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1 Infiltrate a Gang (Open/Mission/NK) on Mon Dec 08, 2014 11:02 pm



Mission name: Dissidents in the Ranks
Mission rank: C
Objective: Resolve the Issue
Location: Kirigakure no Sato
Reward: 180 ryo
Mission description:
There has been cause for concern amongst Genin and Chuunin amongst the streets of Kiri, some believe them to be forming an almost socialist gang. Disperse them.
Mission details:
There have been a gang of Genin/ Chuunin running amok causing trouble around people who have travelled to Kiri, find them, and scare them so that they do not try this again. The movement seems to be growing under the threat of war and distrust, crush it. The number of them is up to the taker of the mission.

Can be threatened, fought, reasoned with, caught or arrested.

Name: Chuunin
Age: 15-19
General Appearance: Wears uniform kirigakure flack jacket which resists 1 rank of buki/ taijutsu, has 5 kunai and 10 shuriken, with dark hair and fair skin.
Personality: Harsh, and semi nazi like, though reasonable, he has a superiority complex.
Motivations: Kirigakure for kiri nin only, no trade, no visitation.
Fears: He's still just a kid, a kid with some power, but only a taste, he fears pain, and getting into big trouble.
C rank ninja with C rank Tai and Ninjutsu. He has C rank Fuuton and Suiton with all academy skills and C rank and lower skills from the Library.

Name: Genin
Age: 10-15
General Appearance: Kiri genin, dark hair dark eyes and fair skin wearing ninja robes and a kiri headband.
Personality: Some are pulled in by friends, others are just bullies.
Motivations: Most just want to be cool and are being lead on by other members.
Fears: Getting into big trouble, pain, death,
Each have either a set of 10 kunai, and D rank Taijutsu and Ninjutsu. Each with D rank Suiton and D rank and lower library Suiton jutsu and all academy Jutsu

Appearance (with sandles):

Full camo gear, Kishin thought as he walked down a side street on the pier.  He went all out today, colored hair, full gear, and he even found a way to color his eyes with a simple transformation jutsu.  Every once in a while though he had to stop and redo the transformation, but it was still pretty flawless he thought.  No way would someone be able to recognize him in this get up.  And that was quite an important aspect for the mission he was on today.

Earlier in the day...and two days ago.

Kishin headed for the Kage's tower, having been called up for an important mission that only he was capable of pulling off.  That was the thought every time he was assigned a mission, even one as insignificant as babysitting a very important dignitary or persons child. Though, it has been difficult to swallow such the last few times, given that he has been required to pick up some trash, help out a local shop with delivers, or some other such. This time though, this time, he felt it was going to be an important mission! One so important, that only he would be capable of doing it. One that would reflect upon the brass within the village of his abilities. He was so very sure of it, his smile breaking the crowd ahead of him a sunder, as he strolled towards the tower.

The area was quite frantic, bustling just like any other day. He stepped up on the granite steps and headed straight through the open doors. Maybe today he would be working with a squad? Maybe he would be the head honcho of the squad. He imagined about the what ifs, the maybes, and the possibles that could come. As he sat outside the office, paying very little attention to others around him, he waited patiently still imagining, still day dreaming. The young genin was less than a month out of the academy, and was steeped with ideals of grandeur about his position.


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