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Salt spray washed over the decks of the good ship Marion - a massive galley some sixty meters long and bearing two hundred cannon. Its mast seemingly reaching up into the clouds proudly displayed the royal crest of Teuton for all the world to see. Any pirate unlucky enough to come across such a vessel or even its six lesser companion craft would either have to flee for its very existence lest it be destroyed utterly by the sheer volume of cannon fire.

Deep beneath the waves hidden leviathans prowled in the depths their presence only marked by inky blotches in the sea. Dangling from the figurehead (A womanly embodiment of the country of Teuton adorned with helm and winged spear) a lone siren moaned to herself her feet bound and her body covered in bruises. Her sisters had in the weeks before lured out a young deckhand with their singing drowning the lad before consuming his body and taking his seed to spawn a new generation of unholy temptresses.

Retaliation had been swift and absolute nets were cast overboard and many unwary merfolk were caught up in the coils. Those pulled to deck were hacked to pieces with broadsword and axe. One such specimen a scaled maiden with teal green hair was kept alive as a warning to others. Not even the daughters of the sea would stop such a crossing.

On top of the deck Illarion Jhernigan surveyed the sorry sight. They had long ago left Western waters and  now strange creatures that combined all the most foul features of both an oxen and a spider surfaced the waves and attempted to take bites from the hanging Siren. Illarion had spoken to the captain regarding simply executing the captive. The admiral had refused, it was considered good luck to hang a Siren from the figurehead and he would set an example for those who wronged his sailors.

Drawing his attention from the spectacle Illarion nodded to his fellow knight Sir Byron of Shale who had come to join him on the deck.

"How goes beneath deck?"

Illarion probed to his friend.

"Poorly tis sad to say. It seems that five others have come down with the same accursed pox"

Beneath his helm Illarion frowned. This was a foul omen and while the affliction did not seem fatal those affected with such blight operated at far beneath their optimum capacity.

Forcing cheer into his voice Illarion replied

"Then I propose a display of martial skill. Let us show the others that this malady holds no power over those with a will of iron. Twill do the men good to take their minds off those queer beasts lurking around our prow.

Byron nodded. He too knew the importance of keeping morale up and though both men had sworn off gambling the sailors could put friendly wagers on the outcome of the spar.

Each taking a blunted practice sword the two men faced each other. Each let lose a flicker of energy to show that they acknowledged Archons would be used in the spar. And then with nary a hint of warning Byron  s sword darted forward attempting a gauging strike. Illarion slapped the other mans blade aside expending minimal energy then pressed forward with a flurry of blows. Byron side stepped the first blocked the second and then attempted to pin Illarion's sword to the ground following the third strike. Yanking the longsword back Illarion pivoted to the side as Byrons Archon manifested mid punch. A great wolf like apparition it slid back through the air as Illarions armored phantom Invictus slammed an over sized gauntlet into its cheek. Howling the Wolf darted through the air clutching at the knightly Archons shoulders and slamming it into one of the railings.

By now a massive crowd had gathered on deck with all sailors not attending to maritime duty coming to view the bout. Both parties had stepped up their game and the harsh ring of steel on steel resounded fiercely. Putting all his weight into a blow Illarion hammered Byrons sword causing the other mans grip to finally loosen and give sending the sword hurtling to the ground. Above the battle had taken a different turn with Byrons Archon shrugging off a mighty axe handle smash from Invictus then closing powerful jaws around the more humanoid Archon's neck. Cracks appeared in the spectral armor and it was clear to all that Invictus would be dispersed should the canine specter continue its assault.

The match had ended in a draw. Some sailors cheered the men on for providing a good show while others grumbled at the lack of a firm winner.

Illarion waved to Byron.

"Hoy friend good to know that you still have it in you. Your mastery over your Archon is commendable."

Byron replied the hint of a pant in his voice.

"Aye and you still strike like a Jotun blacksmith."

Bidding Byron farewell Illarion made his way beneath deck. His head ached and his limbs felt like they had been strapped to boulders. This was certainly not normal and disconcerting should things come violence upon the shore. Not that Illarion wanted that after all - diplomacy and good relations were his reason for the trip.

Burying his head in an epic poem Illarion spent three or four hours reading of the twisting machinations of dragons while regaining his strength. When Illarion felt ready to traverse the corridors of the vessel he headed  down for the stables.  

Smelling of oats, hay and manure the animal enclosure   reminded Illarion of home. Horses , unicorns and pegasai intermingled as handlers scrubbed their coats and kept their hooves trimmed. The quiet strength possessed by these beasts was enough to renew Illarions spirit and even though the leaden sensation had not left he knew that he could bare it better. Turning his gaze to a particular corner Illarion made note of the twelve large eggs each slightly bigger than a mans torso. This was one of the most precious items of cargo upon the Marion each worth more than their weight in gold. Given time and the prophets mercy they would hatch. Illarion had to keep his mind off the golden treasures as to not be overcome with excitement.

A cry from the Admiral brought Ilarion back up to the deck. Land was sighted - a coast populated with what looked to be ports and fishing villages. Several hours later Illarion was decked in ceremonial robes with several servants holding gifts ready to present to the ruler of the country. Someone known as a Kage should the volume known as 'Niccolos tongues of the East' be trusted. It was from both this text and several merchant freebooters that Illarion had learned the strange new lands native speak and he hoped what he had picked up would be enough.

