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1 Lamya/Orochi Risu plotmover thread(reboot) on Sun Feb 22, 2015 10:32 pm



0:Socialite life arc: Having just been released from the Hospital after a few years of being at the psychological bottom, Orochi Risu has started to mingle with various people, while trying to maintain a strong front. She has gotten her own small appartment near Konoha's main street, studied and trained well under her uncle's watchful eye and managed to gain the respect and friendship of various young and talented shinobi. During this time, she began to create a rivalry with the much older genin Chi Rippa and the spec. Jounin Senju Chisaki, while at the same time getting to feel love for and from Uchiha Kyohei.

1:Revelations arc: After being emitted to the ANBU forces of Konoha straight after reaching th shinobi rank of Spec Jounin, Risu along with the help of Kyohei has begun to uncover the whole truth of her forgotten past, the blanks in her mind which had left her in a catatonic state for four years. Unbeknownst to her Kyohei joined the Black ANBU to aid her search, but this also formed the first fracture in their relationship, as both shinobi now held many secrets for each other. A stunning revelation from Orochi Enaka to Kyohei showed him the depth of the shadows that had started to consume Risu, who now gained the moniker of Lamya.

2:Black ANBU arc: Having found the cause of her pain and suffering, Lamya has started to raid the secret hideouts of the infamous Black ANBU, yet in doing so she incurred the wrath of one of the Black ANBU's most powerful members, leading to her capture and spiralling her into a series of events which lead to the attack on the seventeenth hokage and the destruction of the Hokage mountain's seventeenth face. Afterwards, Senju Chisaki managed to break the bonds which kept Lamya under Itsukuchi Hataro's control and in the meantime Kyohei found out what horrible things Enaka had planned.

3:Retalliation arc: Framing Enaka and making sure he got imprisoned wasn't enough. Knowing about the wealth and power her uncle had garnered over the past decade, Risu wanted it all for herself, desiring to cleanse the shinobi world of all its filth and rubbish, attempting to create a new and better world through the use of chaos and absolute fear. In the time she got placed as the new Ouroboros clashed, she started searching for all of her uncle's research and while on such a mission, she found the young Uchiha, Tenzo. Immediately seeing the potential this young man had and noticing certain similarities to herself in his behavior, she quickly decided to take him in and mold him into a perfect pawn, one with the potential to rule over all other pawns in her game and one with the ability to create and gain all the pieces necessary for her ambition.

Having returned from her travels to collect all the intel, Lamya has changed into something or rather someone different. Desiring to confront her uncle personally and finally put an end to his unfallable control he had over her, even when he was imprisoned. yet, some strange shinobi seemed to stand in her way...

4. Fall, only to Rise arc
Broken, her spirit seemingly shattered by the encounter with the shinobi who named himself Hyuga Tsuyo, Orochi risu was stuck in the very prison she was supposed to break wide open. Alas for the village of Konoha, a stranger allowed her to escape not long after her capture.

Having faced Kyohei, her former lover in her sorry state and the fact she came to the realization that their relationship had not just been damaged, but ripped apart by her actions, Risu at first thought all her goals and ideals had been for nought, but the stranger appealed to the shadow lurking within herself and steered her to a new target: chaos.

Now free, the former Anbu captain had to find someone able enough to heal the affliction brought upon her by the powerful shinobi Hyuga Tsuyo, as her body was nearly crumbling, she got healed superficially by a young Kumo-nin Hanbei, yet she was not yet to her full capacity and little did the Kumo-nin know what kind of monster he was freeing from her shackles.

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