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1 Kazako Akira's Floor on Wed Dec 17, 2014 2:43 pm



Akira's floor is several rooms along either side of a large hallway. To enter to simply exit the stairs leading down onto the first below ground floor for Shinobi. Upon exiting the stairwell you enter into a pearly white hallway with pillars and statues lining it along with doors lining either side. A mirror image of each side. At the end of the hall is a set of double doors.

The Hallway:

On either side of the hall doorways lead into dark rooms with four beds per room. There are three of these on either side for the students to sleep in if they so desire with a small fountain in the center and oil fed torches lighting up the room with a chandelier in the center.

The rooms:

The center door of either wall leads into a bath house kept separate by the hall clearly labeled for male or female genders. Inside is a dark tile floor with multiple walk in baths. Lights cover the walls and ceiling for plenty of lighting with a changing room by the door leading in.


Lastly the double doors lead into a dining area with two tables lit with a single light over each table. Food is provided there three times a day for meals but typically the two tables are separated for the top students and Akira or the lower students. Either way the meals are always of excellent quality, though Akira is rarely seen eating there.

Dining room:

Lastly is the Dojo, this large room has a two story tall roof with paper doors and practice mats placed in lines on the floor. On the wall is an assortment of decorational weapons but the floor space is very large and designed with plenty of space for sparring.




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