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1 Shiro goes on patrol (Mission/No-kill) on Wed Jan 07, 2015 9:24 pm



Shiro walked around Kirigakure after taking his newest mission, to patrol around the village and report all crimes he sees 'Kinda boring but I cant really complain I'm getting paid after all.' Shiro though to himself. As he rounded a corner he watched the people going about in their daily work like the man outside his store setting up a kioske or the farmer bringing in his produce for sell. Shiro waited around to see if anyone was going to cause a commotion after awhile he moved on to the next area patrolling around for a bit before climbing to the top of a building to look around form a top down point of view. After looking around from up there he made one more round before moving to the next area.

As he ran to the next area Shiro looked around, Kirigakure really was a great village ever since moving here from the coast he had admired the architecture and the landscape. WHACK, Shiro wasn't paying attention and ran straight into a wall... Shiro pushed himself off the wall shaking his head his world still spinning a bit "Dang it" Shiro said slightly irritated. After regaining himself he looked around hoping no one had saw him but much to his dismay there was a group of three girl's laughing one of with fell over from laughing to hard, Shiro went red and immediately ran to his next area to avoid being seen be them again. Yet again Shiro sprinted around looking for any disturbances not seeing any immediate threat he climbed a building to look around a berate himself for running it a wall after all he was a ninja how could he have not been paying attention *sigh* 'Oh well' Shiro thought to himself before making another round and moving on to the next area

Not even a few minutes after getting there he saw three men arguing in an ally, although suspicious not really a crime but Shiro decided to stick around for a bit and see if the situation was going to escalate "Well well look who it is." one of the two bigger men said to a rather thin poor looking man who in response tried to walk past while covering his face when the second of the two bigger men stepped in front of him blocking his path "Well i'll be it is you Nagama you two timing scum." Nagama looked up at him "Please cant we just let it be it was ten years ago?" the first of the men growled "Yea and you know who got eight in prison!?... ME and Ryozin but not the third of our group, now I wonder why that is." "I think he sold us out now didn't he?"Ryozin answered leaning down and glaring at Nagama who was now slightly shaking. "Sorry I'm sorry!" Nagama said cowering down arms over his head like he was going to be beat. Kai snarled "Sorry you're sorry...Well guess what sorry wont bring back those eight years... but I know what will make Me feel better what about you Ryozin?"  Ryozin nodded "Some Hot coco it's kinda chilly." Whack, Kia hit Ryozin upside the head "What was that for!?"Ryozin asked glaring over at Kai  "What do you mean 'Hot coco'?!" Kai snapped at him. Ryozin  stared at Nagama then looked back to Kai who punched his palm with his fist "Oh I get it we're gonna beat on the rat." Ryozin exclaimed as he looked down on the small man. That was all Shiro needed to hear as he raced back to explain the story to a higher ranking nin.

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