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A note from ANBU headquarters had reached Lamya just when she had settled in an inn near the Iwagakure main gate, it requested her immediate return to Konoha, for there had been a serious uprising in not only her own clan, but also some other clans and Konoha's own administration. It seemed that her own plan had finally worked and she was able to take what she so desired.

When she was snooping through her family's mansion, she had found a stash of documents well-hidden within a secret room behind a bookcase in the Orochi estate's library. It gave her more insight than she had wanted, for it gave her the opportunity to finally eliminate the people responsible for her parents' death and the following atrocities in her life.

Orochi Enaka, her uncle, had been in some shady dealings, but to be directly responsible for the death of not only her parents, but also for the death of various other people had made it apparent that Lamya had to take him down, but she was not willing to test her own strength against a man who was known as the Leader of the Black ANBU now, which betrayed that he had never fully retired and was probably even more powerful than the hokage himself. However, it was the fact that she was thinking about the hokage which had gotten her an idea thanks to the documents she had found.

There was proof that Enaka had ordered the attempted assassination on Senju Sousetsu, for there was a correspondence with a mercenary named Shinobu in the documents, a letter pertaining a contract, but it never seemed to be signed by the person who had to receive it.

Knowing this, Lamya had send a letter to the one person she knew besides her uncle, who was a part of the Black ANBU as well: Itsukuchi Hataro. Despite the fact she hated this guy for what he had done to not only herself, but also others including her mom and her former sensei Hamada, he proved to be useful for the time being. After all, he could mobilize the Black ANBU, hand over her uncle to the regular ANBU and make sure he couldn't escape in the meantime.

Also, Hataro was much easier to deal with and he would be eliminated in due time, but for that, she needed a few able accomplices, willing to throw their life on the line to get rid of this pestilence in konoha.

"With my uncle gone and with Hataro dead..." Lamya thought while having packed her bags once more while leaving Iwagakure through the maingate. "I might as well use his creation to my own advantage and take over this Black ANBU of his."

Already thinking about what she had to do, Lamya walked past the gates without even realizing it. She was overjoyed that all obstacles to a more easy and happy life with Kyohei were now out of the way, but still she had to wonder which price she was going to pay for gaining so much power due to her uncle's arrest.

"Hmm, Clanhead of the Ouroboros clan," She laughed out loud, startling an elderly couple on the road. "I could make it into a festival of sorts and get myself a student or so to get myself some more confidants if I want to get a grip on the reigns my uncle has lost."

Looking at the note she had received once more, the young woman chuckled again, while walking ahead with her head in the clouds. Becoming clanhead wasn't bad at all, but to have the chance to take over every single thing from her uncle and take down every single person in her way was simply twice the gift from heaven.


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