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Tarnished [A-RankMission/Invite-Only/Training] 2K13-Apr-4-HoB-noscale

The Golden Lotus, one of Tsuchi no Kuni's finest brothels where the experience was always heavily. After the Aoi Bara ascension the once star of the opium trade is now operates with minimum legal presence as it's now a vast wealth of knowledge with its elite clientele; only the highest of the elite both in the shinobi and civilian world may dine and wine here. The services the establishment provides are one in a million, from the subtle and classy tea ceremonies to the sadistic and freakish kinks of sadomasochism. The prostitutes, both male and female, have faces like royalty and bodies of succubus. Many often question the business's integrity for it is not the appropriate of worlds but who can argue with the large sum of money it racks in every year which a good portion or two goes not only to the Daimyo and members of the court but the village itself.

However upon recently numerous of courtesan's have gone missing, first only one or two every month or so but now it is in large numbers of a dozen. While many argued that they were not worthy of their time being lowly peasants the discovery of their corpses in the last two months raised a few concerns. The conditions were often the same. Every organ worth a dime was expertly taken along with the eyes. The bodies were handled roughly and definitely tortured going by the numerous bruises and cuts that were found infected, especially the gruesome scaring around the face. Jet sighed as she held up a photo. The latest victims found were Maribel and Rosemarie, foreigners who have been a hot topic lately and known for being particularly fascinating in their abilities to change genders with the blink of an eye. They showed similar signs of the other victims however there was something the pathologists found; around the back of the left ear a small almost unnoticeable incision was found stitched up.

Photo :
Tarnished [A-RankMission/Invite-Only/Training] Two_prostitutes_by_cellar_fcp

Upon closer examination a small glass flower in the form of a sakura was found filled with liquid opium and morphine. The pathologists concluded it was a sign that they were slipping and that the murderer's were on the verge of becoming more eradicate. As such an investigation was called forth and Jester was the first to go up and ask for it. Her friend Maki was expressing concern over the issue, a rarity of itself and could not investigate herself being that she was dismissed from the force years ago so Jet took it upon herself to execute the mission in her place. Of course many were opposed to the idea of a genin taking such a dangerous mission alone but she brought up quite a few valid points towards her usefulness but she didn't show them all her cards though she wasn't happy when one of the elders suggested Akira be captain. She honestly didn't trust the kage very much as he was much more of an enigma than she was but nonetheless she will bite her tongue and obey his orders however she won't let him have total control over her mission kage or not.

Upon approval of taking said mission, a noticed was sent to the kage and a fellow genin whom she has yet to meet however she did know it was a specialist in taijutsu and student under the kage himself.


Your presence has hereby been requested by the council for a mission (detailed documents are below). One of your members has asked for the squad to meet in a bar north west about 3 blocks from The Golden Lotus to discuss how to move forward with the mission before falling through

Good Luck

Upon arriving the said members of her unit will be greeted by a bartender, a different one for both should they arrive at different times, who will escort them to a private back room she rented. Once inside the room they will find it to be circular with a 6 foot radius full of a booth styled seating around with a large table in the middle. The room was lit by oil lamps and had no ventilation or windows of any sort. The walls were a cold beige stone with medieval tapestries and the seats were cushioned with black lather while the round dark mahogany table was strewed with documents, photographs, and notes of all kinds pertaining to said investigation. Jester would be waiting for them in the middle and smile warmly as they arrive. "Hello hello fellow shinobi~ We are Yuurei Jet and we will be joining you two on said mission today" Once everyone introduced and was seated the smile will leave her shinning face and will be replaced by a stern complexion, her eyes a vivid green that meant business and her voice more or less deeper than the noisily high it was before. "Now that pleasantries are out of the way let's get down to business" With a flick of her wrist she took out a large blueprint and set it down on the table.

