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1 Smuggler time AGAIN (Mission,Private) on Thu Nov 27, 2014 3:55 am



Wolfgang Quickly made the ram seal, and when he did his entire body changed, first he grew much shorter, around 5ft6, it felt weird to him to be this small, his sight was much lower then normal, as well his outer appearance was much different, he forgoed his ninja headband for an eyepatch with a skull on it, his hair now looked long and was done in greasy dreads. He also grew a small beard on the bottom of his chin, in two long braids that were twisted braids.

He was also wearing a black leather coat with gold buttons all over it, he looked the part of a pirate if anyone did. Wolfgang had been assigned to take down another group of smugglers, though they were nothing more then pirates in his eyes, they apparently ran a very organized business, they were entering the Kirigakure Harbor to pick up alcohol and weapons, then they were going to go into uncharted waters and sell them, which was very illeagal, and easily punishable by death, mainly for the reason that they murdered and assaulted while they were in port and when they were out, but no one had the strength or the numbers to take them on, so they sent Wolfgang, to the pirates known as the Pirate Killer, since he had routed more then 120 pirates from this harbor and would continue to do so on the Mizukages orders.
As he walked towards the small vessel he looked at the guards, they were men of average height and they they looked very much like him at the moment and as he got close they stopped him sternly and asked him a coarse question, though to most this question and the tone of voice used would have seemed to rude, it was how they spoke and he knew they thought he was also a pirate, he knew this also from the fact that their hands were not on their cutlasses, they were crossed in front of them,
Hey there Short Fuck! What buissnes do you have with the Scally Wag Trading Company, be quick you bitch Har!
Wolfgang smiled, showing his fake gold teeth, as he answered he made sure to sound angry and vulgar, all the while laughing at the men in a cheery tone, he was growing used to this charade,
Fuck you Buddy! Aha, Im One Eyed Flint, im here to join this Trading Company, Im skilled at anything, Butchered 100 men in my day,still got the Edge ive always had, unless you want to see Har Har! The men smiled and moved out of his way, Wolfgang made a convincing pirate, and he was already accepted into the crew, and soon they would introduce him to the rest of the crew...that was when he would take them on.

After an hour or so the captain came out of his cabin, he was a richly dressed man with earrings and rings galore,  he had a large blonde ponytail and wielded a spear the size of two men, he also wore greanados and Throwing Daggers, he was guarded by two masked men in black leather wielding sharp swords that they hefted with ease, as he walked they all looked at him in awe and bowed slightly, but no matter the mission, no matter the cost Wolfgang only bowed to two people, the Anbu Captain and the Mizukage, so as the captain walked past Wolfgang he looked at him in slight confusion and almost attacked him but relaxed as one of the guards whispered into his ear, he smiled as he placed a hand on Wolfgangs left shoulder,
You are the New Scally wag,i Be Captain Ed, The Piercer, Its good to meet you Flint, Or One eye as i have heard you called, i see your last ship had gone down in flames, i knew not that you made it , though i would think that you would live just to spite the fucking Pirate Killer, Welcome Abroad He smiled as he turned around, the ship was just leaving dock, and most of the men were on the ship, he knew that this was his chance, he focused chakra into his palm and then started to speak until the ball of yellow acid was ready,
I have a message to deliver to that fucking ninja the Pirate Killer Wolfgang, he has taken more away from me then i thought i owed and could lose, he deserves to die, but i want the ship here to know the message that im going to give him...Its me Everyone around him looked around confused, but their eyes grew fearful as he undid his jutsu and became the man that they feared and hated, but before any of them could react, Wolfgang threw the small inch sized orb right into the center of the deck, releasing hell...

The Captain managed to make it into his cabin without much damage, but the crewmen were melting on the wood, making a terrible noise and clamor of death and pain, flesh melted off bones as wolfgang was now fully normal, he was wearing a leather jacket and fingerless gloves, with combat pants and boots, the two personal guards had managed to hide behind the mast during the explosion and were now fearlessly walking towards him, though from the look on their faces they saw and heard the men on the deck, they knew what Wolfgang was Capable of doing, but they would be killed if they ran away as well, so they took this option instead.

