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White roses. they were rare and bloomed only once a year in a very small time frame in iwagakure. However, ever since she was three Nobari had always brought her sister a white rose around this time of year. it had been a tradition. one she has kept ever since she was little. Nobari had arranged for a doctor's appointment today in order to get her 'problem' checked out to see if she could do anything about it. this meant that she needed to get way before her usual time. so being unused to getting up at an early time, she went to bed excessively early two nights before, and again last night in order to allow her some sleep. However she woke up quiet a bit earlier than she had anticipated, and there was still a few hours or so after she finished getting ready, before her meeting. So she decided that she would use that time to get her sister her yearly flower, and so that's what she did.

Nobari left her house in her typical black hoodie, and black shorts, with her kunai pouch on her right leg. Once she reached the street just in front of her house, she headed towards the nearest flower field that she knew would contain at least one white rose that she would be allowed to take. the odd thing about the whole white rose concept in iwagakure is that even though they only bloomed once a year, and only for a few days at best, they seemed to bloom in massive amounts, almost and over abundance. So it wasn't a real struggle, after nobari had walked for a few minutes to find a field, to pick a handful of the roses and then turn right back around and head in the direction she had came from. Nobari knew roughly how much time it would take to make a stop at her sisters grave, and how much time before her meeting, and so she figured she had plenty of time to walk, and not rush things. So that's was she did. She, unlike many days, had her hood down and held the flowers close to her face as she took a big long sniff from them. Filling her nostrils with their lovely scent. She took time as she walked to enjoy the change of scene around her. the sun out was out, and everything was bright and cheery. There were people laughing, dancing, running, and playing. Some where hurrying here and there in order to meet there deadlines, like she might have to if she takes too long at her sisters gave. But that change of pace was good, something she wasn't used to. something fresh from the pleasant silent of the night. However, she had to limit herself with how much freedom she had to today. she still didn't want to be spending and over abundance of time chatting with someone, in case her monster decided to show it's ugly face... then after a not so long walk, nobari could see it, the gates of the graveyard. She quickly entered in and walked to the section where her family had been buried. However something immediately stuck out to her, as she came close. There was already someone there.

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“Arata, tell Rei that I will be gone for an hour or two.” Nanashi said, not paying any attention to his assistance leaving - going to find and relay the message to the requested recipient. Instead, his attention was on straightening the papers on the desk into neat piles and placing them into one of the two baskets on his desk corner. The papers were sorted in the order of importance with top priority stuff being placed on the top. it was done in the way so that anywho who came in searching for something would likely find it not that far from the top. Though considering the slow morning, it was unlikely that anyone besides her would need anything out of his office.

Once done arranging the papers, he glanced across the spacious interior as he mentally checked off everything on a list before nodding in satisfaction and exiting the room.

“You going to visit her?” The question was imposed by a woman in her mid-forties that was casually leaning against the wall adjacent from Nanashi’s office. Her words having been spoken moments after he had stepped outside of the room.

Closing the office door behind him, Nanashi walked passed the woman who, immediately upon being passed, pushed off the wall and fell into step with young man as they navigated the hallways - returning greetings to the few who they passed - and exited the building.

It was another pleasant day in Iwagakure. The temperatures were in the mid to high seventies, and there was a light northeastern breeze sweeping through the village. And just like the day before, people were taking advantage of welcoming weather, their enjoyance being audible even from this distance.

“Ah!” Words full of content escaped the lips of the female beside him followed by a puff of grey smoke that morphed into a bunny with a face that oddly resembled his own “I been craving one all morning. So, you are going to see her?” she asked looking mildly surprise at the notion, with  a lit cancer stick loosely hanging from her lip.

“Don’t be surprised. I do have a heart.”, the words were followed by Nanashi making his way down the steps and walking towards the market district.

“Tsk. A heart? Yeah, only recently.” she stated, heading inside but not before  stomping on the cigarette bud.

Sometimes words didn’t do justice in explaining one’s feelings to another. There are times where words can overcomplicate feelings that could otherwise easily be portrayed through a gift of flower(s) - allowing them to speak when the heart can not. And this is where: Hanakotoba, the language of flowers, comes into play.  Apart from his standard training in the Tea House, Nanashi was taught this, a mostly obscured tradition,  by the grandmother of the establishment. She said it come in handy one day, and that it makes you look knowledgeable when venturing into a flower shop.

Upon entering, the flower shop his senses were overtaken by the mixture of aroma coming from the different flora. With a quick nod at the cashier, Nanashi began picking out the flowers he wantedWhite Rose, devotion and innocence, Our love was truly that. Bluebell - gratitude. Thank you for accepting me for who I was. And thank you for loving me. Yellow Camellia - longing. Even now, I long to be in your embrace again. Primrose - desperate.You probably don’t like this, but for my sake, I will find those responsible for this. Sweet Pea - goodbye. May you be dancing with the Kamis.”, he thought, having picked out the flowers and headed towards the cashier to pay for them.

