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Strafe Aisu


Strafe didn't really know what to think of the past few days. He had successfully returned to Kirigakure, but not without a battle that he would never forget. Solstice was a truly scary girl when she was angry. The blue haired man walked calmly towards the docks, making sure to stay alert as he did so. Momaru wasn't with him today, he let him have the day off after such an intense battle. His wore his usual blue clothing with white accents. An Aisu symbol boldly took a large portion of the back of his shirt. His staff sat snugly on his back and his deep blue hair swayed in the gentle breeze that blew through the sands of the beach. The ships in front of him were like nothing he had ever seen before. They were huge and built out of solid wood. Huge masts and sails were tied up and people moved along it's deck. He didn't really know what to think of the people that were visiting, as he had not met them personally. From what Solstice said, their customs and dialect were quite different from his own, but they were not hostile. This didn't mean Strafe would just trust them, but he knew he could trust his cousin's judgement.

As he walk the main pier of the docks, he approached the largest ship of the fleet. It was magnificently crafted and and well taken care of by the looks of it. he stopped at the ramp leading up to the ship, making sure to be as polite as possible. Insulting them could end up bringing war to Kirigakure and that was the last thing Strafe desired. Two men noticed the young ninja and approached him with curious expressions. Strafe bowed respectfully and smiled as he spoke. "Hello, My name is Aisu, Strafe Aisu. Lord Solstice has sent me to heal your people of this illness. May I speak to your leader?" He spoke with a tone that showed respect and confidence at the same time. The two men nodded in response and turned to lead him to up the ramp, and Strafe followed. The people of this nation wore strange clothing and had a different aesthetic about their features, but seemed to have the same anatomy as the people of Kirigakure. He just hoped that Jutsu and Chakra effected them the same.

Once they were on board, the men led him to a cabin that was furnished with a round wooden table and chairs that matched. The inside dawned decorations that were strange to Strafe, but he did not show it. "Please have a seat, He will be with you shortly." The man on the right spoke with a respectful tone, which put Strafe at ease a little. "Thank you!" Strafe nodded his head in respect and the two left. He sat patiently as he awaited the entrance of the man named Illarion. Being a Sannin and Seven Swordsmen again meant that he represented Kirigakure with his every move, so he had to be gentle and efficient with his jutsu. He wasn't worried about that though. If there was one things Strafe was confident in, it was his ability to heal. Now it was just a matter of waiting.

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"Sir Jernigan the Eastern physician has arrived on board. We have informed him that you shall be meeting with him presently"

Illarion had been sitting at the desk within his cabin aboard the Marion scratching out a letter detailing his current dealings with the country of mist and water. Rising he nodded to the manservant who had just spoken and noticed the slight greenish tint to his complexion. Normally one might attribute it to seasickness but as this man was by trade a sailor that was highly unlikely. Rather it was a manifestation of the ailment that was afflicting them all.  Standing to his full height of seven feet and working the kinks out of his all to stiff joints he stepped over the threshold of his cabin and out into the ships halls. 

Lanterns light lit the corridors where there were no windows but otherwise every available hatch had been opened to let both fresh air and the welcome kiss of the sun fill the boat. On deck horses , unicorns and pegasai were lead onto the jetty where they might exercise after being cooped up for months. Illarion would dearly love to have been there with them. A good ride through either the streets or the skies upon a beast that was feeling the joys of unrestricted movement would be heavenly. 

That was for another time however and in his current state he was just as likely to keel over and become violently ill as to ride majestically. Banishing the thoughts Illarion stepped into the cabin  where the physician sat upon one of the chairs that had been provided. 

Illarion judged that were he to stand up to his full height the healer would be slightly over six feet tall. Large by this lands standards he cut a handsome profile with a strong jaw line and fine features. It was not surprising that the Aisu were considered the royalty of this land given their noble appearance and potent reserves of power. The resemblance to his cousin Ayakashi could also be seen in his almost aqua colored hair. Illarion made a small bow by way of greeting.

"Duke Aisu welcome aboard the good ship Marion. My name is as you have probably already been informed: Illarion Jernigan - knight of the kingdom of Teuton. Your fellows speak highly of your skill in the healing arts and assure me that if anyone is capable of understanding the plague that vexes us it is you. Our own apothecaries state that it is something to do with the our bodies attempting to use the aether of this land which I believe your people refer to as chakra. Fascinating and outlandish as the idea may be I have come to suspect that we receive our magic from a different source and thus when we are exposed to the native essence of this land our bodies have a somewhat difficult time processing it."

