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The hot sun beat down on the Sand's of Sunagakure's Desert. a lone sole could seen walking the desert. Her blue dress torn and burn from battle, as was she. She swayed with the wind as she walked slowly, dragging her feet along in the sand from lack of energy and hydration. her blue eyes dull. Her bright armour reflecting the sun, but also weighing her down significantly, as was the sword on her left thigh. she knew she couldn't go on for much longer, but then again she didn't know how long she had been going on for. Ever since that ambush briefly before she got into the land of wind she hadn't been able to keep track of time, and she had already gone through all of her supplies by that point, and so she had hoped to make it to sunagakure without any troubles, but that wasn't the case, and now things aren't looking so good for her.

The sun was in it's highest point in the sky when she finally collapsed. Her body no longer willing to go on. her body lay there face down in the sand, but then There was movement around her, and within a moment after her collapse four shinobi sprung up from the sand all wearing cloaks and tattered robes, with Sunagakure headbands, but three of them with a scratch a crossed the center, sending a clear message, missing nin. "Boss she is finally down... What do we do with her?" one of the shinobi said. "Take her armour... As well as anything valuable, but other than that, we leave her to die." The three  missing ninja's laughed at their bosses response. Yes why would they let her live after she put up such a fight against them? "Now." The leader of the four said, as the three missing ninja payed attented attention to here their bosses words. "I except you three to take care of her with haste. I cannot assist for i must return to the Village... Wouldn't want any of the higher ups to think i'm up to something" The three simply nodded in response, and then set into their work, Stripping off the girl's armour and taking her sword, as well searching her to see if they could find any valuables although they didn't, and then on their bosses word, they left her. The three disappeared into the sand as their boss had.


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Li was walking out in the desert not to far from suna where he lives. He has gotten used to the heat wave that comes everyday at this time but for some reason He would rather be out in the desert. That is because the air seems to have more of a freshness kind of feeling and its an open space to do anything he wanted to unlike being in the village, but all he does is walk around and enjoy the peacefulness. As he was walking he would Listen to his music to help him relax, and even sometimes he would would step to the beat or do a little dance or even sing. He couldn't do much of a dance this time around because he decided to wear his jacket and trying to do a dance in that while wearing headphones is tricky especially when the cord can get tangle to any part of the jacket, but he still was enjoying his walk. He would turn back to see the village and to make sure he wasn't wondering off to far every now and then. He had to play it safe even if he did know the desert very well, he also knew that it can be dangerous. That is why he always brought two extra canteens of water and some snacks for his walks. After looking back He decided it was safe to go a bit further before having to turn back and head home for the day.

As he kept walking liking every step as his boots hit the sand, knocking some of it onto his pants and blending in to them he stopped seeing a lady collapse a few meters away. As he started to go towards her he saw some shady figures that looked to be shinobi come up from the sand surrounding her. He heard a faint voice from one of the shinobi but couldn't really understand what he was saying but from the cloaks and the tattered clothing they were wearing he could tell they were up to no good. He watched as one of them who was not dressed like the others as bad but still had some tattered up spots after saying something to the rest ran off toward the village and as the guy came up to him he stopped. "There is nothing to worry about just some one being crazy and coming out here in the heat without any water or food." The ninja replied. He saw that the ninja had a suna headband and looked alright but it was still how the others were dressed he was suspicious. He decided it would be best to stay out of site and went flat to the sand. From where he was he was safe but he couldn't get a good look at any of them from there, so he started crawling keeping as low as he could towards them. As he crawled closer their voices started to become clearer going from a mumbling noise to full out words, and that is when he found out they were stealing her stuff. He kept crawling even though he could hear them but he still did not have a good view. It was about a minute later after crawling a couple of meters that he finally had a good enough view that he could tell their scratched up headbands they were missing nin and that meant they were probably following her for a while. they probably got into a fight before this telling from how tattered up she was as well.

He watched them as they started taking her stuff and pulling her armor off of her and searching her for anything worth a good amount of ryo. As they were collecting the stuff he would look to hopefully find a way to be able to get a good sneak in on them and stop them before they can get off with her stuff. He could see from how they were taking their time that they were exhausted, meaning that if they did fight before then she must have put up a big one to tire them out this much. But that still did not help now, even though they were tired out they still out numbered him and from how things looked his best bet would be to wait for them to try to run off while carrying the stuff to hopefully catch them by surprise and hope they are too tired to fight and leave the stuff. As he watched them he saw that they finished up and were heading out, but sense they did not notice him they were running in his direction. As they got close he quickly got up and stood in a fighting stance waiting to see what would happen. They only stopped for a second before turning and running off in a different direction. He could have caught them but that wouldnt be the smartest choice, for one they could have more allies out there waiting, and two he could not leave the girl out here in the middle of the desert.

