleepover (Sozo/NK/Training) on Sat Nov 15, 2014 7:21 pm



Sozo was walking down the street of the Slums of the Sunagakure no Sato with a bandit over his shoulder. People looked at the silver hair kid as he walked to the guards to drop the bandit it off there. Sozo herd people whispering as they walked by him acting like they ignored him and his bandit friend. But in reality they were coming up with far fetched stories like Sozo was member of a rival gang he was carrying around his trophy to show it off to the world. But the fact of the matter he didn't want to do anything with this bandit but Noel asked him to drop him of at guards building. If it was up to him he would have killed the bandit there but he didnt want to upset Noel. So he would have to deal with the burden of carrying him half way across the slums just because Noel didn't want him to kill the bandit. Sozo let out a small sigh Noel was a bit of a pain in the ass for him but his innocent nature he had about him was refreshing to him. As Sozo was so you to Mikasa's more violent nature but Sozo could help but love Mikasa. As she gave him a purpose in his life again as he was just wondering the Takigakure during the Chuunin exams looking for a reason to live.

As Sozo walked for a close to half a hour till he finally reached the guards outpost in the slums. Sozo opened the door there was a ding to alert the person at the front desk that some one entered the building. The man at the front desk watched as Sozo dumped the body of the bandit on the floor in front of the man's desk. A thud could be heard from all around the front end area as the skin and body of the bandit made a very ungentle connection to the ground. Sozo looked at the man running the front desk and pointed the bandit groaning in pain from his little fall. "He is your problem now." Sozo spoke coldly as he headed out the door in a hurry. He had other plans so he didn't plan on staying at the guards outpost any longer than it took to drop off a bandit that had been hit in the back of the neck by a folded fuma shuriken and then stabbed in the back. Sozo let out a slight chuckle that Noel was a bit of a sadistic one as well he knocked a guy out only to stab him in the back with a note that said don't kill.

Sozo stepped into the street and reached for the note Noel gave him for the address to his house. Sozo quickly looked over the address and started to run in the general area where he thought the address was. Sozo ran down streets and ally ways looking at street signs and asking people on the street for help. It was about a hour and a half till he finally got onto the right street what was Noel thinking he knew Sozo wasn't from the slums or did he. Sozo went back into his memory bank looking for the answer but he realized that he never told Noel where he lived. So it was his fault for taking so long to get to Noel's place. Sozo knocked on the door thats address matched that of the one on Noel's note to him. The home seemed a bit rundown on the outside like the rest of the homes on the block next to it. So it could have been somewhat expected to match the rest of them oh well Sozo thought cant judge book by its cover. As Sozo waited for someone to answer the door three women started to harassing Sozo into buying some things they were trying to sell or some sort of subscription. Sozo told them to get lost but they kept on harassing him about it. So since Sozo was felling a bit pissed off for having to carry a bandit to the guard outpost halfway across the slums and then ran about looking for this place. Sozo got feed up with the women and placed both his hands in front of his mouth as he was about to play a trumpet blasting them with a jet of water nocking them back ten meters. Hopefully that would shut them up Sozo thought to himself as he wiped the sweat from his forehead. He didn't realize how sweaty he got from running around and he didn't have time to run all the way to his apartment to change or shower.

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He was so into his book as he nearly finished the first chapter when someone knocked at his door, since he only told one person he stayed here it was either the lady from the Library or it was. As he got excited he jumped up, his book falling to the side of the bed on the floor as he ran towel and all with his wings dragging a bit on the floor as he opened up excitedly but had his left hand holding his windmill shuriken he kept on the other side of his door. As he opened he saw water and a bunch of girls running away as he looked to see the white haired boy with the really cool mixed eyes as he looked down blushing and said in a very cute soft child's voice.


He was still blushing as his bare shoulders were glistening a bit as the light from his room showed off some of the water that had yet to be dried off from the little green haired boy. Several bottles of milk were lying on the floor underneath the boy's bed as the curtains blocked all the windows which happened to not be that important since the curtains looked old and torn.

He then stepped a bit closer and was about to hug Sozo when he got a sniff of just how bad the boy smelt as he stepped back from Sozo. He blushed and looked down as he wanted to say more, but he just whispered softly

"Smell... Bad..."

He was a bit nervous as he had not really ever gotten used to talking to anyone other than Mikasa, other small kids who did not intimidate him as much and that pretty much summed up how much actual talking he did. Even in the academy he was as quiet as a mouse, but as fidgety as a rat forever nibbling on whatever it could find. Things did change though as Sozo at least was on speaking terms with the little boy, which did not help much since he wrote way better than he spoke. As the wind blew in the boy just waited for Sozo to enter as he waited from a distance so Sozo would not make him dirty and wet, rather than just wet and waiting.