The seven ships plowed through the waves and into the  harbor of Kirigakure. Today history was about to be made. A new era was coming to the world.

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Aya had been training all that morning, in the fields just outside the city walls, herself and several of her own students sparred in a flurry of sword on sword combat. The four jounin which surrounded her were beginning to look a little worse for ware, each of them posed with their katana as Aya stood with but changeling, whose handguard had been extended in order to provide a tad more protection than normal. She looked to each of the four, instructing them on their posture, their form, how they should be conducting themselves and how they should attack a surrounded opponent. After she had spoken, the first of the men lunged at her, Aya stepped into him, raising her sword and parrying the man up as she span with the flat of the blade to parry the Jounin which had attacked her from behind a moment after. Catching his blade with her rotation, she delivered a kick to the back of his knee, quick enough to sweep his legs out from under him as the next two jounin were already on top of her. One striking at neck height, the other at knee from the opposite directions. Aya ducked while jumping in place, pivoting in the air with a spinning flip. The jouning twisted their swords, intercepting their movements and cutting up and down not long after their strike. Reacting as fast as she could, Aya twisted her body to line up with the gaps in between their swords, slithering in between them, though only barely before she rounded off her flip to land on her feet. Spinning, with the flat of her sword she struck once, slapping one of the jounin in the neck hard enough to make him recoil in pain, turning to the other as he attempted to strike down. But Aya thrusted her blade out for his neck, leaving him at the tip pointed at his adams apple.

Aya panted... "See... the fastest way to an opponent is in a straight line, overheaded strikes may be used in kendo, but in combat, they are not as practical as a quick thrust... And you!" She said to the Jounin which had not attacked her in that conflict. "Why are you holding back, what's wrong?" The ninja looked at her and shrugged, explaining that he was attempting to look for an opening though he could find none. Aya smiled, shaking her head and laying a hand on his shoulder. Saying that ''sometimes, there wont be an opening, but you can always help to make one, all of these men focused on attack, none of them on defending themselves, step in next time, block my strikes, allow the attackers to attack and you will prove more successful.''

It was at that moment which there was a call from the distance, a member of the ANBU black ops dropped into the area, arriving and landing on one knee before the Mizukage, looking up at her and beginning his report, stating with some certainty that some form of foreign warships had appeared off the coast, seven large black ships bearing a sigil unlike the which they had not seen before. Aya's heart sank, was it possible that those men had an armed force that had arrived? It seemed like the only logical conclusion for what was about to come to pass. So, nodding and looking to the four jounin which were around, she called to them to suit up, and that they would be her entourage. Grabbing her three swords, with her gloves, fuma, mask, cloak, but not wearing her armour, Aya ran with the others at full speed toward the docks, Aya taking a more direct route while the other ninja had to use techniques in order to keep up with her speed. Trees past faster than aya could distinguish them as she ran through another smaller village on the way, charging at her full sprint speed, so fast, that the dust from the road kicked up in a huge dust cloud. It was not long until Aya and her companions came into the open fields with the sea, and the fishing village in sight. The ships were huge, and warlike, but made differently from the ships of the ninja world. Aya was not foreign to large warships, but the layout of these ones seemed different than their own... It was becoming clear that these visitors may not be of the friendly variety.

The large warships docked just as Aya came to the harbour, folding her arms and telling the Jounin to begin a tactical evacuation of the villagers in the area, just in case of any form of attack. The ninja in the area rallied under Aya, responding to the new threat, like cells to an infection, they gathered drawing their weapons as Aya wore her mask on her face, now having three members of the ANBU around her, each of them Jounin rank as she looked up at the ship, and the men which she could see upon it. Instantly coming to the realization that they were not of the same nationality as the man in red, which put Aya immediately at ease... Looking up at the biggest of the ships she called out.

"Ahoy, what business does a fleet of warriors dock at a peaceful fishing village!? Send a representative to pose your case unarmed, or we WILL take this as an aggressive message, comply, and your messenger will be returned unarmed!"

Aya spoke clearly, and sternly through her mask, her strength and resolve acting as a beacon to those around her. She looked up at the sails, and the glimpses of the armored men. Their plate mail seemed like nothing Aya had ever seen, the steel seemed to be patterned, like oil was spread across them, and the design of which seemed more practical than the traditional armour which she and her mother made. Whoever these men were, they were from a society much like their own, the way they communicated with one another, called out, was reminiscent of their own customs, though the words they spoke themselves were different, Aya, not being able to understand their native language. Though, looking closer at the men, though their bodies seemed to be in the peak of physical condition. They seemed to be sluggish, and sick, some of them even beginning to look a little green and Ill. These men more than likely needed medical treatment, and not for a small amount of time. These people could be suffering from something vile... looking to one of the ANBU she told them to call out to some of the medical corps, just in case there was something they needed to do to help.

And once again Aya found herself on the precipice of wanting to help, but also being ready for battle.

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EP: 5



To  the deck of the Marion the woman's words carried over the ocean. Intelligence gathered from mercantile sources stated that the land possessed two sets of rulers. Firstly the Daimyo who acted as would kings holding dominion over small countries and managing affairs of state. Second were the Kage the mysterious shadow figures that inspired respect , fear and even loyalty over the mage-assassins known as ninja.

