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The hallway:


Kobayashi Saiyuki's Floor T5j6o8

A long hall with on both sides wooden pillars with lamps to keep it light at night. The floor is broken white. When you walk all the way to the end there is an iron door with holes. This door leads to a room where all things are discussed. It is often used a relaxation room, or living room. †In the middle of the hallway are two doors at each side. Both bedrooms. One for females and one for males.

Living room:

Living room:

Kobayashi Saiyuki's Floor Os93lu

The iron door leads to a room filled with white and wooden furniture. The couch is white with multiple cushions with have different styles and patterns. A glass table with iron frame sits in de middle in the room. To the side there is an broken white table made out of wood. This is used to discuss missions and any other things related to her students. There is a big window that lets a lot of light in. The room is already bright with the white coloured walls. This place can also be used to relax.



Kobayashi Saiyuki's Floor 6sb2tk

Both rooms look exactly the same. There is place for four people in each room. With each bed fits a drawer for spare clothing. The bed has a wooden frame. The matrass is covered with a white cloth and two cushions. The walls are white and bright and there is a big window in one of the walls. Each bedroom has one bathroom.



Kobayashi Saiyuki's Floor Etv9f5

In the middle of the room stands a high and clean white bath. Two sinks stand at the side. There are several closets filled with extra towels and blankets for the beds, as well as extra cushions. The floor is light wood and the wall where the sinks stand are the same. These bathrooms are separate for males and females.

The dining room:

Dining Room:

Kobayashi Saiyuki's Floor 1z63z2g

This room is linked to the living room. When you walk in you first enter a big glass room. You can clearly see the table and kitchen from there. The table, which stands closest to the glass walls, is made out of wood and is quite heavy due to itís consistence. White designer chairs are put around it. There are 8 chairs. This is where Saiyuki eats with her students. When you move further through the room, you see the kitchen. It is metal-like and clean. It has all the needs to prepare a great meal.


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