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Kikisu smiled as he walked down the path, on his back he had his regular puppets, tabok, spink... but today he had another on his back, a brand new puppet that he himself had created, it was the largest puppet so far that he had made...height wise. The puppet was too large and too heavy to be kept on his back like his other two, it was much heavier and bulkier then his human shaped two, so at the moment he kept it in the top scroll on his lower back, which was one of the three that he kept in scrolls, he also had Kawaii and Harisma in their scrolls, and in the topmost scroll was his brand new puppet...whom he named minos.

As he walked he then decided to read through his mission scroll again, to make sure that he had all of the correct details, the scroll in front of him read,
Kikisu Chikamatsu,there has been a major problem in a small rural community not far from the village hidden in the sand, the problem that they are having at the moment is an awesome scorpion from the outer regions of the large desert that has moved into the inner regions, it is causing the local area a lot of trouble, there has been a large amount of people filing in that they are being attacked , and that the stings are causing numbness upon contact so Kikisu be careful, kill this animal, there has already been one confirmed death because of this rapid anima  
Kikisu smiled at the notion of something that will let him further master his skills with his puppets, and he hadnt yet used his new puppet in combat before.

As he walked he smiled to himself, it had been a while since he had taken a mission that was outside the confines of his puppet shop, he has taken more then 10 missions in a row that just involved building puppets, he was quite happy to get out.

Suddenly he heard a large clacking sound and a scream in the near area, Kikisu launched himself towards the sound at full tilt, getting his chakra ready for his jutsu, as Kikisu got closer to the sound he saw the scene unfolding, there was a awesome scorpion directly on top of a young girl, with the tip of its stinger directly against the womans throat, Kikisu acted as fast as he possibly could, his fingers twitched and the two puppets on his back flew towards the scorpion, Tabok swinging his chinese dao a the oncoming stinger, blocking it completly, while spink flew into the side of the scorpions torso, biting and shredding carapace with its claws, the scorpion flew backwards at the pain, but spink wasnt done yet, it still clung to the side of the animal and was now stabbing and biting wildly, distracting the beast long enough so that tabok was able to fly around and get his sword ready for a slash...but the scorpion was ready for his attack this time, a large claw flew out and attempted to trap tabok, Kikisu withdrew the puppet to avoid the damage, it seemed that his D rank puppets werent going to work fully, since so far they had only damaged the outer armor of the animal, he had to use his stronger puppets...his new puppet

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