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1 An idea for an RPG I desire to make. on Sun Mar 01, 2015 1:07 am



In a world of magic individual's of certain continents contain a mysterious secret on behalf of the elements of the world. these are the legendary crystals which contain all elemental power within the world itself, causing each part of the world's terrain and temperature to vary whether the crystal is a certain element. Kids grow up in the continent of the earth crystal, within their home town learning how to wield the power of the world itself. Some are good, some are bad excelling in the arts of combat they've learned. Years later they jump into a time lapse where the bad individual's are tired of not having superiority due to their unbelievable tactics, causing havoc amongst their village as the other children (the protagonists) try to stop them. As they fail miserably they set out on a journey to take on the individual's which destroyed their village, facing numerous challenges and unlocking the secrets of the world itself. However, they're a step behind the bad antagonists trying to destroy the world harnessing the power of alchemy itself.

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