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1How did i get here (invite, training) Empty How did i get here (invite, training) on Tue Jan 13, 2015 9:35 pm

Jiongu Kogarashi

Jiongu Kogarashi

It was quite around the HI no Kuni wilderness only the sound of a slight breeze brushing against the leaves. It seemed almost as if there wasn't a creature in sight. But the sound of a restless Yami soon broke the tranquility of the forest and all its creatures. Soon the sun was high enough to get in Yami's eyes and wake him from his slumber. Much to his own displeasure. A now slightly angered Yami woke and rubbed his face with the palm of his hands. As he got ready for his day but in reality he had no clue what to do. He was going to go to the Iwagakrue no Sato where he was told there was a doctor who could help him.

He still had very little knowledge of his illness other than what doctors told him. But that could be put on hold. As he wanted to get stronger so he could help Ash better. Yami felt like he couldn't do much for Ash but steal food. As that is what he did to help her survive. Yami hopped down from the tree and landed with a small thud as his feet hit the ground. Yami was wearing his normal white jacket with fur on the collar and on the end of the sleeves. He had a black under shirt and white pants. His hair was ghost white like always with black bangs but it was messy as he just woke up form his long sleep. He now wondered what hte day had in store for him today. As he walked down the dirt path to see where it took him.

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