Illarion looked to the Arch-wizard Kyrillios who had ascended from the cabins to view the shouting figure. An older man hair turned white with a long flowing beard Kyrillos was the very picture of an arch typical magus. Embracing the image fully Kyrillios was bedecked in long voluminous robes embroidered with alchemical and astrological character and shapes.

His eyes turning back to the figure waiting on the now not so distant shore Illarion voiced a question to the elderly magi.

"Magister what measure of power can you sense from the masked maiden hither? Is it possible that  she is some manner of local lord come to meet us or do the people of this land appoint women as their commanders in matters of military import?"

The aged figure ran a hand through his beard wincing as whatever arthritic pains he was subject too were enhanced threefold by the virulent scourge that was vexing the Teutons.

"Judging by the ladies power she most certainly is an accomplished sorceress. I would assume a military bent to her actions given the flavor of her presence in the aether. Were she a normal soldier this continent would have conquered the world long ago and as you know we all serve under his majesty and not some foreign power. Given more favorable circumstances she would still likely match me if not somewhat exceed my abilities."

Illarion wasted no time in replying.

" My thanks magister. From your assessment I would say she is one of the legendary Kage who rule what are referred to as hidden villages. If my understanding of what she said was correct then she wishes to commence negotiations with us. In this matter I think it best that as appointed ambassador I tread the first steps towards building trust."

Though he did not much fancy going unarmed it really made little difference to the situation. With both Kyrillios and the men serving under him caught in the throes of the alien malady their only real weapon should things turn sour was both iron ball and grape shot from the ships many cannons. Not that Illaron had any intention of backstabbing their host - even where this not a diplomatic mission attacking someone under the flag of truce was a disgraceful and cowardly act.

Hearing Illarion's comment to the mage several deckhands traveled to alert the animal handlers that Sir Jhernigan would need a mount with which to bare him to the shore. Within five minutes a pegasus was brought up upon deck its grand feathery wings stretching wide after such a long time cooped up indoors. The beast was a chestnut brown stallion standing seventeen hands tall with a wingspan of thirty feet. Mounting the beasts back Illarion could feel the dense muscle beneath its coat enough to bare both itself and a rider in armor aloft. The beast did not possess the familiarity that the pegasai from his ancestral stables did but it was a fine specimen none the less.

Holding tight the reigns Illarion braced himself as the winged horse began to pick up speed on the deck ready for its ascent into the air above. Leaping past the railing the pegasus soared across the watery expanse and alighted ten score meters away from Ayakashi and her Anbu retinue. Slowly and carefully Illarion swung his leg across the the winged horse. Straightening up Illarion adopted an open posture showing that he meant no threat towards the armed figures. The churning feelings in Illarion's gut had become worse since setting his feet on land but the knight fought with every ounce of control that he could muster to stop himself from doubling over and losing his breakfast onto the beach.

Ignoring the suspicious gaze of the anbu troops Illarion kept his eyes focused on Ayakashi. Coming to around three meters away from the Kage Illarion made a slight bow . Very slowly Illarion began to manifest his Archon Invctus a spectral essence covered in heavy armor. Such a gesture was a tad risky due to the foreigners unfamiliarity with such techniques but the laws of chivalry demanded  that when peacefully meeting with a foreign lord or lady one must manifest their Archon in a display of openness. Mimicking Illarions motion Invictus also inclined his head as a show of respect.

Holding the gesture just long to avoid rudeness but not to a degree that implied subservience to the  exotic liege Illarion lifted his eyes to take the measure of her form. Tall and graceful the warrior woman possessed a mane of striking ice blue hair though a mask covered her features Illarion could discern the hints of beauty beneath. She certainly looked the part of nobility and judging from Kyrillios's statements she had the power to back her status.

Taking a deep breath and ignoring the aching sensation in his lungs Illarion spoke to what he believed to be the Kage of the land he had arrived in.

"Greetings Duchess of the East. I wish to extend the hand of friendship from his Majesty  King Harald the Third of Teuton. This voyage comes not as a herald of war but one of peace and mutual prosperity between our countries. Our ships may be armed but this is merely a precaution for the high seas. Tis vast distance between our land and yours and the sea is a strange and cruel mistress offering as many dangers as it does wonders. "

Reaching into the hem of his ceremonial robes Illarion could feel the color drain from his face as he resisted the urge to dry retch from illness. Instead of give into the horrible pangs Ilarion pressed on.

" If you would allow more of my fellows to make landing we have in our possession several gifts to present as proof of our goodwill. In the meantime I would ask you to inspect this letter from my Sovereign".

Illarion produced from the folds of his robe a cylinder of parchment bound in leather cords and graced with the royal seal pressed deeply into a bed of firm hardened wax.

