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1 A long Day. (Training.) on Sun Jan 25, 2015 9:44 pm



Emer's mind seemed to be tracing itself as he laid there in a small cave. Dust and other things covered the young teen, as he began to clamber up to his knee's. Coughing, dust stirred and the rubble around him began to shift and move. Looking around, there was an opening not to far above him, and there seemed to be a little light leaking through. Shaking his head slightly, he couldn't remember how he had gotten here. The last thing he could remember, was training with his father in Genjutsu. And the next moment he's waking up in a cave. Suddenly a small thought seemed to cross the teens mind. "Damn it old man... You brought me here..." It was the only thing that had made sense. The Rubble around him had shifted, and the hole above was letting a howling wind inside. 'Well this is perfect. I don't even have a clue where I am. And my body hurts as if I was just thrown down here.' Rising to a standing position. Emer could feel his body creaking with each movement. A small panic began to rise into him as he looked into the black abyss of what was ahead of him.

'If only I could reach the hole above me, I wouldn't have to deal with this. But...' Looking around, Emer couldn't see any ledges, that he could climb to get towards the top. Even if he could find some, currently the place wasn't stable enough to begin climbing. As evedient by the rubble that laid around his feet, turning his attention to his surroundings. Emer found that the path was heading towards the bottom. If anything, the young man didn't want to head down further. But the path behind him was blocked. A small sigh seemed to escape his lips as he began to head down at a slower rate than most. 'You've got to be kidding me. These parents of mind should be locked up at some point. First experimenting with a snakes poison in your kid's blood. And then constantly throwing him out into places that would be considered child abuse...' But then again, Emer had to appreciate them doing this in a way... After graduating the Academy, he hadn't been assigned a squad. So his parents had been taking up the responsibility it seems. But did it really have to be like this?

Suddenly Emer came to a stop, the path before him seemed to split into two different directions. 'Why did it have to be a maze on top of it?' The young man let a small sigh escape his lips. Standing there for some time, the young man was looking down both hallways. One of them seemed to go down deeper. The other one seemed to rise towards the top. Obviously he wished to get towards the top, as that's where he had last seen the light from before. But at the same time, it could be closed off above him though. 'Well, I guess I have no choice about this...' Sitting down against the cold ground. c]]'Guess it's just time to give up... I'm too hungry for this..' [/i]suddenly a small growl escaped his stomach as it echoed throughout the cave. A small sigh escaped the young mans lips as he laid back against the tunnels wall. "Well, I suppose if one thing, I can hide from them here... They wouldn't know how far I've traveled through this cave. They wouldn't have the time to search for me." His thoughts had been a little dark. But then again, what more could you expect from someone that's had this happen all his life?

Falling asleep as he laid against the wall. Something seemed to catch his attention. The wind that had been blowing in behind him, seemed to travel down the tunnels. Soon the gust passed him, moving his hair and clothing. Paying attention to it, he felt the air slide down the tunnel to his right. Dropping further in the cavern. At first, Emer seemed to be displeased with the wind. As it had been making it hard to sleep. But then it was slowly setting into his mind. Wind always looked for openings to escape from. Air would move to where it could eventually reach an altitude, and temperature that it was at. Opening his eyes slightly, looking down at the tunnel that went down further into the cave. Emer began to stand up slightly, as another gust of wind flew by him. Making it's way down the left path. 'This is stupid, putting my life in the hands of something no one can prove...' Taking the moment to think about what he was about to do, the young male began to head down the tunnel. It seemed get colder and darker. The opening above, was where it had been escaping. That means there has to be an opening down below as well...

As the young male followed the updraft, he noticed that the walls where becoming a bit more slick. So was the floor beneath him. Each time he took a step, he could feel his footing fleeting. It was becoming almost to slick to walk upon, no it was already past that point, when he found himself starring at the ceiling. When suddenly he was rocketing down a slope. A small gasp and a eep escaped the young male as he was caught in surprise. As his bump descent began. Each time he hit the top of the tunnel, or was slammed against the wall, he felt himself began to cringe. Oh man did it hurt each time he bounced. Before suddenly coming to a stop as he felt himself nearly plummet into a rock wall. A small groan seemed to escape the young teen as he laid there for a moment. Running his hands over his body slowly, he tried to make sure that he hadn't broken any bones so far. And it looked as if he hadn't just yet. 'Whew, that was a bit close. That could of ended a lot worse than it did...' Even though his thoughts where kind. His subconscious was cursing at his father.

Standing up, the ground still slick around him, as he felt the droplets from the caves roof above, he saw a small cliff in front of him. The wind was definitely coming from there, as he felt it swirling around the room in front of him. Now the question is how he was going to get up to the top? There seemed to be rocks around him that he could climb up. But there was a simple fact, that they'd be wet like the rest of the room around him. Regardless if direct water had been dripping onto them. Or it was the moister in the air that had dampened them. His stomach was growling a bit louder than before. That was a hint that it was some time around lunch. Looking around thought, he remembered something. His time in the academy had taught him how to walk on water. Maybe it would work the same for trying to climb up on a damp surface? Standing still for a moment. Emer let a small sigh escape his lips as he held his hands up above his head. Grabbing a hold of one rock. It was covered in cold water, and moss. His fingers gripped onto the rock firmly, testing it himself slightly pulling on it. Reaching up higher with his other hand he began to pull himself up.

