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1 A Change Of Plans [Solo, travel, iwa-kiri] on Sun Feb 22, 2015 3:51 am

Toshiko Uzumaki

Toshiko Uzumaki

Special Jounin
It had been an hour.

An hour since Toshiko arrived in iwagakure, He had just gone on from sunagakure, and was going on with his travel route as originally planned. He went through from the sand dessert, traveling on in the hot, dry land for at least an hour or two. He still wasn't used to the intense, uncomfortable environment from the village of the sand. It was nothing like Konoha's. Toshiko had missed konoha, and he was feeling insanely homesick. He missed aethir, his sensei sousetsu, and the rest of the friends that he had left behind. He didn't even have the company of his two recent travel companions to take konoha off of his mind.
He wasn't gonna lie. He missed Keith a lot. Suutei they could have done without due to his constant attempts to battle with Toshiko due to his own overgrown ego, but Keith was a calm and collective genin that Toshiko wished he could have spent more time with. They'd only got to known each other for a little while, meeting that first day in konoha the day of the travel, and then separating the day suutei picked a fight with toshiko in sunagakure. had he not done that, would the two still be around? He didn't know. Any way it went, it still sucked. It was fun to travel, but it'd be easier to do with companions at your side.

Part of him somewhat wished this could have turned out differently. Part of him wanted to be able to move on comfortably even in spite of the constant change that he had to face. He didn't want to deal with the things that he was used to changing. It was one of the things that scared him. It seemed that every time he started becoming a custom to things, something had to come in and fuck it up. That happened with his brother, with his squad back in konoha, his parents, and now even with his assignment. It didn't seem like it was that big of a deal, but it bothered him deeply. and it always would. Despite that being as horrible as it was, him being the shinobi he set out to be would have to keep moving forward.

Just before leaving suna, he had found a letter, notifying him that there had been yet another change of direction. He wouldn't be able to stay in iwa or kumo, and would have to leave iwagakure immediately, cutting around kumo and heading directly for what was meant to be his final stop, kirigakure. He wasn't even notified of why, just that he would get to enjoy the exploration of those two villages. That was greatly disappointing. Despite that, He couldn't ignore direct orders. Even if he wanted to he'd risk becoming a missing ninja, and that was the last thing that he wanted to happen. He was still tired from the travel from sunagakure to iwagakure, but he had to do it as soon as possible so he wasn't mistaken for refusing to take a direct order. He barely had any time to take in the environment around him, but it couldn't be helped. Oh well. Maybe he'd get the chance to stay longer next time.

He walked to the other side of the village, heading out towards the districts, but walking along the side until he found the shortcut. A straight path through the barren rocks that lead directly to kiri. Toshiko smiled. Quite convenient. With that, he made his way along the path, heading directly for the village of kirigakure, hoping that new journies and experiences would be there to be had within the realms of the foreign village.

word count: 636

Travel Iwagakure-Kirigakure Complete

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