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Just who was awake at three in the morning? No one. one who is a normal person that is. This, of course, does not apply to the Koran, Shiganosuke, and Dakorienga families, given they are, as you might expect, far from normal. However, there was a reason as to why they were awake. Something special was happening, and they were using the darkness granted by the early morning to their advantage. Even if it didn't sit right with some of the family, especially a certain one named Zaiaku. Zaiaku, the giant who is the focus of this, was in his room. His lovely boyfriend was fast asleep, not noticing or even knowing of what was going to transpire. Zaiaku himself was full of sorrow, more of it building as he continued to look at the smaller male. Zaiaku was already dressed in his shinobi pants, Sunagakure No Sato headband, ninja sandels, and a jacket with the Shiganosuke symbol on the back of it, to help ward off the freezing temperatures of the desert until the sun would peak out and restore the warmth. While appreciating his mother for giving him the clothing, he still was hesitant to leave. He looked onto the boy before one of his cousins, Genkakuna Shiganosuke Junior, entered the room. Zaiaku did not turn to him, instead keeping his gaze at the boy in his bed. "Cousin," Genkakuna began, "Look at the bright side of this. You'll be able to grow stronger and train under the Tsuchikage." He said in a gentle voice, placing a soft hand onto Zaiaku's shoulder. The monsterous giant, however, violently moved away, and looked at his cousin in the eyes. His feral, demonic, tearing up eyes meeting the surprised yet sorrowful ones of the sumo wrestler. He did not give up though, and quickly hugged his younger cousin tightly. Zaiaku frozed.....then buried his face into Genkakuna's shoulder as he silently wept. He didn't want to leave Aiden behind.....but hid uncle and mother (though very hesitantly) decided he should go to this new university in Iwagakure No Sato.

When he dried his himself from his tears, he quietly tip-toed towards Aiden and planted a soft, loving kiss on his cheek. Luckily, he left a note on the dresser next to the bed before hand saying,

"I'm sorry that I suddenly just upped and left....I'm so sorry...I didn't want to go, but they made me. Don't be mad at them though, please don't. I just want you to promise me that you'd wait for me until I come back. I promise I will, no matter what. For you. I love you."


Zaiaku placed another kiss on Aiden's cheek before standing and exiting out the room. From there, he passed Gigi's room. Gigi also didn't know about his leave. Just why though, he didn't know. He had already wrote a note for her and kissed her goodbye earlier, so he and Genkakuna passed the room and exited the house. Then, they hurried onto the village gates, jumping from rooftop to rooftop in-silence. Not saying a single word to each other or even glancing at one another. After about forty minutes of tranversing the sleeping village, they arrived at the village gates. Waiting there for them was Yorokubi, Zaiaku's mother and Genkakuna's aunt, Jinhue, Zaiaku's and Genkakuna's uncle, and a single caravan, pulled by four horses. Riding at the very front was a robed, hooded, masked man, who seemed to have all the equipment for traveling in the desert. Yorokubi was currently crying, wiping her tears with a hankerchief, while Jinhue was aboslutely silent, a very soft loom of regret filling the air around him. "You will return when you are as strong as I am." Said Jinhue, more so making a statement rather then a command. "Until then, I hope you behave yourself and be safe." His voice was normal and calm, as if he was completely fine, by the shine casted by the moonlight on his eyes said otherwise, holding back his own tears. "Be good my little baby..." Yorokubi said as she pulled Zaiaku in and hugged him tightly, planting a kiss on his cheek. Zaiaku hugged back before hugging Genkakuna. As he walked into the small caravan, he looked Jinhue dead in the eyes. Within those old, archaic eyes were nothing but sorrow masked by age. Zaiaku just couldn't bring himself to hate him. "To the Village Hidden In The Rock. You may wanna get some sleep, since we'll be there soon." Said the masked man.

Zaiaku looked back at his family as he drove away and waved. They, including Jinhue, all waved back. Zaiaku kept waving until he could no longer see them anymore. And with that, he sat still, looking down to the floor of the small, wooden vehicle. It wasn't long until sleep overtook him, his eyes slowly falling shut, but not before he muttered a "Goodnight Aiden". Zaiaku was enveloped in this darkness before who knows how long until a rough hand shook his awake. "We're here." Said the driver with his raspy voice. Look came out the vehicle. "You a short distance away from the gates. Me vehicle isn't permitted to drive through them, so ye better hurry, dark is gonna come soon." And with that, the strange little man drove away. Zaiaku, with a sigh, began walking to where the man said, ready to see what Iwagakure had to offer.

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