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Aya Watched in wonder as the massive ships came to shore, by now a lot of the temporary evacuation had been accomplished, and by now, there were enough chuunin, Jounin, special Jounin and ANBU to put up a fight and put these men back to see if they needed to do so, though, it seemed that they had taken on Ayas strong words, and with a single flourish of white and steel, a winged warhorse leaped from the deck of the collossal ship landing on the wharf, buckling the wood underneath it as it landed with its hooves. Aya had never seen or even heard of a creature like that even with all of her study into the myths and legends of her land. The only creature in their culture which came close was the legendary kirin, but even the horned horse of storms or fire was not known to be a winged horse who mastered the skies. The beast was large, chimeric, larger than any of the horses int he ninja world and looking stronger too. Aya pulled from the ranks observing the man to see that he was, as she had said unarmed. It was a good thing that he was, her men and women seemed to be itching for a fight... The country had, had enough problems with foreigners... and not even they knew even the half of it... ... ... Aya Rested her hand on her blade, resting it in its sheath so that she might be able to whip it out should she need to, though, as Aya approached the man to meet him half way, she thought for a moment that, if he was indeed foreign, there was no way that he would be able to understand everything that she had to say, though the ninja world had seen men which seemed to wear similar armour and bear similar likenesses, they had been around for some time... She could only hope that these men had learned from the others.

Ayas final worries were put to rest as they spoke with a common tongue, though his accent and the dialect was vastly different from her own, like an Italian and a Spaniard talking to each other in their own tongues, everything he spoke Ayakashi managed to get a firm bearing on the intent behind, though with how he spoke in some respects, it seemed that he did have a very firm grip on her language. The effort that must have been put into that did not fall on uncaring ears as she listened to him. Though it was when his own chakra stirred and there was the apparition of a beast behind him when the ninja behind Aya began to become unsettled, drawing weapons and moving directly into combat stance, there was a very real chance that there was going to be an attack in a couple of moments, but, Aya somewhat saw through what was trying to be achieved by the demonstration. It was like a warrior bearing his crest to nobility, so that one might distinguish themselves. Aya thought quickly for what might be her own equivalent, though she was not able to summon an external apparition of herself, her mind immediately moved to think of her Himiko technique, and reveal the beast which wrapped around herself, but such was too powerful, she did not like to reveal the nature of the himiko technique unless she absolutely had to. As, not only was it taxing, but, it was also powerful, and could cause harm to the man who stood before her...

then it hit her...

Aya focused on the chakra around her, the natural chakra which rolled across the sea with every wave, which was breathed out between the lips of every living thing, what composed life, nature, and everything else. The tribal lines which covered Aya's body as she moved into sage mode became immediately apparent, the ever so bright fluorescent butterfly wings glittering against the sun as she rose little more than an inch above the ground. Her vibrant hair looking like it was covered in blue fire as she became momentarily radiant with chakra. The lines which covered her body seemed to paint themselves on anything she was touching, including going over the surface of her mask as well as over her face. With her sage mode activated Aya bowed her head, more in acknowledgement and respect than anything else. After holding her sage mode active for a few moments, she followed the knight's que with his archon, Allowing her Sage mode to fade and her foot to touch the ground once again. The man didn't seem very well, but he spoke politely to her, as would a man to her station.

"We here know very well the nature of the sea, and understand your apprehension in crossing it. Just know that when a number of warships boarder our coastline, that it raises alarms... However, as for your fellows, I would prefer it that they stayed upon the ships for the duration of this consultation, you must understand, we've... had trouble with rival nations recently, to the point where it has come to war, and although we were victorious, the people of this country are still very apprehensive and even xenophobic when it comes to those of other natiions. So, until I can conclude an agreement with you that I can address to my men and the people, it would be better for our diplomatic relations for them to remain there. This should not take any more than a few hours, I'm certain. But know, that it puts my mind at peace that you come in the name of peace and prosperity... That is something the people here deeply need."

Aya smiled, and held out her hand to shake,

"My name is Aisu, Solstice Ayakashi. Aisu, is the name of my clan while Solstice is the name I was given, my friends however call me Aya... And I am the Mizukage, or right hand leader of this country next to who we call the Daimyo. But, you'll be dealing MUCH more with me than him... " She hoped... "So Sir, send signal to your men, and perhaps come for a walk with me, I'm sure you have many questions about your country, the food, the resources, the habitat and ecology, skills, techniques, culture, economy. We have a lot to cover to acculturate you into our society. ."

Aya turned on her heel and placed her hands behind her, motioning to her men with a wave of her hand and a look in her eyes to disperse, and that there was no immediate thread, but to also stay around and keep an eye on the ships. The ANBU knew the deal, and directed the other ninja to do so, many of them leaping off into the shadows and in point where they would be able to observe for the next little while. Aya was thinking about where to put these men if they needed to, likely they would need to supply a sort of camp near here, to the side of one of the villages, where they would be able to get their sea legs, medical attention and begin to branch out into the greater surrounding area. Aya waited and listened to what he had to say, she was sure that the two of them would reach a moral understanding, though, Aya did not remove her mask, she did not want the foreigner to be able to read the emotion in her voice, or in her face, and see her as anything other than her title for the moment. Aya's title made her stronger than her face portrayed... and she needed that.


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EP: 5



The form that the display of power took was unexpected. Illarion had known that Ayakashi was a formidable sorceress but the that she was also a druidess came as a shock. The radiant wings had taken the aspect of the butterfly levitating the lady above the wooden planks. As far as gestures went it was both subtle yet powerful. The lay energies of the earth were difficult to control and those who overstepped risked petrification sure as a gorgons stare. Instead of rending a hole in a mountain or freezing vast swathes of ocean water solid Solstice had instead displayed a surgeons precision to using the arts of magic and Illarion was impressed.