He decided to let them go and ran towards the girl and as he got to her he went down to her side and rolled her over on to her back. As he got a good look at her he noticed how beautiful she looked and thats when his nose started to bleed out. He shook his head to get his thoughts back and ignored his bleed before grabbing one of his unused canteens and put his hand under her head to tilt it up to help her with drinking. "Here take a drink." He said siting there by her side still ignoring the blood coming from his nose but also kept it from falling anywhere near her or the canteen. If they were in a fight it must have been big, because no one came out with any energy left. Luckily though i got a good look of the three missing nin and also got very close to the other one who is now somewhere in the village. He thought to him self

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Rayne sighed as she looked among the sands. Like Li she took walks out here. Any sand ninja had to be familiar with the desert. It was expected of them. Rayne was out, but not quite as far from the village as Li. To be honest She wasn't following him, though She knew he took walks out here, surely every sand ninja did right? She had to keep herself in shape as well, and walking helped with that as well. Rayne stood 5 feet 6 inches tall, and her medium brown eyes scanned the Sandy dunes. Her matching hair, just a few inches below the shoulders, waved in a light desert breeze. She wore pants and a long sleeved shirt. Both were fabric made for tho desert, not heavy clothing that kept in heat. Over her shirt, she wore her mother's old flak jacket. New to her outfit was a hood, She had upgraded her shirt a bit by adding a hood to It. She had sewn half of a beige zipper to the shirt and another to a hood, thus making the hood removable. The hood matched her shirt, which was fortunate.

The design on her pants and shirt was desert camp, ranging in colors from various sand colors, to medium browns. She had her flak jackets pouches filled with a variety of candy, including hot cinnamon and peppermint. In addition, they also held a few packages of crackers and cheese. The large front pouch held her water skin. She wasn't well equipped to deal with ninja on her walk. But so close to the village, why would she need to be? She was barely a genin, and as such, she didn't have pouches full of shuriken yet. She glanced back at the village, the scanned the sands. A small collared lizard ran between her feet and into a clump of rocks. It was evidence to the fact that even this desert isn't a barren wasteland. Rayne smiled and continued walking. She looked and and watched a vulture fly overhead, then turn around, then turn once more. "I guess some poor thing might be lunch before too long."

But that was the way the desert worked. Nothing was wasted. No doubt something here would break open bones to get to the marrow. Rayne wondered what the vultures were watching. In her reverie, she almost failed to notice the snake ahead of her. Her eyes caught It just a couple meters ahead. A rattle met Her ears as the snake coiled. It struck as a warning as she walked to the side to avoid it. The she saw it, what looked like a broken shuriken poking out from its scales near it's neck. It was less than half a shuriken. Rayne wasn't too surprised. She imagined lots of people trained out here, or spared. She felt pity for the poor thing, it was wounded after all.  It couldn't live too long like that. The broken piece of shuriken would interfere With swallowing prey. Surely the right thing to do here was a mercy kill. Rayne looked down at a large rock, and knew she should kill it. Just throw the rock at its head. But... She couldn't bring herself too. She could not end its life. She just couldn't bare the thought of doing it, not even to a snake. So she turned and walked away, dooming the poor thing to a slower death. The vulture was still flying around a bit in the distance.

Rayne frowned and turned her head, but stopped suddenly. A small shape, movement. Rayne moved forward, toward the shape. After some running, she was close enough to see the shape was familiar. She couldn't quite place who it was though. Soon she was closer, close enough that the sense of familiarity was growing. Then there were many shapes. Several people, a few before the familiar shape. "Li!" she whispered. It was Li, out on one of his walks. Then the shape passed Li by....and headed towards Her! Li has seemed combative, and I'd they had him on else she doubted she had any hope of putting up a solid fight. So, she played down nestled her body as far into the sand as she could go. She slowed her breathing and waited for the figure to pass. Fortunately the person heading her way ended up passing her a distance away. Rayne was gratefully or desert camo.  Rayne wasn't sure why All suna ninja didn't wear it. It was incredibly helpful out in the desert.

After brushing sand off her clothes, she ran towards where Li was. There was a girl laying on the desert floor! The shapes had left and now it was just the girl, Li, and Rayne. Rayne ran forward again, until She was just behind Li. How did she get out here and what were all those people? One had headed back to the village, and the others were gone. "What happened here? And who was that heading to the village? He must have seen her... No suna nin would just leave someone here to die..." Rayne bit her lip anxiously, and turned towards the village. She pulled her headband off her belt, and held the shiny, well polished metal plate in her palm. She made a V with her index and middle fingers, and aimed towards the village, then hesitated. What if signalling for help drew those people back? But could they care for her alone? Rayne tied her headband back over her belt and began looking over the girl, looking for wounds. She could stabilize her long enough to get to the village at least, providing she wasn't horribly wounded. "hello, I am Rayne, a medic for the hidden sand. Are you hurt?" She pulled out a package of cheese crackers, and a couple of peppermints, and played them on the sand in front of the girl. Rayne put on a smile. It was best to smile when treated people, it kept them more relaxed. "You will be fine, don't worry." Rayne looked up towards Li and her smile faltered for a moment, seeing his bloody nose.

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