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As Sozo turned around ignoring the curses the three now wet females were throwing at him. The door to the house opened and Sozo turned around to find a small green eyed Noel at the door. Noel greeted Sozo with a childish hi which Sozo wasnt expecting since he was so use to Noel writing notes to communicate with Sozo. So he was taken back almost actually taking a few steps back but he didn't as it was nice to finally hear Noel's voice instead of using his mind to make it up while reading the notes he wrote. Sozo almost failed to notice that Noel was only wearing a towel around his lower body showing the remains of bits of water from what would be a signs of just getting out of the bath not all that long ago. Sozo looked down at Noel and gave him a smile "Hi Noel. Sorry if I'm a bit late I got lost a few times." Sozo spoke with a sorry tone in his voice as he hoped he didn't keep Noel waiting to long for his arrival.

Sozo noticed Noel going in for a hug so he crouched down to embrace his green haired friend only to have him step back when he got close. Sozo watched as Noel held his head down and say something so soft that Sozo barely heard it. But he didn't need to hear Noel say anything his reaction when he got close said it all. Sozo was stinky and he didn't want to hug a stinky person which Sozo understood and was fine with. If he could he wouldn't want to be near himself either but he couldn't do that with out some painful operations. Sozo walked into the Noels home taking off his shoes as he entered the house. He looked around it was a simple house but better than Sozo's apartment he was currently living at. He looked at Noel fighting the urge to pet his green hair thanks to Sozo's smell "Sorry if I smell bad. The bandits stench must have rubbed off on me." Sozo was unsure if he should ask if he could use Noel's shower or not as Sozo was never in someones house other than for some sort of reason other than having fun as he never had any friends in the academy. Where he could go over and spend the night with a friend it was quite sad the more he thought about it.

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The little green haired boy Noel did not even realize in his attempt to hug earlier he forgot his towel was a bit loose as by the time Sozo had spoken about his stench the towel was already down to his lower body, even though it was wrapped so nicely around his chest earlier. As he looked to Sozo with his bare chest and his plain tummy with his cute little belly button, he turned around and showed with his hand for Sozo to follow as he walked the towel now sliding off as it hooked onto his one wing which held it up a bit, with just a bit of the top of Noel's cute little behind showing as he walked to the entrance to his basement and down the stairs.

The hallway was much cleaner now and it looked rather plain as he kept walking expecting that Sozo was following him as he noticed his towel pulling it up to his chest again by the time they reached the entrance to the bathing area. He trusted Sozo enough not to be worried that he might get stabbed in the back as he entered the bathing area and finally stopped by the small locker section. He scratched his head and slowly turned around blushing as he hugged his towel so it kept above his chest, with his knees being revealed beneath the towel. He looked to see if Sozo was there so he could show him which taps to use and where to put his dirty clothes which would have to be placed in a different place so they would not mix with Noel's dirty clothes which were in plain view on the top of Noel's basket.

What was Sozo going to do, would he take the offer to use the bathing area and would he be able to use it without feeling bad about it. None of this mattered to Noel who just felt he was going to help his friend get clean.

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Noel motioned with his hand for Sozo to follow him. Sozo followed the green hair boy to where ever he was taking him. Was it that easy to make Sozo to follow people that all they need to do was wave a hand and he would follow. He thought to himself as he followed Noel he saw that his towel was starting to fall as it was hooked on his wings. Sozo watched as Noel moved he could see glimpses of Noels cute little butt which made Sozo chuckle a little. It seemed that Noel heard his chuckle as he fixed the towel around his upper body as well. Which seemed strange for Sozo as normally that was something females did which made Sozo wonder was Noel a boy or girl. I mean it was a honest question he was fairly feminine as he never saw Noels manhood. But at last it didn't really matter to Sozo as he enjoyed quiet peaceful Noel's company. Sozo didn't feel like being rude and ask Noel since he is spending the night at his house.

After they traveled down the stairs to the nice and clean hallway of the basement of Noels house. Sozo was a bit surprise that the house had a second level because of how it looked on the outside. Noel and Sozo entered into a locker room area before they entered the bathing area while Noel was showing where to put his dirty cloths. Sozo was already stripped down to nothing revileing his tattoos on his left peck of a four and on his back of a marigold flower along with all the scares from his past. Sozo placed his cloths into a nice pile where Noel told him to and started turned on the water and he turned to Noel and eyed him and in a joking tone in his voice spoke "Would you like to wash my back? As I cant reach all the way around." Sozo smiled to Noel who hoped that the green hair boy didn't leave before he started to speak cause that would make Sozo feel stupid.


