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Data on Hattori, Sachiko
Most information here is for the sole purpose of reference and cannot be known IC by anyone other than Sachiko herself unless disclosed to them in a thread

Personal Profile

Name: Hattori, Sachiko
Aliases: N/A
Clan: Hattori
Date of Birth: October 30th
Current Age: 13
Birthplace: Land of Grass
Affiliation: Kirigakure no Sato

Height: 4'11" (1.50 meters)
Weight: 84 lbs. (38.1 kg)
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Build: Slim
Blood Type: AB+

Combat Statistics

Ninja Rank: Genin

  • Hattori, Sachiko [Dossier] New-ke10 Bukijutsu (Kenjutsu), S-Rank
  • Hattori, Sachiko [Dossier] Nin1010 Ninjutsu, B-Rank


  • Hattori, Sachiko [Dossier] Lightn12 Raiton (Lightning Release), S-Rank
  • Hattori, Sachiko [Dossier] Earth11 Doton (Earth Release), C-Rank

Kekkei Genkai: Hattori Bukijutsu Specialist (+1 Perception/Reaction Time)
Known Jutsu by Rank:

  • Clan Jutsu - 1
  • E-Rank - 8
  • D-Rank - 4
  • C-Rank - 3
  • B-Rank - 0
  • A-Rank - 0
  • S-Rank - 0

Combat Type: Offense | Support
Preferred Tactic(s): Counterattack or Heavy Blitz

In-depth Bio

Background: Hattori, Sachiko was born and raised in an orphanage in a small town within the Land of Grass called Engaru. There she grew up in a town that cooperated with a band of outlaws which raided other villages and returned to Engaru as a safehaven. When she was thirteen, the outlaws grew power hungry and turned on the village which had funded them in return for safety. During the coup, a man who was recently visiting the village was able to stop the rebelling outlaws from taking over the town. The mayor who had committed the deal with the outlaws had been killed but the rest of the town saved. Seeing how skillful the man was, Sachiko implored that she be taught how to defend herself like he was able to for the village. The man finally accepted and took her back to his home, Kirigakure, and from there on the man became her caretaker, master, and father figure. Shingen, her caretaker, never officially took her as a child but as a student which he personally taught. It is with him that she currently calls home and family.

Ninja Training: Sachiko never attended the Ninja Academy in Kirigakure but was instead taught everything she needed to know by Shingen, her mentor and caretaker. When she was deemed fit to serve as part of Kirigakure no Sato’s military force, Shingen had personally requested she get a special acceptance into Genin as she never went through the Academy. Once accepted, the leaders were quite interested in how one would do being personally trained under one of their own and never having learned from their formal ninja educational system.

Recent Events: Sachiko has recently met with a few other ninja of the Hidden Mist; Sero, Ash, and Tenshi to name a few as well as a ronin by the name of Yamino. While making an effort to assimilate with her new comrades in arms, Sachiko has started her first missions which have proven to be a challenge already. In hopes of becoming a better ninja and to make sure she is of the same par, or better, as the other ninja in the village, Sachiko has put herself on a hard training regiment to prove herself worthy of promotion and further implementation in the village’s covert operations.

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Ninja Rank Progression


C-rank ninja, commonly known in Hidden Villages as Chūnin (中忍; Literally meaning "Middle Ninja") are ninja who are qualified to guide other ninja and lead missions. Chūnin have reached a level of maturity and ability that primarily consists of leadership skills and tactical prowess. Genin who do not have the skills to become chūnin are weeded out in the chūnin exams. Some of them, like Iruka Umino and Daikoku Funeno move on to function as Academy teachers and others, like Shikamaru Nara, serve as team leaders in charge of small teams who need to make decisions and utilise the skills of the shinobi under their command to the maximum effect. Chūnin are typically sent on C-rank or B-rank missions.

Jutsu Limit: 37 jutsu, may only use E, D, C and B-rank jutsu.
Requirements for a promotion to this rank:

  • Kage/admin approval.
  • 3 missions completed, 1 of at least D rank and 2 of at least C-rank. (Ronin and Nukenin can defeat 3 ninja of their own rank or 1 ninja of 1 rank higher to fulfill this requirement; Village-nin can do the same, but ONLY with enemies of the village or Missing-nin.)
  • Displays prowess with jutsu (1 D and 2 C more than your free starting jutsu). Requirements are slightly lower for weapon specialists.
  • Displays exceptional physical prowess (has 2 stats trained up to D-3 and 2 up to E-1), or is all-around a bit above-average in ninja ability (has all stats up to E-3)
  • Interacts on a regular basis with others (any 6 non-mission roleplay threads with at least one other character; each thread should elapse 2000 words (these can be used for training) and at least 3 posts for each participant).

Social Threads:
Social Thread 1
Social Thread 2
Social Thread 3

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