With flowers in hand, Nanashi made his way towards the public cemetery within Iwagakure. Dressed in a midnight blue kimono with a skin tight white shirt underneath, black hakama pants reached to his ankles, barely touching the matching black geta with steel reinforced bottoms, levitating him an additional two inches out the ground -  making him appear 6’5” instead of his correct height of 6’3”. A midnight blue obi kept everything together with it being tied tightly around his waist. Rounding up his attire was a black eyepatch covering his left eye.

He didn’t pay any heed to the amount of people within the cemetery as his feet carried him to her grave. A place he hasn’t visited in the past two years. The place where his first wife laid in eternal slumber.

“Chikako, been some time hasn’t it?” words barely above a whisper were spoken as kneeled a front of the tombstone, placing the small bouquet of flowers on it “ You was never one for excuses, so I don’t have none for my lack of visiting you. I’m sorry.” For the following hour, Nanashi would talk to Chikako, telling her about the happenings within the village, the Tea Houses, and her friends. He would speak about their grandmother in all but blood, how till this day she still talks about how cute of a couple they were. He speaks about the trouble brewing within Nakinagarish, his hometown, and how many of the geisha was worried. Many things were told to her - even that he planned on marrying his current girlfriend.

Movement in his peripheral vision caused him to look in the direction, and take note of the young woman with white roses in her hand standing not that far away. Who was she here for? Why did she look vaguely familiar? Could she be here for Chikako? If so, how were they related? Getting up from his kneeling position, Nanashi turned his attention back to the tombstone and for a moment allowed his thoughts to think back to when they were a couple. Even though he didn’t speak to the girl, he would indeed talk if that what she wished. . .


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As Nobari approached she noticed, that she had caught the attention of the stranger that sat perched caught her presence. why where they here? who were they? who were they here for? how did they know that person? would they recognize nobari? Nobari tried to see which grave they were by in order to see if she could possibly avoid an awkward situation/conversation with someone. As she steadily approached that question kept ringing in her mind. How were they? Nobari didn't get much of a close look at their face, but she felt as if they were familiar some how. As nobari got closer and closer her fears were confirmed. they were standing right over where Nobari needed to be. She let out a small sigh as she finally began walking down the row towards her sisters grave. [i]Chikako/[i]. Memories of her sweet sister flooded her mind as they did every time she began to walk down this aisle. her sweet smile. the way she used to rub nobari's head and then pick her up and kiss her cheek. how she used to sneak nobari out late at night and go sit in the flower fields and look at the stars together. granted there were some nights where she snuck out without nobari, and the more nobari thought about it. the more she realized that Chikako hadn't been around very much that last year she was alive. although Nobari never knew why, she just remembered that she missed her sister very much during that year, always asking when she was going to come home and visit. Nobari finally now stood next to the man that was standing before her sister's grave. "u-uhh.. Excuse me sir." she said in a quieter voice. "i-i won't be here long i promise... i just came to drop off some flowers..." she asid as she would place her handful of purely white roses in from of the headstones.  she then bowed to pay her respects towards her sister. then she looked up at the man again. "see that was all i needed. i have an appointment to get to now." she said as she turned around and then began to walk away, but as she started to walk in her tracks. then she said as she looked up towards the sky. "she sure was pretty wasn't she?... i remember when i was younger, looking up to her, and wishing that maybe one day i could be as pretty and amazing as she was." Nobari said, trying to prevent herself from choking up as memories of her sister flooded her. "she always had a smile on her face" nobari said as her voice began to fail her and tears started forming in her eyes. she sniffed and wiped the tears from her eyes. then she turned back to the man and smiled "sorry... it still hurts to think about her sometimes. ill leave you to pay your respects now." she said, and with that off her chest she began to walk away from the graveyard.

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A small, but noticeable smile tugged at his feature, feet shuffling a little away from the grave to allow the woman some privacy and also to place her own flowers on the headstone. Though never once did he verbally ask a question, it was still answered by the youth’s actions; she, like him, knew the one buried here. And the admission itself was something unexpected, but a welcoming, find. Outside from his family, both blood related and not, and a few closely treasured friends, not many knew about Nanashi’s connection with the woman. Even in the archived shinobi files there isn’t any mention of them being acquainted with one another - nor the fact of their marriage was known by the Tsuchikage. The information as a whole being perceived as irrelevant with no significant impact. With only those apart of the Daimyo’s court knew about the marriage; they being the one to issue the marriage certificate and documenting it in their personal archives.