Illarion's muscles tightened and with some small measure of strain he exerted his will on the ambient energies within himself. It was a far cry from the graceful and seemingly effortless process that he would have been able to preform in his homeland but Illarion's Archon did indeed manifest hovering behind the knights shoulder.

The apparition appeared as a large armored figure heavy plates obscuring its entire body save for its eyes which glowed phosphorescent yellow in the cabins. Its right hand seemed too large for its body and was if possible even more armored than the rest of its form. It hung suspended in the air waiting for a mental command from its master. None was to come however as this display was only to show Strafe that Illarion was capable of using chakra albeit weakly.

"The fact that I am able to achieve a manifestation - humble as it may be raises some hope in me that we can in fact adapt to this land. I would be quite interested to hear your thoughts on the matter Duke Aisu."

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Strafe Aisu


It didn't take long for the man named Illarion to enter the room. He was wearing armor that was strange to what ninja's were accustomed to. He stood with confidence and spoke with an odd sense of respect for Solstice and himself. He could also see the potential for combat in this man. He seemed to have the utmost self respect and expected it out of others. Strafe was just happy he was as polite as Solstice had mentioned. After entering, the man called Illarion Jernigan started to speak. He mentioned the name of the ship before talking immediately about the assumed source of this sickness, and he was probably right. Thier charka network could never have been used up to this point. It could be similar to a muscle that needs to build strength through the use of it after being inactive.

The man then showed Strafe exactly what he spoke of. his muscle contracted and he obvious had to concentrate to do the unique technique that followed. A large armored spirit rose into the air behind him. The aura of the ability was similar to the rays of the sun with it's yellow beams. He then asked for Strafe's opinion, which was fine. Strafe had a pretty good idea as to what the problem could be and only needed a simple jutsu to help them. "Welcome to Kirigakure, Illarion Jernigan. I'm Strafe Aisu, Sannin and Seven Swordsmen of this village. I'm the leader in the medical aspects of our village, so I am more than happy to assist you and your men." He spoke respectfully and kept a friendly expression towards the man. Despite his calm appearance, the apparition behind the man made him a little nervous, as he didn't know it's capabilities. However, he was more than capable of protecting himself.

"As for your illness, I have a good hunch as to what it is. The charka that we use comes from our body. That system is called the Chakra Network. There are points in this network that control chakra called Chakra Points. My theory is that the network is a similar to an animal or baby trying to walk for the first time. You do not have to use those aspects of your body in your land, so your body has to adjust to using it. The network is connect to your entire body and all the major organs and systems that run through it. Because your body is having to adjust to it, it's taking a lot out of your body and weakening your otherwise resistance to the sea and climate of this land."

He stopped speaking for a second just to let the information sink in. Strafe could use a pretty simple spell to heal this. Some rest wouldn't hurt them either, from the looks of it. "I can do a simple healing technique to see if this is the source of the issue, if you like. Just let me know when you are ready and I will start." He stood up and performed a half-tiger hand sign. Instantly a Green glow surrounded him, which was just simple medical chakra flowing through his body. "This is the technique I will be using. To transfer it to you, all I need to do is simply make physical contact to transfer it over to you. It should heal you completely of all the illness you are facing, though some rest would probably be good afterwards." He said with a smile. He would simply wait for the man's permission before continuing. He didn't want to just walk up to him, as it could be taken as a threat. Better to be safe than sorry in this situation.

Strafe Chakra:
Name: Healing Aura: Longevity (Reiki no Saiki: Enmei ~ 治癒霊気・延命)
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: B
Type: Supplementary
Element: None
Range: Short-range
Specialty: Medical Ninjutsu
Duration: 3 posts (-10 chakra per post)
Cooldown: 8 posts
Description: Requires a half-tiger seal. The user converts a moderate portion of their chakra to medical chakra, which channels throughout their body and heals any moderate wounds, such as 2nd degree burns, cuts of 3 inches and under, bruises, muscle and bone wounds that exist at the time of the technique's activation or any that may be suffered in the duration afterwards. During this time, the user will have a noticeably strong green-tinted aura around them. In addition, users may transfer the allocated chakra to an ally through physical touch in order to replicate the same effect, though it requires an extra 10 chakra to do so.

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Illarion was not one to question a doctor in his assessments. After all Strafe had clearly had much experience in dealing with such matters. Illarion suspected that even though Strafe may not have seen any condition such as his before he knew exactly what a native of this lands 'chakra' system should look like and thus could probably make any slight alterations needed to more fully utilize the foreign flavor of magic. 

