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1 Uchiha Tenzō [Plot Section] on Wed Dec 10, 2014 5:04 pm

Uchiha Tenzō


Shiro Akuma no Monogatari


“Even if we're destined for damnation... Nothing shall forestall my return.”

Daisanhan (第三班, Third Squad)

As a jōnin, Tenzō has been given leadership over Daisanhan, in which the man had to select a couple of genins in order to train them for the upcoming Chūnin Exams. Not only this, since the group would be needed to perform various missions for the Hidden Leaf Village; however, it was a privilege for the Uchiha to have the opportunity of passing down the knowledge which was accumulated thus far. After looking and testing a couple of young shinobi, the jōnin decided to pick up Nara Shinako, Uzumaki Manami and Kansen-Suru Joruri as members of the squad. Each and every one of them had an inclination within a different field, and because of their personality and abilities they were suited to join within this particular squad.

Kari no Yasei (狩りの野生, The Wild Hunt)

Uchiha Tenzō has been in a constant turmoil since the moment which forced Shiro to give her last breath, and on that unfortunate day, the young man has vowed to not rest until every member which had even the slightest involvement with the Chantry was going to be tracked down like an animal; the goal of the search being simple, and that was to turn everyone involved into a lifeless husk. Not only that, but the Uchiha was also drowned within an ocean filled with anguish; no longer was he capable of discerning the true purpose which stood at the core of his own existence. A simple man which lived on the edge of sanity in this wretched world; hopefully, the following events will not force the man to take a drastic turn on that road which leads nowhere, upon that thing which he refers to as a life.

The ANBU (暗部, Dark Side)

On the request of Orochi Risu which held the position known as ANBU Captain, Uchiha Tenzō was asked to enroll as a new recruit within their ranks; a proposal which the man did not refuse. Besides the training which the young man received upon joining, and that natural inclination which was possessed regarding covert operations, there is nothing really worth mentioning about this part of the man. However, with the personal help from Orochi Risu, Tenzō is capable of honing up those skills which include assassinations, tracking and surveillance. As a codename, the Uchiha had chosen to go by one which does not represent anything and can be seen as something related to a jest since it does not instill fear at all; codename Whiskers.

Konoha Military Police Force (木ノ葉警務部隊, Konoha Keimu Butai)

As a tokubetsu jōnin, Tenzō was invited by the Hokage along with another group of handpicked shinobi to partake within the restoral of the Konoha Military Police Force; an renown organization which one belonged towards the Uchiha clan, but now it was restored with a different purpose than the one from before, and that was to fight against the corrupted ANBU members that were in service of Orochi Enaka. In spite of keeping the opportunity to work up towards a brighter future within the ranks of the Police Force, the young man chose to serve as a police officer only for a short amount of time. Therefore, once the rank of jōnin was achieved by the Uchiha, the young man formed and placed a resignation while having in mind the idea of allocating more time towards his own and personal development.

Uroborosu  Āku (ウロボロス円弧, Ouroboros Arc)

The Joining

Before reaching the rank of chūnin, Uchiha Tenzō had the opportunity of meeting a jōnin that went by name of Orochi Risu, and due to the circumstances in which they have made acquaintance, the young lad was drawn into her submission. As the time passed by, the young Uchiha has vowed to work under her and fulfill the tasks which were given towards him, and in return Tenzō was supposed to receive help concerning the ambition that he needs to fulfill regarding his own clan. With fear and manipulation, the Orochi Lady is now training and using the young land to accomplish her own personal goals, by luring him inside her plans with minor goals that with help her get closer to the world which she envisions. Hopefully, one day he will be able to play a more important role within her scheme.

The Rebelion

While working under Orochi Risu, Tenzō was caught in between the conflict of the Hebi and Orochi family, a rebellion which arose unsuspectingly within the Ouroboros clan. It all started when the Hebi family decided to attack the Orochi estate; however, their military forces and power were not capable of estate from where the clan head was ruling. This act of treason was bold and unforgiving and was not going to go unpunished, as such, the Orochi clan head, Risu had decided to assault the Hebi temple in order to seize all power over the Ouroborus clan. With Uchiha Tenzō at her side, Orochi Risu was capable of taking down the Hebi Elders that were responsible for this distasteful rebellion, and with those out of the way, no one remained in the compound that was capable of opposing the clan head.

Uchiwa Fukugen (うちは復元, Uchiha Restoration)

Even since he was a young child, Uchiha Tenzō had discovered and developed a certain thirst for knowledge, one which was in particularly towards the history of his own clan. Because of this everlasting thirst, Tenzō is seeking out studies and any kind of new and relevant information which may help him fulfill his ambition. The circumstances in which this particular Uchiha was born, more specifically those given by the poor state in which his family was forced to live and due to that large amount of debts, the male has a small understanding regarding how the rest of his clan members felt during the times in which they were forced to leave Konohagakure behind. Therefore, the young lad was imprinted at a young age with the resolve of restoring and ensuring the preservation of the Uchiha clan.