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Symbol: Kyōretsuna [Napalm Release] 1754740FRDKZtIH

Clan: Kyōretsuna

Kekkei Genkai: Napalm

Elements: Napalm Release.

Specialization: All specializations are usable, none are required.

Location: Scattered

Clan History: Before the ninja villages, the Kyoretsuna clan lived in on a small volcanic island. They were, despite their element, a non aggressive clan. They favored non aggressive approaches to life, and made great blacksmiths, forging armor and weapons to sell. This made them great merchants as well, selling their crafted items. Combat was only used as a last resort. Back then they were not aware of their ability to create their unique napalm chakra nature. Their land, full of valuable crops and metal mines made them a target when others started taking note of their land. This led to a kind of miniature war between the neighboring clans.

The war caused problems for the clan, as they lacked huge resource deposits in some areas, and with the war their imports were hampered greatly. They played a purely defensive strategy. After 2 decades of war, the clan was defeated. The others stole their land and possessions. They became slaves to Those that now ruled their lands. After two decades a man named Kisai, the personal servant of their masters clan leader, was sent up the volcano. He was sent to gather a rare medicinal plant that grew on the cliffs where a side of the volcano fell into the sea.

He slipped and fell, catching himself on a tree , and slowing his fall, he survived the fall, but lost an arm when it was ripped off by his grabbing a tree branch as he fell. He landed in the water and managed to get to shore. He made a tourniquet and fell unconscious. He was nursed back to health in secret by a clan member. During his deleterious dreams as he came and went in and out of consciousness, he saw before him a fire spewing from a crack in the volcano. An oily fire that the sea it seeped into couldn't put out. Indeed it floated up atop the water, yet still burned with an intense fire. He drew closer, only to find he still has both arms. Feeling inwardly that he should do it, her reached out and scooped it up into his arm, finding that he didn't burn. He sent chakra into it, and felt his chakra transform, become like the substance itself.

He awoke, but still felt the chakra nature inside himself. He stayed hidden as he regained his health, and trained. He found a burning drive for his people to be free. He discovered the ability to mold napalm chakra, and to use Napalm jutsu. When the woman who had saved him caught him training his napalm jutsu. With reluctance, she agreed to keep it quiet. After much training, he felt the curiosity to see if he was the only one. After training, his savoir discovered she could mold napalm chakra as well. The two trained in secret for several years. The cruelties They suffered at the hands of their masters mounted higher, and they rebelled. War once again raged. Kisai and his new wife lead the rebels, and after a hard year, they pushed their masters from their lands. After another 5, the war died slowly into a cold war, lingering hate And threats of war. But by then, the Kyoretsuna were almost all users of the napalm element, and the clan grew to be feared.

Over the next few years the peace held. However nature herself had other plans. With a series of earthquakes over a few days, most homes on the island were weakened 3. When he volcano reputed the week after, all residences were given a coating of ash. Fortunately the clan evacuated a mere day before the eruption. If on a visit to the island now, under all the ash they would find the Kyoretsuna's homeland preserved by the ash as a ruin. After the eruption the clan scattered, where they have assimilated into all major ninja villages.

Kekkei Genkai Description: The Kyoretsuna's are masters of the advanced chakra nature they have dubbed "Napalm". Then used in Jutsu it creates an oily substance which has similar properties to a grease fire. Napalm chakra in Jutsu generally takes 1 of 2 forms. One resembles grease or oil, it's dark and brackish in color. The second form is blackish jello-y globs. Both forms stick to human skin. In addition, like grease, it isn't put out by water. In fact dumping water on it tends to aerosolize the napalm, causing a potentially huge fireball. Napalm fueled fires look different from other fires because of the great deal of black smoke they put out.

Image of a napalm fire::

Kyōretsuna [Napalm Release] Napalm


  • Kyoretsuna's may never take the element Doton.
  • Kyoretsuna's must take the Hesitant (Element) Special characteristic.
  • Napalm is weak to Doton instead of suiton
  • Napalm jutsu require extra chakra, D-C rank napalm jutsu cost 5 extra chakra, B-A rank napalm jutsu cost 10 extra chakra, and S-SS rank napalm jutsu cost 15 extra chakra.
  • Doton does +1 damage to members of this clan.


Kekkei Genkai Jutsu:

Name: Napalm Release: Sea of Flames
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: S
Type: Offensive
Element: Napalm
Range: 50 Meter radius
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: 3 Posts
Cooldown: 9 Posts
Description: The Kyoretsuna's clan member will focus their chakra with a series of hand seals, and vomit forth a huge deluge of flaming napalm. This napalm with flow forward and settle in a miniature sea, it's "shore" being a few meters ahead of the user. Because napalm doesn't mix with water, if someone attempts to use a suiton jutsu to wash it away, the napalm with float atop the water, without extinguishing the flames. Like all Napalm, it sticks to skin. The downside is glaringly obvious, without some protection from burns, they may well kill themselves if they end up stuck in their own sea of flames.