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He had turned and what he saw made him blush deeply as he looked up to Sozo's face at his beautiful weird and magical eyes before looking down seeing the hard chest, the nice abs and then he just looked down at the long dangling object before looking away slowly resisting his curiousity. "Big... Hair..." as he named it for somewhat obvious reasons as he was not sure why Sozo got undressed like that so quickly. He also noticed the left tattoo of a four and he did not see anything else yet as he was trying to hold back his many questions. Sozo turned the tap and then asked Noel if he wanted to wash his back as they little boy just nodded as he took Sozo's hand and guided him to the bath and then pointed that he should jump in as Noel felt he needed to offer the same. After a while as he waited for Sozo to sit in the bath he would take a scrub and start rubbing Sozo hard against his back as he was not sure what to do before falling against him, what was Noel going to do with this strange encounter as his head rested on Sozo's back for a while too, as Noel's knee went ito Sozo's lower back softly.

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Sozo watched as Noel began to blush as he turned around to see Sozo naked so quickly. Sozo was in a hurry to get the stench of sweat and bandit out of his skin so he would feel less disgusting and he could hug Noel. Sozo was surprised that Noel hopped into the bath tub creating a small splash of water. Sozo looked at him as if he was shocked that Noel was actually going to wash his back for him even though he was just joking. But Sozo was strangely happy that the green hair boy would help wash his back for him. So Sozo decided that he wasted enough time just standing around being naked so he hopped into the tube with Noel. Sozo created a bit of a larger splash than Noel did as some of the water from his splash hit the floor of the bathroom.

As Sozo sat down in the bathtub with Noel behind him he just sat there as Noel scrubbed his back. Noel's scrubbing was rough but gentle it was in other words simply perfect for the situation they were in. There were a bunch of different emotions running through Sozo's mind as Noel scrubbed his back. Till the scrubbing stopped and what felt like Noel's head reseted against Sozo's back. A few moments passed and Sozo was unsure what to do about Noel's head dose he stay still and let him rest or dose he get out of the tube. But then soon Sozo felt something gently pressed against his lower back then what happened next was a shock to Sozo. As blood from Sozo's nose started to drip into the water vanishing from site but never fully as small traces of blood still lingered where it dripped. Then Sozo spoke to Noel with out moving as he truly enjoyed how the two of them were positioned. Noel laying gently on Sozo's back as the two of them were in the bathtub. But Sozo wanted to know something "Noel...." Sozo said unsure of what he wanted to say but his voice was a mixture of emotions. "Why don't you speak to me... Why do you write me notes when you want something?" Sozo's voice had the tone of sadness and wonder mixed into one.


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The boy was scrubbing Sozo so nicely as his knee rubbed into the lower back playfully, when all of a sudden he thought he smelt blood. He stopped moving for a moment just to sniff it out, but he figured it was just his imagination or he must have gotten a cut near his nose. He started slowly rubbing Sozo a bit softer now since he became a bit self aware after the sniffing of the blood, only to listen to Sozo call out his name as he stopped hugging Sozo from behind as his arms wrapped around Sozo's abs which were something he just did not have to play with every day.

He asked him why he did not speak as this triggered some memories long forgotten in the past, or so the boy had hoped it would stay.

***Memory Flashback***

"Why am i here?"
, as the clueless boy looked up to the guard who was watching over him. He had been captured only a few days ago and yet everyday he kept asking the same stupid question as the guard replied. "You are here to serve the head family", as the boy looked bored and confused with some hints of sadness. He went back to sleep on the cold hard floor before he began wining again as the guard got annoyed before going inside and lifting up the kid who smiled. The guard was okay at first, but this was the third straight day of having to look after this spoiled brat who did not realize that slaves are not suppose to have good lives. As the guard held back putting the boy down he finally heard the boy say too much.

"You keep saying i am a slave, but you slave after me everyday". The boy had gone too far as the man then took him and slammed him hard against the wall as he yelped, the man glared at him before whispering in his ear. "You should learn to shut your mouth, not everyone wants you to say every damn thing that is on your mind every single damn minute of every single damn day. You told me about how you brushed your teeth with lime green toothpaste cause the damn white toothpaste did not match your stupid tooth brush. Then just cause i happened to have that they gave you mine. Then you went on crying about how you wanted your mommy and daddy over and over when those two were so glad to be rid of you that they took their time before collecting the money to pay for you. So if you want to know the truth you are less than a slave, you ass belongs to me right now and as long as you alive and i do not get carried away i can treat you however i want. Want to still say something?"