Removing his overcoat Illarion bared his arm to the physician so that he could make the proper motions. The sensation of the invocation across his body was odd to say the least. It was if his form was a vast waterworks filled with varying currents that flowed and ebbed with varying degrees of urgency. Sluice gates controlled the passage and intensity of these streams and what Strafe had done was in essence given his body orders to change the layout of open gates. Illarion didn't feel immediately relived of his discomfort or his fatigue but if his suspicion was correct the way that the foreign aether known as chakra would now slowly come to circulate without any impediment or blockage. Given some time the discomfort and feeling of illness circulating through his organs would fade allowing him much more freedom when it came to the various physical pursuits he wished to attempt within the land of water. 

“Duke Aisu it seems that your grasp of medicine has been a great boon to me upon this day. Prophet willing I shall be hale and hearty before too much time has passed. This 'chakra' that powers your workings is at once so similar and yet different to the magic of our land it poses all manner of questions about the world that we live in. Mayhap with your medical expertise we shall come one step closer to an understanding of the lands without and the kingdoms that are our own bodies.”

Illarion paused for a moment. His hand went to his chin and he stroked his goatee in a manner indicating thoughtfulness. The healing provided by Strafe had been both the hand of goodwill extended to a foreigner and a boon between individuals. Courtesy dictated that Illarion should return the gesture with one of his own. Strafe was clearly a man of learning and the best sort of gift to give someone such as that was the gift of knowledge. 

Reaching into his pocket Illarions hand fastened around a large brass key. Bringing it into the ships light he held it up so that Strafe would be able to get a good look at it. About six inches in length and giving a dull glean that did not reflect sunlight the object was archaic to say the least.  Engraved with runes along its hilt and with strange curling teeth protruding from its end the craftsman was either long dead or a student of some other ages design philosophies. 

Illarion began to speak again. 

“On this ship there are two spaces used for the keeping of beasts. One is the stables below where  the horses , unicorns , dogs and pegasai are kept. Access to the stables is free and anyone wishing to spend some time with the animals can do so as long as they do not disturb the beasts or make a nuisance of themselves.  However there is another chamber deeper within the recesses of the ship of which the vast majority of the crew know nothing about. It is here that several of the high council of mages have ordered us to transport some more, outlandish entities to your country.“

Illarion stepped into the hall of the Marion motioning for Strafe to follow after him. This was perhaps a more unorthodox form of thanks but Illarion was sure that Strafe would find it interesting. If the captain had any problems with the knights discretion in the matter he could take it up with him later. 

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Strafe Aisu


Removing some clothing, the man allowed Strafe to touch him, completing the transfer of the emerald green glow. The man's body lit up like a candle as the chakra flowed through him, healing any wounds along with helping with his current problem. It was times like this when Strafe was more than happy with the path that he chose. Healing the sick and saving comrades is what made his job as a medic worthwhile. Knowing how these people worked, they wouldn't soon forget the kindness that Kirigakure and Strafe was showing them. It wasn't everyday that Kiri opened it's village up to foreigners, especially when they are as mysterious as these. The only thought that raced through his mind was hope that the village's welcome wouldn't come back to haunt them. That could have been just the experiences of the past talking, but it was a possibility none the less. Strafe never moved his eyes from the man, watching to make sure nothing went wrong. There was a small chance that their bodies wouldn't react to jutsu in a positive way. However, as time went on, it was clear this was not the case.

As soon as the jutsu had completed it's course, the man spoke with thanks. The way he spoke seemed extremely formal to Strafe's ears, but it could just be his ignorance of Illarion's culture. Strafe smiled politely at the man, glad that his kindness wasn't a facade, but genuine in the way he moved and spoke. He would probably need to test a few jutsu that took a little less chakra, but that was fine. He would do that once his meeting with the foreign leader was finished. He was quite correct about one thing, the relationship between Kirigakure and these people would lead to knowledge about both sides that did not previously have. Strafe's expression changed to one of curiosity as the man reached in his pocket to pull out a key. For Illarion to have it, it was most likely of utmost importance. It's appearance was unique, almost having an ancient look about it. The strange symbols along the base and the odd protruding spikes at the end made Strafe that much more curious.

The knight then spoke, making Strafe realize what he was doing.  It was a simple repayment for the work that Strafe had done and will do.  The man spoke of the creatures that were kept on the ships deck, which the Sannin had noticed on his way in. He also spoke of another chamber that resided deep inside the ship. The idea that more wonderous beasts made Strafe curious and a bit nervous. To have such creatures on the border of the village did not sit well with him, but he would hold judgement until he saw them. The man obviously held this information in high regard, which meant Strafe couldn't go around talking about it. Solstice would be hearing about it though, as it was part of the Sannin's job as a ninja. Illarion stepped into the hall, motioning for Strafe to follow. The young man followed, making sure to take in the sights of the ship around him. He was in for a treat, or so he hoped.

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