Name: Napalm Release: Searing Bullets
Rank: D-S
Type: Offensive
Element: Napalm
Range: D: 15m, C: 32m, B: 50m, A: 70m, S: 90m
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: Until shots allotted hits 0
Cooldown: Duration x2
Description: The Kyoretsuna's clan member will perform several hand seals and gather chakra in their mouths. When ready, the clan member will spit forth a mass of gelatinous flaming napalm. The size of the mass and the number of shots depends on he rank at which this jutsu is used. Other jutsu may be used while the user has shots left, but must not involve the mouth. These bullets will burn for 1 round after being shot, dealing damage for each post, the one in which the target was struck, then again on their next post.

D Rank: 5 shots, each about twice the size of a large pea. Fires at D rank jutsu speed, for E rank burning damage each post.

C Rank: 10 shots, each about 1/4th the size of a golfball, fires at C rank jutsu speed for D rank damage each post.

B Rank: 15 shots, each about half the size of a golfball, fires at B rank jutsu speed for C rank damage each post.

A Rank: 20shots, each about the size of a golfball, fires at A rank jutsu speed for B rank damage each post.

S Rank: 25 shots, each about the size of a baseball, fires at S rank jutsu speed for A rank damage each post.

Name: Napalm Release: Napalm Conversion
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: D
Type: Supplementary
Element: Napalm / Katon
Range: N/A
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: N/A
Cooldown: Duration of the Jutsu being converted x2
Description: The Kyoretsuna are known to talk regular Katon Jutsu and transform them into Napalm jutsu. Doing this changes the elemental nature of the Katon jutsu being used into napalm chakra nature. The user pays the Katon Justus regular cost, plus this Jutsu's cost (15 chakra). The converted Katon won't be put out by water, but in exchange gains Napalms weakness to Doton.

Name: Napalm Release: Napalm Weapon Burst
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: C
Type: Offensive
Element: Napalm
Range: Weapons Range
Specialty: Ninjutsu and/or Bukijutsu
Duration: 3 Posts
Cooldown: 4 Posts
Description: The Kyoretsuna clan member Will, after a pair of hand seals, coat a weapon of their choice with Napalm chakra. At any time during the next 3 posts, the user can swing or throw their weapon and, with an additional hand seal, cause a small burst of napalm to emit from their weapon, searing whoever is in front of it (if the user is holding the weapon) or within 2 meters of it (if the weapon is thrown. If the user uses this on a basic E or D rank weapon, they must be either ninjutsu spec or bukijutsu spec. However if it is a significant melee weapon, such as a katana or a tanto, they must be bukijutsu spec to use this.

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Done o.o Time for the mods and/or admins to rip my idea to shreds and make me cry.

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Before this goes anywhere, I should probably clarify some specific things regarding advanced releases.

There are no such things as advanced element chakra natures. Combined nature transformations are just that, the combination of two or more of the basic nature transformation [Katon(fire), Suiton(water), Doton(earth), Fuuton(wind), and Raiton(lightning). Jutsu that do not utilize those elemental natures specifically (as well as many that do), will at minimum use at least one of the Yin or Yang aspects of chakra, which represent the spiritual/mental and physical energy used in ninjutsu. And finally, natural chakra exists that is tapped into by sages that is denser than normal chakra produced within people and used to strengthen the practitioner.

The reason that I bring this up is because there is a common misconception regarding the creation and use of advanced nature transformations that the advanced element itself is some kind of distinct chakra that can be tapped into at any time. What makes advanced element users special is their ability to simultaneously mold multiple elemental natures to be used in their techniques, which produces its own unique effect based on their kekkei genkai. If possible, I'd like any member venturing into this type of clan to avoid that common pitfall.

This clan makes that mistake with its "Napalm chakra nature". From reading this clan, what you're looking for is a subset jutsu group of the katon element, which houses all fire based techniques, including the creation of oils, flammable gasses, etc.

Also, clans are allowed one S-Rank or scaling jutsu. As of now you have two, making at least one of them invalid.


Kyōretsuna [Napalm Release] BIgWlMn:10

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I had intended be a combo but someone said it was wiser to go this route. Mind deleting this topic as I cannot? Thanks for being up front with me! ^~^ Better to clear the slate than waste time reviving the idea.

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Sorry for the double post but could someone delete or archive this? My muse has died. I have a copy so I don't Mind if it is deleted. No reason for it up take up clan forum space.

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