The boy looked really confused as he tried to take all of that in before opening his mouth and before he could even say sorry, blood came out of his mouth as he got hit hard in the gut, he started to black out and unsure how long he lasted every day he spent knocked out, half beaten battered and bruised, he was a broken boy and was barely ever conscious as he could barely say anything as his voice box was nearly completely crushed. However after some quick basic medically care followed by the guard's early execution they did their best and even though his voice had returned he would suffer several defining losses.

He would never have his voice break, his adam's apple would never ever grow out giving him a girly impression on top and he developed a mental issue in which he found it hard to speak to others unless they were extremely close or extremely powerful

***FlashBack End***

Not even noticing he dropped the scrub and rubbed his eyes a bit before nudging Sozo with his head before carefully going underwater then popping his head up from the front of Sozo as his knees rested between Sozo's legs as he looked to him teary eyed and said.


He then had an emotional outburst as he began crying into Sozo's chest as his arms wrapped around Sozo hugging him tightly as he wanted to say something but just as too nervous to say anything so he tried letting his actions say more, if possible as his wings were hidden underwater also wrapping around Sozo near the lower back with the one wing and the one side of Sozo's butt with the other wing.

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Sozo felt Noel's arms wrap around his abs as he hugged Sozo. Sozo started to blush it wasn't often that someone would hug Sozo. In fact he couldn't remember the last time anyone hugged him it must have been a before his mother was killed as his father was never really the hugging type. Noe even when Sozo's mother was killed he didn't hug Sozo or try to cheer him up. His father just went mad with grief and didn't comfort Sozo when he really needed it. In stead he went and attacked those who he had held responsible for his wife's death and in the end getting himself killed and leaving Sozo all alone with no one to care for him.

The sound of the scrubber falling into the tub of water making a small splash snapping Sozo from his thoughts caused by Noel's warm embrace. Then he felt a small nudge caused by Noel's head as he dived into the tub of water. Swimming around Sozo to the front of Sozo then the green hair boy's head popped out of the water. He was close to Sozo close enough that he knees were rubbing against manhood. Noel's eyes were starting water Sozo knew what that meant as Noel apologized to Sozo. Then soon after that Noel began to cry in his emotional outburst that Sozo cause. Noel was crying in Sozo's chest while hugging Sozo really tightly almost to tight. But Sozo felt guilty that he made Noel cry as that wasn't his plan. So Sozo wrapped his arms around Noel his left arm across Noel's back while his right went up Noel's back with the hand on the back of his head. Tears started running down Sozo's face from his different colored eyes. He then kissed the top of Noel's head and then placed his forehead where he just kissed it "No Noel.... Don't be sorry I'm the one who should be sorry. I didn't mean to make you cry pleas forgive me."


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He was crying as he felt arms wrap around his back and one arm placed its hand on the back of his small little head, as he felt something on his forehead that felt strange, something he could not quite remember as he sniffed a bit as he heard Sozo apologize to him. He then let his arms move to the front as he gripped Sozo's chest with his hands which must have hurt but he was too confused and then he pulled back as he moved his fringe out of the way as he felt his forehead and asked.

"What... do...?"

With the time they spent together Sozo must have figured out that what Noel was actually asking was what did he do to his forehead. As he was sitting in the water as he floated back a bit his legs stretching as he slipped slightly his foot hitting Sozo softly against the cheek as the water splashed a bit as he whirled around with his wings before his wings laid up to the sides as his back was exposed before he said.

"Do... me..."

As he asked Sozo to wash his back for him too in a way that had so many multiple meanings as he was trying to calm down as his wings exposed the back of a child, however there was a slight cut on his lower back that could be seen for a moment before the water steamed up in that area again. The boy had been hurt somewhere earlier and the boy was confused. How would Sozo deal with this boy whose emotions went from sad to very sad to mildly happy in mere seconds. He was an emotional child through and through but more than anything else he was now a friend of Sozo.

