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Uchiha Tenzō

Uchiha Tenzō

Inside Konohagakure

The Land of Fire, a country known for its vast land and dense forests which are grown upon a fertile land that serves a great purpose when it comes to farming. Keeping an eye over such a large field is difficult to maintain, and as such Konohagakure had decided to build up various camps in order to install a couple of communications equipment that will provide a better feedback between the outposts. Due to the low risk that is allocated within this procedure, various shinobi which are either genins or chuunins lend out a hand when it comes to delivering and testing out the equipment. These wireless radios are usually carried out within medium-sized crates, due to their small weight which allows even one of the youngest genins to carry out a significant number. However, one must be very careful when delivering such equipment, due to its hefty price and fragile components. Breaking a few of them, meant that Tenzō would receive a significant deduction on his payment, therefore the boxes must be carried with extreme care.

Even Tenzō took on the job of delivering and assuring the functionality of these fragile tools, as the payment was not bad at all. Before departing, the young Uchiha stacked upon a few empty scrolls before heading out towards the storage in order for him to gather the necessary number of boxes that was needed to deliver. Once he found himself inside the storage room and against those boxes, Tenzō took out a brush and soaked it within ink before writing the seal which allowed him to store the wireless equipment in order to ease his delivery. The scrolls were placed inside his pouch once the process was finished, and without further ado the journey towards the camp had started. With a map placed between his two paws, the young left the village through those towering gates that looked quite menacing towards the eye.

Somewhere in a nearby perimeter camp

The road has almost teared him apart and just arriving there at the camp took him almost an hour. However, the real task what just about to being, as adjusting and handling those communication devices was not an easy job at all; the right frequency was needed to be adjusted on each and everyone one before a test could be conducted. Hopefully, the young Uchiha would be able to find a few capable shinobi from the encampment that were willing to help with such a repetitive and dull task. At first, all of the scrolls which were storing the boxes were unsealed, one after another, thus completing the first task of the mission. As soon as the equipment was carefully unboxed, Tenzō received a couple of indications from the jonin that was in charge of the current outpost. A few explanations were given to him regarding on which frequency and channel the device was supposed to be adjusted on.

At least two hours were spent upon this process, luckily for the young Uchiha that he managed to gain the help of two others that were around his vicinity. Inspecting each and every piece tool before adjusting it on right frequency so that the connection between them was established .Once the last and final part of the assignment was finished, Tenzō thanked each and every person that helped him with this assignment before packing up and departing back towards Konohagakure. The night has almost bestowed upon them, and travelling alone at such an hour might lead towards an unfavorable fate. Also, there was a report that needed to be completed and delivered back in order to receive his well-earned payment.

610 Words, Mission Completed, Exit Thread



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