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Mission name: Chase the White Rabbit – Part 1: Through the Trees
Mission rank: D rank
Objective: Find, chase and catch the white rabbit.
Location: Silverlight Forest.
Reward: 2 Easter Eggs
Mission description: There is a legend in Japan that speaks of the Moon Rabbit. A rare breed that comes out at night during this time of the year to stare at the moon. Some say to catch one would be a sign of new beginnings and good fortune. And some say that they have come to the forest? Would you believe these tall tales? Are you game enough to sneak out to the forest after dark and try your luck?

Mission details: The creature you are looking for is a medium sized rabbit with large ears and a sneaky temper. He can usually be found in the deepest parts of Silver forest in patches where the moon can be seen. You’re task is to find it, catch it alive and bring it back to the town. Be warned, it is fast and clever and it will only reveal itself to you after you have reached the 600 words required of this mission.

The sun had set less than an hour ago, and the forest was alight with an odd luminescent glow that do doubt inspired it's name, Silverlight Forest. It was odd how the strangely Orange grass itself seemed to glow at night, let alone the silvery trees. It gave the forest an extremely whimsical and supernatural feel. It would be spooky perhaps were it not for the whimsical feeling. It felt more like a cartoon might suddenly jump out at you than some spooky figure. The orangish grass, against her orange fur, gave her a distinctive advantage in the camouflage department. With her Orange fur and black markings, it was easy for her to hide in such a forest. And the darkness itself wasn't an encumberance either. Suki, as a cat, had great night vision, without the need of a doujutsu or any chakra expenditure. This meant nothing was hidden in the dark, its colors merely changed. Not that night vision was truly necessary considering hope the forest itself seemed to be luminescent.

Suki had heard of eggs being hidden all over, and was interested in finding them, but she had heard of a strange rabbit that roamed these woods at night. And that was her goal. To catch one of these rabbits, and bring it back to the village alive. The eggs didn't matter so much in the mean time. Suki jumped upwards, landing on a low hanging branch. From there she began jumping from one silvery tree branch to another, looking for movement from below. She wasn't seeing any. She had also heard of how elusive these rabbits could be, that they were not easy to find. And she was expecting to have to put some serious effort into finding one. Tree roots and the bushes and plants gave good cover for a small animal to hide.

While a tree branch gave her a good vantage point, it didn't give her too great a view of what was in the shrubbery. Still, she wasn't exactly sure how She should go about looking for one. Hopefully however the rabbit would not see her if she kept to the trees. That was her hope anyway. Suki smiled to herself as she stopped, looking around in futile hopes of finding this elusive moon rabbit. The bushes looked clean, marry a rustle or rattle to be heard. That said, such a sneaky creature might not be so obvious. There was, quite suddenly, a rustle just below her. Suki looked down in excitement, just to see a bird fly out of a bush. Suki sighed softly and moved on. There was a clearing up ahead. These rabbits we're said to love gazing at the moon. She could only hope to find one. But, once again, her survey of the area yielded no results.

Still, She had hope. She didn't have a desire to return empty handed, and that meant she needed to keep going at it. Rather than burst into The clearing, she resolved to prowl the perimeter of it in an attempt to stay out of view and find one as it emerged into the clearing. This would be an ideal place to moon gaze, so hopefully, just maybe, a rabbit would come here for that very purpose. Still, no luck thus far. So she jumped a few trees over, and looked down at the orange grass, hoping that a rabbit would emerge. More bushes, and a rustling! Tention poured from her body as a squirrel emerged, and proceeded to climb up her tree. It managed to climb onto her branch before seeing her, a large cat, and seeking fearfully and bolting to another tree. Suki smiled and sighed, dispersing tension and excitement. Just a squirrel, yet she had gotten so hopeful. She moved on to another tree. Nothing. Again, to another tree. And yet again, nothing. Fate wasn't being kind to her, but she hadn't truly expected to be lucky. Another rustle, and.... A raccoon? Seriously? Was the forest just trying to throw everything else at her? This was hardly fair! Suki sighed. These were indeed sneaky rabbits.

A rustle. Suki jumped to the next tree. No doubt a baby deer or something absurd. She turned and saw it then, emerging from the bushes. A medium sized rabbit. It hopped out and looked out at the moon. Suki smiled at long last, there it was! She jumped silently back to the nearer tree and waited. And she waited. She was in no rush to simply scare it off. She removed a large backpack from her back, which she had attached via a harness. She zipped it open and looked down. With a swift movement, the backpack, now on her stomach, and her, jumped from the tree and pinned the rabbit to the ground. She smiled and spoke the, softly to the rabbit. "Sorry, but I won't hurt you" Suki stood, and placed The rabbit in the large pouch, zipping it almost totally up, but leaving a small hole for oxygen. With her prize adjusted back onto her back, she began walking back out of the forest.


Word Count: [864]

Mission Requirements: [600 Words, rabbit only spotted roughly 700 words into it.]

[Speed E to E2, 75+150]

Word Count Remaining: [39]


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