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Takumi Senju

Takumi Senju

Takumi Senju's Floor The-totally-cool-hallways1

A long hallway with wooden walls on both sides kept illuminated by white lights on both sides of the wall. The floor is sports a multicolor carpet. With oak doors on both sides of the wall leading to the relaxation rooms and bedrooms boys on the right and girls on the left.

Living Room:
Takumi Senju's Floor Designing-living-room-ideas

The doors open into a white room filled with white and brown furniture. A table sits in the center with spots to sit if needed. in the back ground a spiral stair case leading to the bedroom. with a door just below it for the bathroom.

Takumi Senju's Floor Cool-bedrooms-as-cool-kids-bedrooms-for-Inspirational-captivating-Bedroom-Ideas-for-Remodeling-Your-Bedroom-3

The bedroom has one king sized bed with a table on either side sporting a lamp. on the other side of the room sets a oak dresser where all the clothes are kept.

Takumi Senju's Floor

The bathroom consists of a glass shower and bathtub sitting in the center of the room. In the back sits a double sink with the toilet sitting next to it

Dining Room:
Takumi Senju's Floor Open-dining-room-design-ideas

the dinning room consists of two table one with wooden seats the other with cloth seat. A light sits above the wooden table with the the cloth has a light sitting in the center of the table for light.

Takumi Senju's Floor OfficeClassroom_Main_500px

At the end of the hallway sits a room used to the various subjects. It is a large room filled with seats for the students with one in the front for the teacher.


Takumi Senju's Floor Zneq0UC

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