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Sozo was holding Noel tight as he just felt terrible for making Noel cry. Noel looked up at Sozo gripping onto his chest which caused Sozo to let go of the back of Noels head so he could look up at him to speak. Sozo unsure what to say as he was unsure what he did it was what his mother always did when he was crying. But it must have meant something else when Sozo didn't to Noel as Sozo must not have been thinking clearly. But Noel asked him and he had to answer him or it could bring another fit of tears from Noel's eyes. Sozo scratched the back of his head as he thought about what to say and could only come up with the truth. "I kissed your forehead since I felt bad about making you cry. It was the only thing that came into my mind as thats what my mother did to stop me from crying." Sozo said as he wiped away some the the tears that he shed with Noel in his own little out burst of emotions. That rarely happened so it was surprising that it happened at all.

Sozo watched as Noel was floating as he softly hit Sozo in the cheek as he swam around till he stopped with his back in the air. Noel asked for Sozo to wash his back which Sozo felt like he had to do since it as only fair. Since Noel did wash Sozo's back even though he was just joking about it. Sozo turned around in the tub looking for the back scrubber that Noel drop. After a few moments of searching and splashing water out of hte tub and hitting the bathroom floor. Till Sozo finally found the back scrubber he turned back around to face Noel's bare back with his wings left limp. Sozo placed some soap on the scrubber and began to scrub Noel's back firm but gently. As he didn't want to be to rough that he made Noel cry again but he still wanted to do a good job in washing his back. After Sozo was finished washing Noels back he would get up and start drying off with a towel he just found hanging around on the wall. As he dried off and tied to towel around his waist so it wouldn't fall off as he moved.


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He waited as it seemed like Sozo was looking for something in the water as he blushed and looked back. ]

"Sozo..." in a slow wining soft tone like a child who is tired of waiting for something.

Waiting a while as he began fidgeting with some stuff and noticed his foam bottle as he reached out to it with his wing and brought it and struggled to open it. He heard Sozo splash out of the tub and it sounded like he fell on the floor as he looked back to see the naked Sozo grab the back scrubber. After waiting so long as Noel looked in front of him he felt the scrub on his back as he smiled, with his cheeks blushing as he was enjoying the nice back scrub he then nearly dozed off when Sozo stopped and got up out of the bath to put a towel on. Being stubborn Noel found the soap and through it against the back of Sozo's head as he giggled a bit, before covering his mouth as he blushed and looked down.

He then submerged himself a bit only letting his eyes and hair stick out as he blew bubbles in the water, he wanted to play but if he stayed in the water much longer he would get sick. He was becoming a handful for Sozo, but it was also because he was just excited having his first real friend and his first sleepover. Not that Sozo would notice but Noel had some pajamas hung up near the locker area. They were the same ones he wore when he first met Sozo and they had a soft lavender smell and looked a lot cleaner than they did that day. There was also a towel next to the pajamas which had the same color as his wings and his name written in a fancy writing 'Noel' as he waited in the bath, as he just moved around swimming about in circles. He did not feel any worries anymore even though they could come back just as easily, this small little angel boy was not about to hold back emotions he had been keeping hidden for so long. Though it was clear he still had trouble talking around others in general.

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As Noel spoke Sozo name like a child tired of waiting. Sozo didn't notice that Noel was a playing with a bottle of foam for the bathtub. Sozo was struggling with finding the scrubber as the water waves his hand made would always move it. Sozo's turning looking for the scrubber made Sozo fall ot of the tub causing a splash and a small thud as he hit the ground. Sozo then just stood up and found where the scrubber was. Sozo jumped back into the tub with scrubber in hand and began to scrub Noels back. Noel must have enjoyed it as he near dozed off.

When Sozo was finished and got out of the tub and started to dry off. Noel threw a bar of soap at the back of Sozo head. Which didn't hurt but was a bit annoying but the act made Sozo turn around and pick up the now broken bar of soap. He watched as Noel dipped his head in the bath water only his eyes and hair were still above the water. Sozo let out a sigh he new Noel wanted to play but if he stayed in the bath tub for to long he would get sick. Sozo simply tossed the soap back into the tub he was sure Noel would have one of his emotional out bursts if he didn't play more with him in the tub. "Come on out Noel you'll get sick if you stay in the bathtub for to long."


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The little boy was upset that he was told to get out as he felt a bit stubborn but he stopped blowing bubbles and just swam to the other end and climbed out just before running in for a quick hug on Sozo.

"Play... more...?"

These two lines that Noel was using so often were always to the point. He wanted to play some more, but he was also a bit sleepy too as he yawned rubbing his eyes a bit. He was fighting the need to sleep and he also needed to get ready for bed too. He was growing attached to Sozo, but if Mikasa appeared now he probably would forget Sozo on the spot. So strong was his belief in Mikasa. He did not know whether Sozo liked him though as he was not sure yet as he struggled with his feelings.