Even though their proximity was rather close to one another, Nanashi still had slight trouble hearing the woman’s words. She having spoken in a whisper that only some from the Inuzuka clan could hear clearly. “Don’t pay me any heed,”, taking a glance at the cemetery noticing only a handful of individuals were now, or still, paying their respects to their loved ones “It’s surprising that someone else knew the dead lying in their particular area, “ he stated while looking at a name on a nearby headstone with the same surname as his deceased wife’s maiden name.  If one continued looking they would see that the surname repeated itself several times on different headstones with the day of death all being exactly the same or eerily close to one another. Their date of birth would make some wonder if they all succumbed to the same illness at the same time. However, the truth of the matter was that all of them got killed, not by a disease, but by someone(s). Nanashi knew, whoever had a hand in killing of Chikako’s relatives also played a part in her death. For there was no such thing as coincidence in a shinobi’s line of work.

“An appointment?”, he inquired looking at her “If it’s at the hospital than I could walk you there seeing how that’s where I work.”.  While saying that he ‘worked’ there could be seen as an understatement, he being the head of the establishment, he didn’t feel like saying that. A statement like that made him sound as if he was bragging about some grand accomplishment, and, therefore, wouldn’t be said. There’s also the fact many already knew about his position at the hospital, so saying it would be a mute point.

”They were close.”, he thought to himself, intently listening to the woman’s words, nodding at the mention of her beauty, as she spoke about Chikako - his lover. From what he could gather Chikako was a role model for the lady before him. Someone that she looked up to. And whose death affected her immensely “ She probably would that you are already pretty and amazing.” Nanashi spoke, thinking about all the times Chikako had said that to some of the younger Geisha that worked at the Tea House. While she herself didn’t work there, she did come around a lot to spend time with him. And during these times, she became somewhat of a fixture for many of the girls and women there who adored her for much different reason. The young ones enjoyed her company because she would always lift up their spirits after a client put them down, or when they simply felt depress. She was also a girl outside of their lifestyle which gave them an opportunity to peek into a life, not of their own. The older women liked her for one reason - she gave Nanashi stability.

“Yeah, I don’t think I have ever seen her without a smile on her face. There was always one present.” This was a lie for Nanashi has seen plenty of times when Chikako was anything but happy. Though most of these moments came from clients still believing that he was working when in fact he had retired from him and Chikako started dating. There was even some who attempted to drug him a front of Chikako’s presence, needless to say that didn’t end well. So, yeah, Nanashi has done seen her without a smile, but for simplicity sake he would say otherwise.

Shaking his head at her apology “There isn’t any need to apologize. I know the pain that comes with thinking about someone you lost. You are left with a whole in your heart that, by your thinking, will never close. You continue living life, and if you are like me and try to find something to fill that void. And even when you do find something to fill it - the pain still remains. However, Chikako wouldn’t want that. She would want those who knew her to be happy - to smile like she always did. “, he said while staring at the grave, longing flashing across his lone eye.

Kneeling down, Nanashi’s fingers brushed across the name on the headstone “You don’t need to leave. You can stay.  I have already paid my respect to her. Although she is still mad at me for taking this long to visit her again. . . “ he said, removing vines that obscured the rest of the headstone, only to reveal an unknown truth.

After her surname was his surname Guanyin.

“Isn’t that right, love?”

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“Don’t pay me any heed... it’s surprising that someone else knew the dead lying in their particular area, “ Nobari stopped dead in her tracks at those words. anyone else? did he know all of them? could that be possible? she thought for so long that she was the only one that knew any of her family, but if that was the case why didn't she know this man? did he know her? these were all questions that gripped Nobari instantly. She couldn't leave now. how would she then ever find out how this man knew her family? there wasn't a way.“An appointment?”, he spoke again. “If it’s at the hospital than I could walk you there seeing how that’s where I work.” yes that would be perfect. she could get all of the information she needed out of him. all of the answer to her questions, and she hoped to be making regular visits to the hospital after this, so many she would get to see him more often. which would serve as two functions, the first she would be able to get to know him better, and how he knew her family, and the second would be that she would get to know her family better. this man seemed significantly older than she see, and when her family died she was still young, and as such didn't know/remember much about them, and she would like to get to know them better, and if this man could help her do that, then she would be eternally greatful. "Yes! i'd love your company to the hospital" she sad a tad more cheerfully, excited to not be alone for once. she said that as she turned around and faced him, giving him a eye smile.

