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1 Practice makes perfect! on Sat Mar 10, 2012 3:15 am


*Is this what you'd expect if we were to learn a new jutsu or elemental training? Except with the right amount of words.

After his spar with the Hokage, Seme realized before being placed on a squad he needs some type of advantage so he asked his father to teach him some basic element ninjutsu to which his father agreed on the condition his mother doesn't find out. After hours of learning he got the basics of the two similar Justus, Earth Release: Mud Shot Technique and Fire Release: Flare Shot Technique. The mud shot technique he learned quickly but it took him awhile to learn. But he eventually got it. He wanted to learn a Jutsi his father mentioned as being a combination of the two techniques but he said to wait until you become a Chunin and I'll teach you it...

Now he's in the forest to perfect these techniques along with a clever trick he remembered hearing about: Shadow Shuriken Technique. He started with the Shadow Shuriken Technique and to his surprise he grasped it quickly, he had repeated it several times until he made sure he could do it repeatedly. Sooner or later this technique could come in handy if he could devise a strategy for it. Seme sat down and rested before practicing the other two techniques he had learned....He awoke a hour or so later and hopped to his feet. I think I'll train with the Mud Shot jutsu seeing as it won't burn down the forest and if I'm accurate with one, I'll be just as accurate with the other... Seme carefully placed several targets around the immediate area of the forest and stood in the epicenter of them, he studies there locations from his position carefully and suddenly springs into the air! He performs the hand seals necessary and begins firing the shots of mud towards the targets. He manages to hit 4 out of 5 targets with the mud shots, unfortunately only the first 2 of those 4 were direct hits. While still being in the air he pulls out to shuriken and flings them at the missed target, a practice he was getting into so that even if the jutsu missed he would still either A.) Use it as a distraction for the shuriken or B.) Use the shuriken to prevent a counter-attack while he was in the air. He planted his feet into the ground and immediately sprung into the air again, once again performing the hand seal and then firing the mud shots at the desired targets, this time he managed 3 direct hits but also only made 3 shots out of the 5.

He immediately, once again went to jump, but couldn't and had to rest for a moment as he was burning chakra too quickly. He once again rested for a hour or so, seeing as he has no squad and is out of the Academy he has nothing to do but practice his jutsu's. Seme awoke from his nap and started looking at the targets thinking about a way to hit them all accurately, and also for him to realize that in a real combat situation the targets would be moving. He then proceeded to come up with the idea of using the shuriken's he had as the targets, they would be extremely small and hard to hit as well as moving, so if he was able to hit one of them it'd be more productive. He spent the next several hours training and pushing himself and over that time he got better and better at hitting the shuriken and even controlling his chakra to only use the amount necessary for the jutsu. He decides to call it a day and heads back home from training.

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