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Running had never been Gin's forte. Up until about a month ago, she was almost certain that a Genin could have outrun her. Now, she was pretty average, or at least average enough to successfully avoid Kirigakure's police force. "I'm telling you, I didn't do it!" she yelled back at them. They were currently pursuing her with weapons in hand. They had come knocking on Gin's door early in the morning and had caught her severely hungover from a night at the bar/club she owned, the Siren's Den. Her entire house had been littered with boxes and she honestly had no idea how they had gotten there. When she inspected their contents, all she could find were stacks upon stacks of BokudenxBokuden calendars. Apparently, this guy was a former Kumo nin that had found himself in semi-erotic calendars posing with shadow clones of himself.

Gin suspected that her brand new collection of them had something to do with the police currently demanding her arrest, but she wasn't exactly sure. "Save it for the court! You are hereby under arrest for charges of fraud!" Gin had never been involved in such things. It was ludicrous to think that she was. She was an upstanding citizen of Kirigakure... sort of. Yeah, she got into trouble every once in a while, but her status as one of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist should have taken care of that easily. Apparently, it didn't. The law had no exceptions in Kirigakure no Sato. Yay.

Gin found herself running towards the gates of the village, seeing a boy with a messy tuft of brown hair. Without really thinking much, she would grab his arm, throw a smoke grenade and hide several streets away in a dark alley. It would take the cops a while to catch up. She would look at the kid for a moment before introducing herself. "Hello, Gin Kuroka, pleasure to meet you. I need your help. I need somewhere to stay and someone to help me clear my name, got it? You don't really have a choice in this, so don't give me a hard time and we'll both walk out of this unscathed, got it?" she said in a rushed tone of voice and a slightly harsh and annoyed whisper. This situation needed fixing and it needed it fast.




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