Her comment about her sisters smile seemed to trigger some memories in the man. as he sat in thought nobari began to walk back towards him. then he said.“ She probably would say that you are already pretty and amazing.” Nobari gave the man another smile. "i don't think so. i don't do much.... well because of my condition... anyways." she shook her head and gave him another smile. she almost gave away her problem. that monster, was almost known. she and gone so long without letting anyone know about it. he would probably inquire about "her condition" and then what would she say? he worked at the hospital. he would probably find out about it sooner or later, but she would at least like to keep it hidden for as long as she possibly could. it was something that made her nervous. she didn't need to be in a mental ward. she wasn't broken. she could still function. she was just scared. scared for others and scared of others. how they would react. most people would consider her crazy, but she wasn't. she hadn't murdered anyone... yet, and she had been able to function almost normally.

“Yeah, I don’t think I have ever seen her without a smile on her face. There was always one present.” His voice pierced through her thoughts. she gave him a slight node in responce. she could agree to this. for the short five years she knew her sister, she almost always seemed to be smiling, even when you could tell she was hurting inside, she didn't want others to feel bad for her, and that's how she kept others strong around her. it was only recently that Nobari had enough mental ability to realize this about her long dead sister, but the feeling of love only grew stronger when she realized how much her sister cared about her.

“There isn’t any need to apologize. I know the pain that comes with thinking about someone you lost. You are left with a whole in your heart that, by your thinking, will never close. You continue living life, and if you are like me and try to find something to fill that void. And even when you do find something to fill it - the pain still remains. However, Chikako wouldn’t want that. She would want those who knew her to be happy - to smile like she always did. “ as he spoke Nobari couldn't help but look at the ground defeated. he was right. she needed to try and live a normal life. to try and be happy, and make things right for herself. it was at this point her own feet carried, as tears began to fill up her eyes once more. she collided into the man her arms wrapping around him as she buried her face into him.“You don’t need to leave. You can stay.  I have already paid my respect to her. Although she is still mad at me for taking this long to visit her again. . . isn't that right darling?“ she heard him say. she looked up at him? darling? was that the reason she was gone? had she been married? she seemed to young to be married at the time. she watched her brother in-law wipe away the vines on the stone and saw the secondary name that wasn't on any of the other graves in the graveyard that belonged to her family. that confirmed out. he was her brother, and she had no idea. she didn't know any of her family was left, but he. he was her family. "alright well since we are both done, would you mind taking me to my appointment, nii-san?" she said giving a eye smile towards him as she stepped a few paces back to give him room. she wondered how her would react to that. being called brother, but he had a right to know, that she was family. even if he had moved on from her sister, nobari needed the support. she was tired of being alone. she needed this. she needed a family.

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While not knowing the teenager before him, Nanashi still felt somewhat compelled to ease the doubt in her words with words of encouragement and comfort “You aren’t giving her enough credit. It’s oblivious you two were close and cared for one another. If you hadn’t, you wouldn’t be visiting her gravesite now, hmm? No matter the condition, a family who is close to one another will always love and cherish one another. And while I can’t speak for her, I do believe she would have said those things despite your condition. For no matter what, you are still family and family support each other.” In an ideal scenario, his words might have been true. But in the world they lived in, such a 'perfect' family rarely came to pass. However, his wife's family was one of the few who almost resembled a perfect family. He knew his wife would have said something similar to what he spoke to her sister. He had known his wife long enough to see the love she held for the family she left behind due to their marriage. It was shown in her words, always talking about her mother, father, and young sister. How she miss them and wondering how much bigger her baby sister had gotten. There were plenty of those nights and he remembered them all.

It really didn't take much for him to come to the realization that the teenager before him was, Nobari, the baby sister of his wife. Well, that's a lie, it did take him some time to connect the dots, figuring out how this person was related to the one buried. He came to the conclusion she was at least a close friend of the deceased, she wouldn't have brought flowers if she wasn't. Her knowing the exact location of this particular gravesite, it being further out than most, also told him that she might have been a relative. That was only further proven by her words and the strong emotions of love and sadness easily picked up with them. It was only when he got a good look at the teenager did the connection finally clicked with him. She looked like a younger version of Chikako but with noticeable differences between the two.

Nodding, Nanashi stood up from his kneeling position and faced his wife’s sister “Yes, let's get going, little sister.”, he said. Being called big brother didn't phase him at all seeing how some of the younger geisha typically did the same. He had become used to someone calling him their big brother. However, maybe this one was different due to the relations he had with the girl's sibling. With one last look back at the gravesite and a mental promise to return soon, Nanashi began leisurely walking out of the cemetery with Nobari. "Do you know who you might be seeing?", he asked casually. Wondering if he knew the doctor that would be seeing Nobari, not like he had an invested interest, just curious. Yeah, lets just leave it like that. . .curiosity.


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