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'The wind was still, the earth was silent; a deaf person could've heard the minute sound of a pin drop, however small'

Binsu crouched patiently beside the panther, the duo perched high a top a lengthy tree branch that grew strongly away from the trunk of the tallest tree in the dense forest. Cerberus was fixated on the subjects 12ft below them; a trio of men, common crooks by their looks. None were without a dagger by their side and a small coin purse tugging loosely against their belts. Each wore dirty, stained clothes and none bothered to see to it that their hair was by the slightest glance appreciable, if even observable. Binsu could smell their putrid body odour even from the distance he stood.

It was clear these men were more than just travellers, and by their sudden halt at the exact location he had been advised to search, Binsu confirmed that these men were the thieves the local villagers had all spoken illy about within the cover of the streets and the solitude of their clan houses. He and Cerberus took it to their responsibility to make sure none of the thieves would leave unquestioned, but before the night angel could make his move on the group he had to donate the first few seconds of the ambush to his companion-in-training Cerberus. The black panther had only recently reached it's adult size, looking much longer, fitter and bulkier than before.

The silk-black coated panther eyed the three unfortunate men from above, sternly watching their every move and making a note of it. It turns out that one of the men had decided to reveal to the rest that he had been hiding a significantly large amount of gold in the trunk of the tree they were gathered around. 'Them sleezy bastards,' Binsu thought to himself, before taking one last good look at the scenario before and then signalling his panther companion to move in on their kill.

The panther hesitated for the good part of a second, before tensing every string of muscle that formed his build and donating the built up tension into a fast pounce down onto the body of men. The tallest of the men was first to fall victim to the beasts' pinching claws, which sank quickly half an inch into his deltoids before pulling the nan's weight down onto the ground. Cerberus followed the move with a powerful bite against his target's neck, which would do well to damage his asophagas and render him dead within minutes. At the sight of the attack the other two men quickly leapt a few meters away from the panther, locking their attention on the panther before deciding to draw out their short pocket knives and attacking back. 'I don't think you want to do that,' Binsu thought to himself as he swiftly adopted his Hada No Ken sword from its scabbard whilst in a leap towards the closest of the two survivors.

The man saw the flying swordsman, but was slow in shielding his neck from the incoming slash that came with him. The man's last cries for life were left frozen in his throat, unable to escape through the pool of blood that soon accumulated within his mouth. Binsu brought the slash to a premature halt after he had felt the weight of his sword plough through the man's buttery flesh and bone. The cunning swordsman quickly shifted his weight onto his left foot after having landed from the fall on his right foot. His grip on the sword momentarily loosened as he exchanged a normal pointing-upwards-hold on the sword for an inverted pointed-downwards hold. After taking a quick glimpse of the incoming bandit Binsu lifted his right foot slightly off of the ground and using his left foot as the pivot point he'd rotate his body 270 degrees clockwise, catching the bandit's neck on the tip of sword as it drove through his flesh and bone. The man was dead before he could initiate a counter strike, his body dropping lifelessly onto the earth just after the swordsman had returned his blade to its fitted scabbard. "Killing not bad?" the panther questioned as it withdrew its claws away from the dead body of a bandit and walked slowly on all fours towards its master. Binsu gave the young hunter a phantom stare, which traveled through him and towards the sight of the three dead bandits. "They didn't give us much of a choice," he'd say, but after remembering the not-surprisingly low vocabulary of the creature he'd finish by saying, "...killing good, killing fix problems."

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An arrow stabbed the bark of tree behind them: he missed. Binsu had kept a close eye on a figure not too far in the distance, a spy most likely and an archer too; one with a terrible aim. The swordsman tightened the grip on his sword and loosened his stance. His companion snarled behind him, he wasn't aware of the danger they were in, not that he didn't care. The arrow had missed Binsu's head by a little more than three inches, which was close by any armature's measurements, but to the skilled mercenary he had missed by a mile at least. He readied his bow with another arrow and Binsu saw. "Cerberus prone, now!" the swordsman ordered, as he lowered his body into a crouch above the ground. The panther obeyed at the speed it had received the orders at. "Bad people?" he asked, "Yes, he replied. A second later an arrow shot through the cloud of leaves that separated the archer from his prey and pierced the ground a meter in front of Binsu. Another arrow followed closely towards the left of the first, piercing the ground to the right of the swordsman just before the third arrow stabbed the ground to his left. Within seconds Binsu found his partner and himself running towards the direction of the incoming arrows. "Why go to danger?" the panther managed to spit out. "Archers are useless in close combat."

This time he was right.

The archer seized fire, drew out his short tanto and broke into a chase towards Binsu, leaping from tree branch to tree branch.

Down bellow Binsu and his companion did their best to dash around the large trees that sprouted wherever they approached. The swordsman kept his eyes on the incoming archer, whilst his attention was dedicated to the scenery. "Stay behind me," he advised the panther, then without stopping to hear his response he'd leap into the trees his foe was lurking about in. 'That tanto won't do you any good,' the Jounin thought to himself as he brought his sword down towards his right. The archer pushed himself off of the final tree growing between them and sent himself flying towards the armed swordsman. Binsu stopped in his tracks and slashed at the air in front of him using his Hada no ken sword. Prior to the swing Binsu had embedded a small donation of his chakra across the edge of his sword, which now left the blade with the slash. The swing originated from his lower right side towards his upper left side, which forced the chakra laying against the edge of the blade towards his enemy in the shape of a 6m long/2m wide concaved slash against his frontal torso. The archer's body fell in a frozen position towards the ground beneath them and as it hit the ground it split in two from where the cut had been delivered. Binsu brought his sword closer to his eyes to marvel at its glory, its power, its usefulness. Never before had he made a sword so powerful; it was an indicator of his progressing skill in the art of black smithing. Satisfied all of the bandits within a mile of the area had been dealt with the Night Angel sheathed his heavenly sword and jumped down to examine his prey. "Bad men gone?" the panther asked as it approached the swordsman. "Yeah...for now. Your training for today is over, let's pick this up on another day."

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