Her fellows meanwhile acted with ill disguised distrust casting disapproving glares and sidelong glances. There was certainly a hierarchy at play here with some ninja having donned masks depicting various animals - beast, fish and birds. Perhaps this denoted connection to the Kage in some way considering that she herself had still not made any effort at removing her mask in Illarions presence. In Teuton this was seen as either a sign of deformity (The wearing wishing to hide their shame) or cowardice (those who wished to commit crimes) and was considered different from the act of donning a helmet. However Illarion did not believe that the Kage was either. It was certainly possible that the woman had been injured in battle but given her status she could easily command one of the healers under her control to remove all evidence of the wound.

Hearing the Kages first statement Illarion nodded his head slowly mulling over the facts that had been presented to him. The second statement filled in some of the gaps however and he composed himself thinking about his words before replying. The comment regarding the Daimyo was interesting - those in Teuton who had studied what knowledge of the Eastern country was available from books were still unclear exactly where the authority of the Daimyo ended and that of the Kage began. Some had suggested they operated like church and crown with the Kage taking the position of Archbishop based on their mastery over magic as would a member of the clergy. Illarion was not so sure about this as the Kage seemed more a military position than a holy one.

Reaching out for the Kages offered hand Illarin went to one knee and kissed  the back of Solstices palm in a way proper when a lady of noble blood extended her grip.

"I shall signal to the men waiting offshore that we have been met with a hospitable and timely welcome but that for the moment they should remain adrift."

Illarion manifested his Archon in the air above the pairs head. With its hands it directed a complex series of gestures similar to the language of flags which were in turn met with another manifestations reply from the boat. The admiral had acknowledged that things were going smoothly and he would wait with his men for the next signal and subsequent instructions.

Dismissing his Archon's terrestrial form Illarion turned his attention back to Ayakashi.

"Indeed I hear that your country has been somewhat of a lode stone for political strife. Though that seems to be the way of the world these days. I will not pretend that our own nation is free of strife and turmoil and that peace is a balm well sort after. If my scholarly sources are to be believed then in the ancient times the land you refer to as Kumogakure was in fact conquered by a Nubian force which eventually integrated into the land and adopted its customs as their own. Were our own Moorish foes so quick to mesh with our faith and traditions then much blood could have saved from the ever thirsting sands."

These last words spoken with a tone that mixed both sadness and determination that spoke of a will willing to move the heavens and earth in order to carry out what was right. There were old scars here. Ones that went deeper than any personal event or tragedy but rather woven in the very fabric of the mans heritage and soul. The crucible that had led to this mans identity was an odd one  valuing peace and yet wielding the sword of Damocles in a strong hand.

"By the prophets grace we should talk of less grim matters. I have heard tales that people in your lands bare a great many variations in both ability and even form. This seemed somewhat fanciful to my hearing for while I have seen that men in my country possess a great many variations in Archon forms - that is the manifestation that I produced earlier as well as various sorcerous  powers I hear that some in your land are born as both giants and wolf men and yet are not considered either Fey nor victims of lycantrophy..."

Illarions stopped for a second realizing that he had unconsciously slipped back into speaking Teuton. He was not sure if the East had concepts such as this nor if they did would they be anything like what he had experienced back in his own land.

"Perhaps my questioning extends the boundaries of my current mastery over your tongue. In hopes of keeping things simple for my inexperienced self I should be happy to hear about whatever you can tell me about your fair land and its inhabitants.”

This seemed the most prudent move for two reasons. One – it was true that Illarion's grip over the language of the East was still not brilliant and the discussion of more complicated topics could wait until later. Two was that Illarion did not wish to appear demanding or overly aggressive in his questioning and thus it would be good to simply let the mizukage divulge whatever information she saw fit and thus let some of the fears of her comrades be assuaged. A small gesture but one that would hopefully serve to smooth the process of negotiation between the pair.

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As the man knelt before her and took her hand, pressing the signet ring of the Mizukage to his lips and raising, Aya froze stiff not knowing what to do, what she had intended to be a firm, strong, warriors grip had instead been stolen by something almost romantic, and Aya in that single precise enigmatic moment, was damn glad she was wearing her mask, least she look like a tomato as her cheeks flushed red, definitely not used to those around her acting so formally... Aya had once thought the culture shock from talking with ninja from Iwa was bad, but it seemed those who came from across the sea had strange customs indeed. The ninja who still lingered behind her at this time began to whisper and point as they noticed that the Mizukage had gone rigid at the touch of the foreigner's lips. Gripping one of her throwing kunai, she hurled the dagger in one of their directions, narrowly missing their forehead as he fell backwards. The message Aya painted in her embarrassment was crystal clear to the other ninja, who ran away instantly in fear for their lives, least they have a Berserking Mizukage attempting to rampage after them. Sighing, she tried to collect herself again after her braking of emotional poise. moving her hands to the sides of her mask and unhooking the clasps, slipping the mask off her head and moving it down to her hip, clipping it to her belt over the top of one of her weapons' guards. At this point it would certainly show that Aya was not battle scarred, but rather pristine alabaster skin hid beneath the mask, aside from the ornate eye-patch which covered her left eye.