It was a slow process, of placing his foot here and there. Trying to make sure he didn't fall off, or smack his head. Each time he was second guessing where his foot placement was, or if he had a firm grip on the rock above. It was tiresome, a bit more so than he first imagined. His hand seemed to grip onto nothing as it moved above him. Blinking slightly, the young male looked up to see that the top of the ledge was already in front of him, and that simple mistake of grabbing onto thin air, was a bad one. He felt his body sway backwards and began to fall back towards the ground. His eye's seemed to close slightly as he prepared for impact, but all he could feel was his body standing straight out like a board. Opening his eye's slightly, he saw that his feet where planted firmly against the wall. Looking upwards, he could see the roof as if he had been laying on his back. Taking a step forward the young male began to head towards the edge of the small wall. Now was the hard part, how was he going to go forwards, to take a step past the sudden disappearance of rocky surface.

If he had enough speed, he could probably run of the wall and then lurch his body forward. But that option is cut off right now as he's standing against it. And he didn't have enough chakra to start over once more. Between climbing and being hungry, his stamina was close to zip. Suddenly a small idea came to Emer. Walking backwards slightly he managed to position himself where his hands sat on the cliffs edge. Walking down slowly he felt his body stretching out like a cats would. Before he couldn't stretch his feet without them slipping off from the rock wall. Pray his dug his fingers into the ground and let them detach, suddenly he felt his full body weight pull at his hands and arms. Pulling him to the ground. A growl escaped from Emer as he held on getting his toes back into position. As they found a small ledge to keep themselves on. Slowly but surely the young male began to pull himself over the edge. The cool wind was welcoming as it hit against his forehead. And the rest of his body, as the sweat on his body began to dry from the cooling wind.

A bright light seemed to shine on him from ahead as he looked over at the entrance. A small sigh escaped his lips, as the wind continued to howl and grow stronger. He was to tired to move at the moment. A small yawn escaping the male as he passed into exhaustion and just fell asleep. When he awoke, the sky outside seemed to be a bit darker than it had been before, with the light fading outside, he felt himself growing a bit annoyed. Why was he stuck all the way out here? And did neither of them care it was taking him this long to get home? Either way he didn't care much anymore he was hungry. The way out was right in front of him. Standing up slightly, the young male began to walk out of the cave door, when suddenly a something stopped him. He dropped back through a hole in the floor. A loud gasp could be heard as the wind was knocked out of him. Looking back up, something seemed off.. He was in the same room that he had started. The round hole in the floor was above him. The rubble around him shifted slightly.

Suddenly a small laugh seemed to escape the boy, as he pulled his hands up in front of him. It made a bit of sense now... This entire time, he had been trapped within a jutsu. Letting a small sigh escape from his lips he spoke softly. 'Release..." Suddenly, the way in front of him opened up slightly as his surroundings vanished and he found himself sitting in the very cave him and his father had been training at. The man stood in front of the boy laying on the ground. "Finally took you long enough to get out of that small trap there boy. I'd thought you'd of found out with how many times it switched on you." A small growl escaped Emer as he sat up slightly. His body aching from lying there, and his body imagining the pain he had just went through. "Old man, you could of let me out of there a while ago. I could of been trapped in there forever without noticing. I was so tired and hungry." His father just shook his head and began to walk away. "I didn't raise an idiot. Now get up, we're heading home." Spitting at his father, Emer stood up slightly.

His body was shaky as they began to walk out. The sudden blast of wind hitting him. It was swinging him left and right slightly with the breeze. Up here in the mountains, the wind was strong enough to take you with it at some points. But today it was being gentle for him. Perhaps there was some kindness in this world... He was thinking just before the wind started to pick up again. Letting a small growl escape his lips he opened his eyes just in time to see his father flying towards him. Ducking and moving towards the right. Emer felt the fist go straight by his head, as a foot swept his feet from under him. Everything had seemed to change direction on him as he ended upside down. His fathers fist coming towards the ground. A snarl escaped Emer's lips as he rolled slightly, with his fathers fist smashing into the ground. As his sons legs wrapped around his upper body. Working to bring the old man down, Emer twisted and grabbed onto a lower leg. Bringing it up towards his chest. He could feel his father falling to the ground with him. The two of them tumbled for a bit.

His hold on his father caused his leg to extend in a way it shouldn't. Finally the words he was waiting to hear came form his fathers mouth. "Alright, alright I give. Let go damn it." A small smile traced Emer's lips as he let go only to feel a fist smash into his face, sending him reeling slightly in pain. His father letting a small sigh go. "Man how many times have you fell for that? When you capture an enemy you can't let them go." A small growl came from Emer as his father began to walk away again. "When are you going to treat a kid right?". Suddenly the old man turned around smiling. "When he can finally become something useful. For now it's dinner time." A sigh of defeat seemed to escape from Emer as he began to stand up. "Whatever... I'm to tired to care anymore. Besides that, I feel like my stomachs going to start eating my internal organs." Emer seemed to fall behind as they walked. As he began to think to himself. 'I don't even care anymore... I'm nothing more to them besides an object to progress their own studies. I might as well just do as I'm told I suppose. It'll make my life easier.'



Strength:E-D 2542-750= 1792

Endurance: E-D 1792-750= 1042

Perception: E-D 1042-750= 292

Speed: E-E2 292-225= 67

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