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Uchiha Tenzō


“Who would believe in such a fairy tail... I can’t believe that you dragged me into this, Shiro.” Tenzō murmured between those razor-sharp teeth while walking strolling throughout the forest alongside a pale woman who share quite a few similar traits him. A soft and lady-like giggle escaped between the woman’s lips, matching perfectly that innocent and fragile looking husk which was quite misguiding for those who were to judge someone by their looks. “Don’t worry Tenzō, I’m sure that we’ll find something here if we keep searching for it... I got this gut feeling that we’re not the only ones searching for it either.” Shiro said while frowning, those ebony eyes for her scattered around the vicinity, just to notice a squirrel that crumbled down a tree.

“Ha-Ha-Ha” the raven-haired man laughed with a broad smile upon his face before resting that right hand of his upon her left shoulder. A disappointing sigh escaped from Shiro while hanging that head of hers down; despite however the night might turn out to be, it was clear as daylight that both of them were quite enjoying the time, and being within each other’s presence. “You thought that was the rabbit, didn’t you?” he asked while keeping those lips curled upwards. “Ugh... let’s just keep looking. We haven’t yet finished up searching, and taking a better look at this map... the forest seems to be quite large.” Shiro added while fixating her eyes against a small map which they bought up on their way towards this place.

This whole journey began from a legend which Shiro took interest in from the old woman that they recently helped, one which spoke about a white rabbit that was known as the Moon Rabbit. Somewhere located within the country known as the Satou no Kuni was located a well-known forest that shimmered brightly when the slumbering moon was present upon the pitch-black sky, the forest was known as the Silverlight Forest and the location was frequently visited by tourists due to its tall and silvery skeletal trees that formed it.

Without further ado, the pair continued scouring the forest while both of them kept their eyes peeled in case the so called bunny was somewhere nearby, moving silently and was probably the best approach they could do, so that they may not scare the creature away. However, both of them were having fun and the whole experience was more enjoyable than the end reward, for them at least. “There is also a reward for those who manage to locate and catch the rabbit alive for the town, Tenzō. With that being said, please do your best and not harm it if you happen to find it before I do, alright?” were the worrying words spoken by Shiro on her soft tone while taking her eyes away from the map before carefully folding it back into a square-shaped form.

“You don’t really have to worry about this, Shiro. I promise that I’ll try my best not to injure the rabbit at all, if we can even find one that matches that description.” Tenzō responded while letting a faint smile take over his lips. Unlike his sister, the raven-haired man didn’t really displayed much fait when it came towards tales or legends; a skeptical personality drove him which allowed that head of his to work under a rational way of thinking. Due to the fact that the young lad frequently went hunting with that father of his, the Uchiha was capable of tracking down any kind of traces left behind the animal, since most of the animals that he used to hunt were those that were capable of providing the family with food.

Moments later, the Moon Rabbit was found by the Uchiha siblings leaving them at first with nothing more than a surprised expression upon their faces. He was indeed quick and cunning, as such, the chase for the animal started in that moment. Luckily they were two, and their physical training allowed them to corner up the animal and catch him in just a couple of minutes. Shiro snuck from behind, while Tenzō acted as a diversion for the rabbit’s eyes. Therefore, once the animal was caught, the small pair started heading towards the town in order to receive their promised reward.

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