Her hair was finally released from being pinned at the back of her head, finally free to blow in the wind as she ran her gauntleted fingers through her long strands, allowing them to flex. The relief to Aya was instant, allowing her to sigh in a sudden relief, her glimmering sapphire eyes finally taking in the world around her through her pure vision, rather than the clear crystal which was the gap in her clad mask, looking at the knight without her mask on, she was able to better take in his physical form. The Teuton clan member, was physically a monster of a man, well formed muscles covered his body, though were he not almost trembling from the melody in his veins, he might have looked a little more imposing...

"I apologize for their behavior... "

Aya said dusting herself off and beginning to take a stroll away from the ports.

"I can't tell you much about the rest of our continent other than it is split into five nations of power. Each of the land is owned by a Daimyo, but, often run by the Kage's of their respective country. Though, the Daimyo commands the Samurai which composes each countries' army, while us Kage command the ninja, like you saw a moment ago... Each country between this one, water country, then fire country, wind country, lightning country and earth country each have their capitol city, which is usually where us Kage reside and are the hubs of commerce in each country, the countrymen of, can be identified by small symbols etched onto a steel headband many ninja wear, like this one, note the wave patterns for the land of water... .. ... The Capitol here however is called Kirigakure, in which, i would be happy to take you for a tour of at some point...

Water country, or Mizu no Kuni, Is one of the strongest countries in our world at the moment, we have the strongest army, fine trade, strong materials, expert craftsmen, and even an almost self sustaining agriculture industry from the farmers. Though the islands around here are mostly tropical, and we get a lot of rain, hence, Water country. Water based fruits and vegetables grow very well here, while, vegetables and fruits prone to drowning or being water logged, do not.

I don't think I will go in depth about the techniques of my countrymen, because, I am sure that you will eventually find out for yourself, and well, I don't want to ruin all of the adventure for you and your men. However, I have noticed that you don't seem to be feeling so well, and the men on the ships, were looking an interesting shade of green... after we've arranged our terms here, would you like me to send physicians to your men, in order to give them medical aid? "

Aya continued, a little concerned about the health of her guests... she hoped that they did not have some kind of pox which would spread, though, more likely than not they were not used to the tropical nature of the islands, Aya had heard tales of ninja from some countries who adapted very poorly to certain countries, Iwa and Suna being the two largest of them all, due to the heat of Suna and the thin air of the mountains in which each country prided in using as their own defensive shield to stave off the attacks of other nations. While kiri used the sea itself as a defense forcing any country that wanted to accost them to have to sail for an extensive amount of time, requiring a fleet in order to just reach them, and even then they had to be successful at reaching their country, attacking from seal always placed one at a disadvantage.

"Though, what this country is known internationally for, is its mercinary ninja. Highly trained highly skilled masked fighters who we allow other countries to employ for a plethora of missions. It generates a lot of revenue for the country than you would think, and in many ways, helps other countries become more stable by helping police their more dangerous criminals... Feel free to ask any more questions. that you may have."

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EP: 5



Illarion began to stroll with Ayakashi keeping pace with her giving the appearance of little more than a pair of old friends or confidants out for a pleasant diversion by the sea.

Ayakashi's actions had thrown Illarion for a six. Eloquent , beautiful and seemingly competent yet also  it seemed quick to take offense and ready to mete out punishment to her subordinates at a moments notice. For a second Illarion wondered if the eye patch too was merely there as an accessory and behind it she had a pristine orb clear of all impurities. There were even tales that the people in the east manifested what was known as the evil eye. The Mizukage was versed in both sorcery and druidry so possessing the power of a witch would not be out of the question. Were she born in Teuton she could easily have been awarded the title of Dame of the Realm or even Arch Magus able to sit upon the council.

Instead she was a ruler of mercenaries and assassins. The confirmation was there in her words. Illarion was not exactly thrilled with the prospect of having to eke out a contract as much as he had come to respect the resplendent ruler. His king had tasked him with ordering an assassination and so he may as well put his cards on the table. The games of backstabbing and treacherous politics that were played in court were anathema to Illarion and as far as he was concerned it was best to make his intentions clear.

Clearing his throat Illarion replied to the Mizukage.

"Lady do not feel the need to apologize for your subordinates. I am a stranger in a strange land and thus my customs may also appear bizarre to those who reside here. Pray rather I ask you to forgive me for any unfortunate slight made in my ignorance. I also beg your pardon for not further explaining the cause of my slight infirmity.

Those chirurgeons and apothecaries that we have on board suggest that the illness is born of a natural reaction to the aether which permeates this land. Instead of being a parasite or virus that resides in the blood it is closer to the reaction that some unfortunates have when coming into contact with substances such as milk , barley or bee venom. What I do not know is if the effect is merely temporary or if residing in your fair country over an extended period would be inadvisable. I fear that the only answer to this comes with time and thus if you will permit my fellows and I to make our stay somewhat of an extended one we shall glean the truth of the matter. That said I know very little about the medicine of the East and thus one of your physicians may indeed have some method to help ease us into this new state."

The offer was a welcome one and though Illarion was somewhat embarrassed at the state of his crew it would be much kinder to those with less hardy constitutions to accept the Kages assistance. There were several questions brought up by the malady however. If the aether here was different from that back in Teuton where was its source and why were the Teutons able to wield it at all?  Though manifestation of Archons was like most things in this land a painful experience (far from the almost casual use common in Teuton itself) but certainly achievable as Illarion had displayed on the pier.

With a low sigh Illairon launched into the explanation for his arrival.