Tarnished [A-RankMission/Invite-Only/Training] 36275883_592

"This is a map of the Golden Lotus. It is two floors with  several private rooms mainly on the second floor. The main floor (left) is mainly a smoking lounge however the backroom is popularly using for gambling and gaming such as blackjack, strip poker, and the works like a regular casino. The establishment has a kitchen in the right of the first floor with a backroom that connects to an dead end alleyway that is in shambles. Every staircase has one guard at the top and bottom with three guards at the front entrance however there are no guards in the backroom as well in the bar which is on the southwest of the first space of the main floor."

She paused as she reached into her pocket and took out a wireless radio which she tossed to Yomi along with a kunai before turning to Akira "I assume you have your own so simply put it on station 3 to be on the same frequency as us captain." Returning back to the map, she mused for a bit before continuing. "I already sent in some eyes and ears; my partner Kira who has scouted out ahead to make sure we're not walking in blind" For a moment Jester wondered on Kira's condition as she hasn't heard from her in a few hours since she went in but knowing her she didn't want to break her cover. She could only hope that no one notices a little nekomata snooping around.

"Well since we're going in soon I already have ideas for our disguises. I will be Tora Mitarashi, Tskuni's younger sibling which will be you Yomi. Akira will go under a henge as the rest of us will as the eldest sister Shizuka. We all have tanned skin, silver hair and yellow eyes. Our back story is we are travelers looking for our father who has gone missing after running from debt collectors. Tired of running we came here to settle down and try to pay some debts while gaining some information on our father's whereabouts. Our mother was once an exotic dancer who loved Tsuchi no Kuni before she passed away from cervical cancer" Taking a breathe as she paced herself, Jet thought about any holes in their story before continuing "We'll try to learn what we can from the workers as we are out under training though don't worry about servicing anyone, the most we'll be asked is to do a musical performance or keep some nobility company. At nightfall we can regroup at Madame Xiao Xiao's private chambers on the far northeastern area of the second floor to go over what we've found so far. Any objections to the plan? Anything that concerns you? Anything you want to add?"


Uzumaki Ilya

Uzumaki Ilya

An assignment, another mission to be completely done in just a few moment's time and nothing else left to be done but cashing out for the seemingly unworthy job was all which Yomi had done up until that point. So far only missions of the aforementioned kind were the ones handed to the young woman, despite the fact she had gone through some seriously tedious training with Akira-sensei, she was still a genin after all, but this case seemed to be alot more interesting.

Surely Yomi had heard from the recent string of murders and dissapearances of many women from the esteemed establishment which was the Golden Lotus, frankly she couldn't care less about those, but with the premise of being able to have some fun and excitement, the young woman nonetheless decided to take upon the offer and join her sensei's makeshift squad to investigate and perhaps exterminate this thread to the business of the Golden Lotus.

The debriefing, rather said, the note they were given was kind of meaningless, as if someone else was more or less overseeing the investigation rather than the Tsuchikage himself, which meant that more or less some highranking figures were looking at this case with variable interest. The place they were summoned to however, unlike the note, was completely Yomi's own kind of place.

Arriving at the destination of choice, the Yamada clanmember noticed to be earlier than her master, something she had been taught by the man himself, since he did not seem to like tardiness one bit. The bartender reacted swiftly, motioning the young woman to follow him to some private backroom where someone else was waiting, someone who was so out of place she fitted in perfectly at the same. It was that person who seemed to know most about the assignment, even though somehow Yomi got the vibes that this weirdly acting person wasn't actually as intimidating or offsetting as her own master could be on more than one occasion.

"Oh goodie, a walky talky," Yomi said with a calm demeanor, not converying a single thought with those words when after a short moment of explaining the blueprints of the building they were supposed to investigate, the weird girl threw a wirless radio towards her along with a kunai. "This seems more like me being another henchie rather than actually being able to do anything. This mission seems dangerous and therefore exciting...but why so much secrecy?"

Despite her inward question, Yomi wasn't going to be answered quickly it appeared, as the jesterlike person continued on raving about details and possible disguises and more, which quite frankly turned Yomi's mood to a sour disposition. Closing her eyes a bit while sighing deeply, she simply leaned back and waited what her Sensei would have to say about all of it.


(srr for the late response...couldn't rly see what I had to post after yours :( )


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