The two men flanked Wolfgang in a nice unison, they came around and swung their swords in a deadly arc, Wolfgang wasnt getting injured this time, he wasnt in the mood to pass out in the hospital, so instead of blocking them with his chest, he cartwheeled in the air, dodging both of the blades, at the same time he drew forth 8 senbons, throwing four at each man, attacking them whilst they attacked so there was no chance of blocking, they were scored with four needles in the chest, spraying blood as they jumped backwards and ripped them out, the men were shocked at his speed, he was a ninja after all.
The two men threw their swords into the air, suddenly made a flurry of handsigns, ending with the tiger seal, they then breathed in and shot huge oil fire balls at him in a sandwich aim,  Wolfgang replaced himself with a dead melting pirate body in place of his own, he appeared a few meters behind the elite guard, they had thought that they had killed him and were just about to cheer, but wolfgang was faster, he rushed forwards and sent a karate chop to the back of one of their necks, separating his spinal column and disabling him, but before he could even fall, Wolfgang sent a smashing kick to the lower back, cracking another set of vertebrae, and sending him flying into the water and sinking into the deep blue water, the other guy didnt have time to react as Wolfgang rushed forwards and stabbed through the sternum of the man with his Katar, he looked surprised as blood spurted out of his mouth and he dropped into Wolfgangs arms, and then fell to the ground and died.

Wolfgang then wiped the blood off of his jacket, blood stained terribly and made such a mess, he then reached into his pocket and took out his sunglasses, after placing them on his face he walked towards the cabin, which was attached to the rest of the ship by a stair case on the left side, which would have been nice to know, since when Wolfgang walked into the room there were roughly 25 throwing daggers thrown into his chest, thudding and sending him flying backwards against the mast of the ship, he glanced down and saw that 13 had made their mark, all of them sticking in his chest and stomach, there was only a little blood coming fro the areas of impact, his Anbu vest had blocked most of the damage, making the cuts only around .5 inches deep each, but he knew that he had already failed in not getting injured, because  of his idiocy, he should have known that the ship worked like that, he was now angry, he had not been hit unless he wanted to in ages, he plucked the daggers from his vest and held them in his hands, as he stood up he threw all of them into the throats of 13 men who had already ventured out of the cabin to see if he was dead, Wolfgang then ripped of his Leather ruined, and threw it to the deck, he then said in a low rumbling tone,
You, have cut me without my consent, HOW DARE YOU!!, YOU WILL ALL BLEED AND DIE HORRIBLY, YOU WILL SEE YOUR ENTRAILS CAPTAIN BEFORE YOU DIE, YOU WILL SEE YOUR LIMBS RIPPED FROM YOUR BODY, THOUGH I WILL NOT LET YOU DIE!!! Wolfgang then drew his Katar and flew forwards, slicing into the closest guy, cutting his throat and dropping him, he then crushed the throat of the closest guy, seeing his cluthch his neck and fall whistling, he parried blows with his katar and blocked others with his vest, the men werent attacking fully, they were terrified of this man, he radiated anger, they would start their swing and then wouldnt be able to go through with it, they felt as though they were fighting an animal, not a human ninja, a beast without fear or pain, and that wasnt far from the truth.

Wolfgang ripped through the mass of men, killing the 18 that were left with slices and blows, they all lay dead on the ground as Wolfgang and the captain squared off, he had the eye of a trained fighter, stoic and calculating, Wolfgangs eyes darted back and forth like a crazed Wolf, he breathed heavily and grunted as he walked, this slight relapse was worse then any others he had had since the meeting with the polar bear sages.

The Piercer stabbed forth with his spear like a scorpian, the barbed tip coming forth at an intense speed, before wolfgang could swipe at the haft the spear was already back and getting for another stab, If he was thinking correctly Wolfgang would have used his senbon to draw him out of his guard, or flanked him, but instead he just dropped guard and waited for the next attack to come at him, as it did he only stepped a small bit to the left, making the stab go for a piece of hip flesh instead of an organ, the spear found its mark and went directly through Wolfgangs body, but instead of pulling away, Wolfgang flew forwards through the spear and stabbed the gut of the man with intense ferocity, and then kept going, stabbing 10 times into the gut, taking the guts right out of him, he spat blood but Wolfgang wasnt done yet, he dropped his katar and picked a sword from his vest that someone had stabbed there, he then unskillfully sliced upwards and twisted around, taking all of the limbs off the pirate captain, sending him to the ground as a stump...still alive, dying,  but still alive, and in his eyes Wolfgang saw pure hate in them, as he died wolfgang chuckled, his rage was now gone, and no madness was left in him, all he felt was numbness, he smiled as he walked off the ship and ran across the water as it started to alight in flame...
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