"While everything I have said is certainly true there is also one other reason for our arrival. You said that your country does a brisk and high quality trade in mercenary business. Our nation has had much experience with mercenaries ranging from elite Landsknecht's to common sell swords. We have come across a matter that requires certain specializations. I speak of course of the art of the assassin. While we have had experience first hand with the Moorish cult of Hashasheen the enigmatic killers that follow the order of the old man of the mountain those who would take up the trade in our fair domain tend to be far less skilled lacking in the subtlety or arcane training required to truly master the art of murder."

There was only a hint of change in Illarions expression. Those who were not either supremely perceptive or had known him for years would miss the slight flicker in his eyes or the lines that seemed to harden on his face. This was a point of inner turmoil for the knight. Assassins were against the law of chivalry and to stab one in the back or while they slept sat poorly with the warrior to say the least.

"It is under these circumstances that we come to seek out your aid lady Mizukage. Teuton and her surrounding kingdoms are a large place and what with a mass call to arms that I expect will come in the future should certain actions be taken. We have encountered an empire as vast and ancient as our own who are deeply ingrained with a desire to conquer and subjugate other territories. My people are loathe to accept the yoke of foreign rule placed upon them by faceless bureaucrats and dignitaries lurking in their shadowed palaces and pagodas across the ocean. If fate is allowed to continue down this path then there shall be a war between my people and theirs greater than even the largest crusade into the deserts.

The gift of dominion over our Archons can be used to bring forth massive swathes of destruction and knights and mages of the high caliber can easily use their projection to level towns and create leagues of destruction in all directions. The latest in alchemical automatons , black powder weapons and golems will be used along with war beasts such as manticore , hydra and wyvens. The enemy also possesses their own strange variant of sorcery as well as a score of combat inventions and beasts the likes of which we have never seen before. The death toll will be near uncountable and both crows and vultures will feast like never before. 

That is why I come before you today lady. Our political intelligence states that there are various elements driving the foreign emperor to act in such a manner. Where these removed from the picture there would be a much higher chance of resolving the issue without the terrible toll on human life. Under the request of his majesty the King of Teuton I wish to hire the services of your men to extinguish the lives of of five of the eunuch-ministers of the Empire of Jade."

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Aya stretched skyward as they walked, interweaving her fingers as she rose up high, feeling the individual tight strands of her muscles tightened, tensing strongly until she finally relaxed them, allowing her arms to fall limp to her sides. It seemed to her the meeting was going well... but she could not shake the thought that these men would at some poing be bought into the conflict between her and the nation which she had been fighting. The vassals of the Daimyo too were from a foreign nation, and she didn't like the thought of having to pit one nation against the other, considering that the egregious condition these men seemed to be in, was something she had not seen for an age, but, as Illarion began to speek and say a little about what his doctors had mentioned, she could begin to hypothesize more specifically why they would be feeling as sick as they were. Though Aya was no great medicine person, she had a finer knowledge about the environment through her own senjutsu training. Activating the smallest part of her own sage mode, she was able to deduce indeed that the hue of the senjutsu within this man was somewhat at odds with the chakra around him, it was an oddity to be sure, perhaps chakra worked differently across the sea, or perhaps it was more likely that the natural world and the environment over there was so different over thousands of years that the Teuton clan were almost a completely different genus of human being. It was no wonder that they were having issues acclimatizing to the ninja world, when, in more than one sense, they were not meant ot be a part of this world.... Listening to the westerner, she surmised most of the words that he spoke, it was not hard to determine that aether was in some sense their word for magic, or power, she simply had a feeling that it was the case, it seemed like a magical word to Aya, and deliberating the sentence, its what seemed to make the most sense, it was either that, or he was talking about some sort of home-sickness or something in the air...

In the ninja world we call magic Jutsu, when it comes to the nature of specific techniques, though, to use them, we draw upon the power of the chakras, or energy. Yin chakra, which is the chakra of the soul in every living being, it is the power in nothing, the void, while yang chakra, is the chakra of the living form, of the body. Finally, there is Nature chakra, which is the chakra of neither, but the ambient chakra of the world itself, which sages like myself make use of, it is a dangerous chakra, it is volatile and difficult to control and master, and although it too lies within all living things, it is not something that a person can mold into any meaningful amount without extensive training. And even within the training you risk turning yourself to stone... But yes, you need not worry, I will not hold your customs against you or your people, our land and our nature allows us to me holistic when it comes to learning the ways of others, but of course, and I believe that it goes without saying, we will respect your customs, and en-devour to learn more about your ways, if you do the same for our own, and abide by our laws... Which, are not in the many, do not strike at, kill or steal unless in self defense or in defense of another... though there are sanctions and those who hunt criminals, in which these laws abide and accommodate exceptions for. In this land, criminals loose their rights and protections, it is as simple as that. Other than that, if you make your own way, and don't needlessly burden others, you will be happy here. The only other large law, is that it is criminal to use large destructive techniques in populated areas or to destroy resources.

