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1Maō Clan (Secret Room) [Support/Offensive] Empty Maō Clan (Secret Room) [Support/Offensive] on Sun Feb 15, 2015 10:26 pm



Symbol: Maō Clan (Secret Room) [Support/Offensive] 4c9RGLMcE

Clan: Maō

Kekkei Genkai: 密室 || Misshitsu || Secret Room

Elements: Members of this clan have no element, and cannot train into any.

Specialization: Fuuinjutsu

Location: Scattered

Clan History:
For only the past few decades, have the powers of the Maō clan truly developed. The members of the clan began revealing themselves from all about the lands, and have began joining villages. Now while members of this clan are extremely communal, they despise members of their clan that exist in other villages.

But a legend passed about the clan, is that the members of the clan came from what they all claim as the " Land of Silence". A land they name as the motherland, that all members, although they don't know why, will agree the new lands are far preferred to the old home, although none are sure why they have such a disdain for their old land.

Clan Characteristics:
Pointed ears
Razor like Incisors
Dark, almost black skin
Crimson, White, or Orange Hair
Smooth hair, straight
Blue Eyes, reflective at night
Longevity, physically capable as long as they are alive, can live for estimated one hundred and seventy years.

Kekkei Genkai Description:
The clan's Kekkei Genkai is best described as support type, granting power to it's own allies or themselves. By applying half the cost of an ability to a skill, a member of this skill can raise the output of a skill by one rank. But this is only the first part of their jutsu. To an ally, they are granted the ability to temporarily copy the elements of an ally, as well as being able to perform the jutsu of that ally. However, this ally must have partaken in the ritual jutsu in order to accomplish this. In addition, members of this clan are capable of copying their ritual partner's Kekkei Genkai , but with half the effective power, unable to use it's S rank skills,  and with a -1 rank power to any jutsu above B rank power.(This replaces Secret Room as long as they are linked to their partner, but they maintain their ability to power an ability)

Drawbacks:Members of this clan are unable to perform jutsu outside of their clan jutsu and fuuinjutsu unless they are linked. Senjutsu is void of this rule as it uses natural energy instead of basic chakras. A member of this clan can take Taijutsu or Weaponry, but not use it's jutsu. Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Medical, and Kugutsu are all disabled for this clan. Supernatural Walking Technique is the only non fuuinjutsu skill available to this clan for use.

Members: -

Kekkei Genkai Jutsu:

Name: Secret Room
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: E/S
Type: Supplementary
Element: -
Range: Melee
Duration: As long as the ally permits
Cooldown: -
Description:The Secret Room is a special jutsu used by the Maō Clan that allows them to partner up with partner and effectively sync up with them in element, Specialty(type and rank, cannot go higher than the user's current rank), and Kekkei Genkai, overwriting the user's own Fuinjutsu specialty while they are like this disabling the users fuinjutsu seals (unless the person they are copying has fuinjutsu), and allows the user to link their chakra powering ability to their ally. This jutsu is performed by both the user and the target ally willingly grabbing hands and letting a fuinjutsu seal form on their palms, imprinting into their skin. While like this the two people share a mind, capable of reading each other's thoughts. An ally or a member of this clan can choose to release this jutsu at any time. Only one target can be chosen for this jutsu at any time. At S rank, this jutsu can become a special Variant that allows the user to connect to two allies, but only copying one specialty from each.



Sorry, anything that allows you to use elements you don't have (especially advanced elements) is more or less the only thing I will not allow in concept alone, I am sorry, though, if you say something like "allows the user to copy the techniques of an ally so long as they share the same elements." that is fine by me, though, how you do the ability will be interesting to see. (But remember you can train skills off other people as well, without the need for a ryo cost.)

So, that's a No to making a clan which allows the user to break the 'clan locked rules.' Sorry man.

This is going to need some work.

But yeah, I would perhaps go about this in allowing you to like... share a jutsu pool with the linked person, allowing you to access whatever skills they have so long ass you are linked, and so long as you are actually able to use them. And when you do, you shouldn't need to descrease their power, cos, you can physically use them... Have the link scale, so, if you use the C rank variant of the technique, it shares all C rank and lower jutsu between you and your ally. It would allow you to break the jutsu cap if you partnered up. At ss Rank, if you teamed up with another SS rank ninja which had the same specs and elements, you could have the use of about 150 jutsu. (if their lists were maxed out)

Though, if you do that, one of the drawbacks i WILL ask you to have, is +20% word-count to your own jutsu training.

Just some suggestions, cos, i don't like just shutting people down without offering something. <3



Maō Clan (Secret Room) [Support/Offensive] HiitsmeBaobhan

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Haru Soseiji

Haru Soseiji

Well the point of the clan was to have a clan that is basically useless without a partner seeing as they lack the ability to use ANY non fuuinjutsu skill (apart from supernatural walking) except when they are linked to someone, they aren't supposed to train skills, and it's only to people who accept their ritual. I was hoping it might could fly since they basically have the abilities of the ally they copy and no more than that, but Oh well :< Guess I'll hash this.

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