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The day had been as smooth as it could be ever turn out to be and yet dray had been home all day. He had no real reasons to go out so he just confined himself within the abandoned house that had now become his own. What this house entailed was more than enough reason to keep him at home. For the past few days, dray had been discovering clues on who exactly had been living in this very house but the annoying fact was that the more he found clues, the more mysterious the situation got so dray just put his mind off it believing that when the time was right, he would discover the hidden truth if he was meant to know it.
It was already two o' clock in the afternoon and dray was still in bed. From when he had woken up, he had done nothing but stare into the nothingness before him. All that had happened were nothing more than the thoughts that somehow came in through his left mind, were dealt with at the center before passing out through his right mind. That was exactly how it looked. This was one of the really weird days he had encountered in iwagakure no sato and he sure hoped it was not going to get any more worser.

Dray managed to get out of bed. He did not bother about having his bath or looking himself in the mirror for any abnormal changes. He just followed what he felt within himself. It was some sort of inspiration and once he got these inspirations, he had learnt not to ignore them. Dray went down the stairs and into the hall way. Going to the very end, dray opened the door and once again, he descended through the stairs and into the basement, his get away palace. A place where only imaginations existed. Imaginations that were put to test and made into reality, it was his puppet workshop. So far so good, dray had not gotten the mind to call anything in this work shop his own but now, he felt like he was about too. All that was required was for him to obey this inspiration and to use it well. Dray walked to the work table. He was putting on only his trousers, his upper body was left open for the slight breeze to caress. This feeling of calmness added to the great thing that was about to happen. Dray cleared the work table and set to begin. He stretched both of his arms forward as he produced mokuton from them. Enough wood to make the frame of a puppet. Dray picked up a chisel from the tool box and handled it like a pro. He carved out the insides of the wood and made it hollow. He did this for about an hour while also joining the puppet's parts together with bolts and at about three o' clock, an unfinished puppet was made. Dray could not admire his work yet so he of course had to finish it. He hated doing things bit by bit. He hardly came back to what he had left unless it was neccessary.

Dray continued etching designs unto the puppet. The puppet itself was made into what looked like a dwarf, being only about three feet tall and with a hunch to. The hunch occured due to the fact that dray wanted the neck to be well placed closed to the chest and to be able to stick out to so the back which was the outer frame had to be bent. Dray went on to carve out the mouth, sockets for the eyes, he carved out the hands and fingers while attaching them immediately same with the legs and toes. He put them all in place as he picked up two toy eye balls from one of the many artistic materials in the shop and planted it into the puppet's eye socket. Dray hung the puppet on a stand and took a few steps backwards to look at his work. Being the very first time dray would do this, he was almost bold enough to say it was perfect but even still, he was not done yet. He picked up a sand paper and began polishing the puppet to fineness. Dray did not coat it in any paint as he wanted it to appear as natural as ever besides, the mokuton wood looked just like a human's skin color. Dray left the first work table and headed to the second. This section consisted of only cloth materials as dray selected a few which were a mixture of grey and white. He began sewing the pieces together after taking the measurements of his new puppet. In no time, dray had sewn up a beautiful cloth for the puppet to wear. This brilliant attire consisted of a long overall capable of covering the puppet from neck to leg and trousers and little shoes too. Dray was tempted to call the puppet his child but of course, the puppet was his child and he was it's father since he made it.

All the while that these happened, dray's calm look was seen over his face as the facial expression refused to changed just like it was glued to dray's face. Dray knew he had achieved something deep down in his mind as he climped the stair case back up. He looked at the clock and it was already six o' clock in the evening. He sure took a long time in that basement work shop. Dray felt like he should go out of the house and see the village. He had no particular thing to go and do or who to see but he just felt like so he had to. He went up the stairs to his room to pick his shirt as he would come down again and head for the door. Without another look backwards, dray would exit the house and walk into the streets of the great land of stone. As it was now evening, the breeze would switch from slight to something much more. Going in every direction and calming every soul that needed it. As dray would cross a street, his eyes would sight an open bar in the corner. Dray did not usually drink that much but perhaps, some relaxation would do as he would make his way to the bar. Dray would walk into the bar and take go straight to the reception. He would sit on one of the available high stools and after being asked what he wanted, he would request for a glass of water. While minding his business, dray would constantly take notice of his surroundings and the people in it. What was going on and analysing what was sure to happen. In a corner of the bar were three different men. Dray had noticed that for the past how many minutes, these men had been drinking hard and from the looks of it, they were sure to cause trouble but as long as they did not come near dray, they were fine.

Dray looked at the large oval shaped clock on the wall of the resturant and saw that it was already seven thirty pm. He got up to take his leave and just then, one of the men at the table that dray had noticed raised up the table and threw it to the side with all the drinks on it. The glasses shattered on the floor as the contents spilled on whoever was in their way. Pandemonium struck in the bar. While others panicked, some others ran out of the bar while the rest of them cheered the two men that had already begun exchanging fists. Dray stood and watched while analysing the situation. The three men had little to no skill whatsoever in fighting and due to how much they had drank, they were awfully slow. Dray did not want to hurt them or knock them out so he had to think of how well to combat the situation.
He looked around the bar and luckily for him, the bar's owner was definetly someone that loved vegeatation and dray could see a number of plant vases on the window sides and with plants in them of course. With mind control alone, dray commanded the living plants and those with vines extended from their vases and those with branches did the same. In no time, the plants had bound the men's legs and hands togther causing them to fall on each other due to inbalance. With one last wrap, the plants would bundle up the men before returning to their vases on dray's command as everybody in the bar would look in awe. Now, this was what dray hated, attention. Without any word, dray would leave the bar and leaved the binded men to the bar owner. Whatever he planned on doing to them, he was free.



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