Aya spoke lightly, telling him more about the specific laws and facets of the countries speech as she walked, hoping to enlighten him further when it came to the culture of the way of waves. Her people were often kind, and this was one of the first chances she had to paint the light of the land, not as the village of the bloody mist, and instead as a country which though stern, and sometimes could come off as heartless, was grounded in justice and equality. To Aya, she desperately hoped that was what she had made this country as seldom she would lay awake at night and dwell on whether she had succeeded in what she had set out to do. Though as he began to talk of the business venture between their two nations, Aya became interested, so it seemed that the rumour of the hunter ninja of this land had reached so far that the far away lands could have heard about their ways? Or was their news more of the ninja world on a whole, as many countries still had their ANBU, but rather the hunter ninja were simply the best of them. Kirigakure's ninja were among the best in the world, and that was something Aya was proud to admit, as they had worked hard for it, she had been sending her ninja on enough missions that Kiri had become a veritable fortress nation, with large walls surrounding its villages keeping them safe from harm as their blacksmiths were always stocked with high quality iron and steel for making their tools. The medical ninja were always well supplied and missing ninja were normally at an all time low.

"Forgive me..." Aya began, making an observation of the sick knights' demeanor. "But you do not seem like the kind of man who would approve of the hiring of assassins, and while I could assure you that the hunter ninja of this country are among the greatest ANBU in the world, you stand tall, and speak with pride, the armour and large steel blocking devices tell of a people who like to fight their opponents head on in a much more noble sense of battle. So, why would you want to stoop to something like the cloak and dagger? I'm sure a nation like yours could use tactics and intelligence to fell this empire of Jade... though should you wish to hire our ninja, something so high priority would be very profitable for our country, so, of course I would accept your offer, though, let's not talk about business right now, I don't think in yours, and your other people's current conditions you will be ready for anything. I will send my best medical minds your way so to help you get back in your right state of body. Your lengthy stay has been accepted, and we will extend the wing of our protection to your camp when you decide to make it with the help of whatever craftsmen we can spare. So, consider your stay accepted. You might want to go back and tell your people the news, while I do the same to mine."

This time, turning, Aya would hold out her hand, but instead move it forward and grab the man just shy of his elbow, in such a way that he would do the same to her, if not on simple reflex. There she would hold the grip and meet his gaze, and nod, smiling she would then let go, showing him their traditional greeting and show of respect. The grip would be firm, and solid, not wavering as she held it tight. So as Aya walked away she would tell him that if ever he would need her, he would be able to send a message to her office, and she would reply, or, if he wanted to meet her in person, that the south road would take him directly to the capitol after little more than two days travel, less if he were to move by horse. And so Aya left, nodding to the nearby ANBU looking over them that they were able to relay the instructions and the verdict she had come to, and spread it to those it involved. Finally with a single leap she would be gone, kicking off and darting into the trees at full speed not to be seen again by the knight this day.

It wasn't till halfway back to the land of the Kirigakure no Sato, that as Aya ran, she noticed a flicker in the trees before her, like the glimmer of a giant spider's web catching the rays of the sun. But it was too late for Aya to turn, clutching her arms to her chest she span, activating a defensive rotation jutsu just before she met the web of wires, which, as she pulled at them, cut through the trees rather than Aya like they were nothing, leaving perfect long cut lines through them as if the trees were cut with the sharpest of blades. Breaking through them, Aya looked around, looking at the wires on the ground. Something was desperately wrong... These weapons were powerful... Seconds later form the darkness of the area dozens of small shuriken like pinwheels began to storm out from the brush, some aiming for Aya, others just seeming to be aimed around her. Diving back and spinning in mid air, Aya vaulted back, over and around the spinning blades as the soared past her before diving to a side, realizing all too soon that it was these pinwheels which each had the strings attached to them. The wall which had been made by those which were thrown, flew to a side in order to catch Aya off guard. Jumping high, barely missing the wave of razor sharp wires which diced the trees behind her again, Aya very soon realized that it seemed she had fallen into another trap, as a web of wires awaited her descent. There was a burst of chakra from her feet, throwing her to a side as she unsheathed her own fuma shuriken and enhancing it with fuuton so that it would return, Hurling it with all her strength into the darkness and at her assailant.

Watching a figure dart from the location, throwing more of her lethal pinwheels, Aya drew changeleing, quickly turning it into a bow and taking aim with five arrows in hand. Ducking and rolling over the wires in her way and the pinwheels coming toward her, Aya fired arrows into the darkness. One after the other they hit nothing, occasionally slamming into the pinwheels which Aya would not be able to dodge, knocking them aside as she continued to enter this ranged war with her enemy. Twenty arrows loosed in moments as it seemed her Fuma shuriken finally came back, catching the person she was fighting by surprise. Aya dived as the black figure ducked, barely in time, throwing a spread of ten wheels for Aya's legs. Jumping, Aya caught her Fuma shuriken, allowing its speed and spin cycle to throw her out of harms away, as Aya separated the Fuma into its four blades, throwing them back at her enemy one after the other in a single four way spread. All aya could see was the shadow disappear as the Fuuma shots smashed into a tree where the girl once was. Panting, Aya walked up to collect the arrows and the pieced of her much larger throwing weapon, when all she could see in her place was footsteps. The assailant was gone without a trace, obviously leaving because she did not have the upper hand, having failed her trap set up, but nowhere near having lost the fight...

These assassins were getting dangerous, and Aya needed to up her game... so she went home, un-attacked. Hoping tomorrow would be a better day...

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Arrival of the black ships. (Open/Training/No Kill) HiitsmeBaobhan

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EP: 5

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