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1 Give Gin a Pedicure [B Rank - Semi-repeatable] on Mon Dec 22, 2014 11:11 pm



Mission name: Give Gin a Pedicure
Mission rank: B
Objective: Successfully clean Gin's feet and paint her toenails.
Location: Kiri
Reward: 310 Ryo
Mission description: After feeling very tired from her multiple journeys and training sessions, Gin has decided that it's time to relax. How? By getting a pedicure, of course. However, the problem lies in her feet being terribly ticklish. This sets off her reflexes, which results in sudden and involuntary kicks. With her brutish strength, this means that more than one person has already had their ribcage shattered in the attempt. Will you fare any better than them?
Mission details: Since this requires that Gin be in the thread, her permission is needed to take this mission. She will kick once every post and at full strength. The mission fails if you are injured and no longer able to continue. The minimum is 3 posts per person.

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This has....more than enough clear and present danger.

But, you need to give more definite stuff. Like, how often is she going to kick you? Is it going to be full-force? Do they fail if they get hit at all, or only if they do not finish the pedicure (or not do a good job)?

I think this should have a minimum post limit. Just to give you a chance to kick them. yes, I'm evil, so what?


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