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Noel was being stubborn as he didn't want to get out of the bathtub. Sozo let out a sigh as he wasn't sure on how to ask Noel. How to get out Noel out of the tub but the sound of water splashing as someone exited the tub was heard. Followed by the sound of wet feet slapping on the floor as someone ran towards Sozo. Noel jumped making Sozo let out a small grunt as he hit him with the unexpected hug. To Noels question of if they were going to play more Sozo replied simply by rubbing his hand on the top of Noel's green head of hair. Before he finally gave a reply "Sure Noel we can play more."

Sozo let out a yawn he was tiered from the mission from earlier today. In reality Sozo wanted to sleep more than play. But he guessed that he could play with Noel a little bit before he fell asleep. Now the question was. What type of things did Noel want to do with Sozo? Would they just talk or did Noel have something planed for the both of them to do.


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He just felt as Sozo would rub his hand softly and gently on top of his beautiful soft little green hair as he was told they could play. He was about to jump for joy so to speak when he noticed that Sozo yawned. As he looked up his hair moving from side to side over his eyes he realized that Sozo was tired as he wondered if Sozo was okay.

The little boy was more observant than he seemed to be at times, while his mind seemed all over the place. He was innocent in so many ways, but this could only last for so long. Would Sozo be able to guide the little boy and keep him from venturing into the darkness which plagued the world of all shinobi. The boy blushed as he looked down realizing he needed to get dressed as he quickly ran over to dry off with a towel as he nervously began to try speaking properly.

"Ssss.... Soooo... Zooo.... we... can play.. to..."

He choked up as he nearly started crying as he was drying himself off quickly as he tossed the towel into the basket without looking. A skill he gained from living here for about a week or two, as he then put on some nice clean underwear and then followed up with some pale green pajama's shorts and a short sleeve pajama top showing just how hot it was in the desert. He turned around as he closed his eyes and finally finished the sentence.

"Tomorrow" as he ran over to Sozo he took his hand as he was pulling him up the stairs to his room and then told him he could sleep on the one side of the bed. He jumped on the bed and was pretty much using the whole bed, but he did not quite think that far ahead as he looked to Sozo and just said.

"Sozo... sleep..?"

He did not want Sozo to sleep on the floor, at least not anymore. When they first met he was just curious about Mikasa and his mysterious eyes but now he was starting to bond with him. As he would say just before falling asleep after Sozo got on the bed.

"Are we friends?" as he would then doze off not even hearing Sozo's reply as he was tired out from the long day they had.

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Training Bukijutsu B to A = 1043/3000
Total Training = 1175 + 450 + 450 + 1000 + 1043 = 4118

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As Sozo let out his yawn Noel looked up at him and saw that he was tired. Of course Sozo was tired he had a busy day that didn't end up like it was planed. But it was part of the fun things of being alive everything was out of Sozo's control to some extent. But Sozo was getting use to it after he met Mikasa after that night everything turned for the better and worst. As Noel left to get his PJs on Sozo began ot wonder why Noel was a shinobi. Judging by the fact that he didn't kill the last bandit when he could have some would have called him weak. But maybe he was stronger than most it takes true strength to spare someone when you could just as easily kill them.

Maybe Noel was stronger than Sozo because Sozo would have just killed him to make his life a bit easier. He couldn't help it he might be young still but he was already in the darkness of the life of the shinobi. Thanks to his training at a young age even before he was in the academy. So was Sozo able to protect this innocent child from the the darkness of the shinobi life that they all must fast at some point in their lives. Sozo's mind just drifted as he put on his underware and followed Noel up to his bed. . Noel began to speak to Sozo in his mildly girlish tone that they could pay tomorrow which was a small lift off Sozo's shoulders. Noel began ot ask more questions for Sozo only to drift off into his dream land. Noel wanted Sozo to sleep in the same bed as him which Sozo did. It was better than sleeping on the floor at night. Before Sozo fully fell asleep his mind went back to Noel asking Sozo if they were friends. To be honest Sozo wasn't sure what htey were but you could call them friends. But Sozo never had any good experience with friends. So he was unable to say anything which made him feel bad. Mostly because it was obvious that the green hair child thought of them as friends yet Sozo was unable to say it. Soon Sozo's mind drifted off into his dream land he only hoped that he wouldn't have any of the nightmares that he head in the past few days.


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