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I been trying to decide a nice build for Zaiaku since he is close to ranking up, but I can't make up my mind. I would like some help on this. You can suggest your own builds. Oh, and don't say 'go with his personality fits with' or something along the lines of that. Please don't.

Demon: Taijutsu/Ninjutsu/Bukijutsu/Senjutsu or Summoning

This build is centered by the Close Combat aspect, mainly Taijutsu and Buki, allowing a wider arrange of tactics in battle. Senjutsu would be used with Ninjutsu, such as creating clones to fight while one will rest and regain chakra. Summoning would also be used with Ninjutsu, as a way to overrun a opponent.

Wandering Monk: Taijutsu/Ninjutsu/Medical Ninjutsu/Senjutsu

As on could imagine, this a rather 'Offense and Support' build. Medical Ninjutsu would be used to heal and augement the body, while Senjutsu would augement it further, or be used to recover chakra.

Pure Suna: Taijutsu/Ninjutsu/Kugutsu/Bukijutsu

Based around most Suna-Nin builds, this one is arguably very dangerous. While not exactly a recovery build, Tai and Buki make it risky in close combat, while Ninjutsu and Kugutsu make long-range combat equally as a challengeing.

Shuten Doji: Taijutsu/Ninjutsu/Summoning/Senjutsu

Similar to the Demon Build, this one is pure about overpowering opponents with seer numbers along with one's own immense strength. It can also be used for Collaborative jutsus with Summons with the ninjutsu spec, allowing devastating long-ranged attacks.


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hmm some of those seemed pretty deadly, but i personally wouldn't go with any. if you are looking for efficiency i would like to recommed one.

Hellfire: Tai/nin/Summoning/Medical Or Senjustu

With this class you would use summoning and Ninjustu to not only rain on your opponent from a distance, but also keep the close range users away from you, also with your last spec, you could be recovering, and thus keeping your self strong while beating down on your opponents. Distance is key, but not mandatory, if someone manages to get close, then that is where your taijustu would come into play. Aura's and Fast long ranged attacks would be your main, with clones and summoning animals as a second line, then medical or Senjustu to keep you lively, so you can heal from those few close range encounters or recover chakra to keep up the onslaught of attacks, with Tai to combat those who get past your aura.



Let me make up a build

Demon Dogs - ninjutsu/taijutsu/seijutsu/senjutsu
Basically you get seijutsu and obtain large giant dogs or one extremely powerful giant dog to cover for you when you need to recover chakra with senjutsu while at the same time having you and the dogs utilize combinations in which both you and your dog or dogs look alike, it might seem like the Inuzuka Clan but come on, is there any dog walkers out there? either way this was just one of my ideas


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