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Uchiha Tenzō


Despite her Uchiha nature, Shiro was a young woman that was filled with joy and happiness due to her extremely friendly behavior, and hearing that there were kids at the hospital that couldn’t enjoy the festivities due to them not being able to leave it, was nothing more than a stab against that heart of hers. As such, with a little bit of convincing that was needed for Tenzō to accept this assignment, both of the Uchiha siblings decided to embark on this delivery assignment that was meant to bring a picnic basket filled with chocolate eggs towards the children that were located at the hospital. The building was somewhere located around the edge of the forest, and during their way there they might encounter the pesky wolves that were currently roaming that area. Apparently, these wolves showed rather randomly and it all depended on the luck that was detained by this young pair of shinobi, and if they would show up or not was a thing that would be reserved for a much later discussion.

Dealing with them individually wasn’t really a difficult task per se; however, dealing with them while ensuring that none of the eggs will get broken and remain intact for the children made the whole mission much harder than it seemed at a first glance. This was a thing which they weren’t aware from the beginning, and they were about to face the troubles much later on, since they were now just getting ready and waiting for the picnic basket to be filled up with the eggs that were needed to be delivered. “Here is the package that needs to be delivered, make sure that you don’t jerk it around since the chocolate eggs that are inside might crack and disappoint a few of the children that are waiting for them.” a man around his forties said on a slightly worried tone while handling over the basket to Tenzō. “We’ll make sure that this basket will get there intact, since we’ve handled far more fragile contents than this one during our past missions, when the stakes were actually much higher and the pressure was equally heavier.” the raven-haired man answered with a sentence of his own while letting those fingers entangle neatly around the basket’s handle.

After the basket was safely standing within Tenzō grasp, both him and that beloved sister of his started making their way towards the hospital that was awaiting for the package to be delivered. At the moment, they were still located within the so called small town which stood in Cocoa Alley, and they were just about the leave it and depart throughout the forest. “If you usually do this in your vacations Shiro, I would hate to image what you chose to do within your free time; however, it’s quite enjoyable knowing that we’ve finally have some time to spent together.” Tenzō said while letting a smile take over that face of his. Shiro couldn’t help but laugh at the situation they found themselves in, while knowing that this whole time was meant to be spent relaxing instead of completing these kind of tasks, however, she agreed with what he was saying, appreciating as well the fact that they were spending time together like they once did as small children.

Halfway through their destination, the pair of shinobi heard a howling sound that echoed throughout the forest, one that was easily carried by the wind against their sharp ears. In just a couple of moments, a wolf showed himself against them, facing them violently while keeping those razor-shaped teeth revealing towards them. It was common knowledge that wolves were most likely walking in packs, and it was bound for more to show up any moment from know. As such, Tenzō quickly passed the package to Shiro before grabbing on a the shurikens that were neatly sitting within that pouch of his. Without further ado, the projectiles were quickly tossed towards the wolf, three in number before the man began working on a couple of hand seals. As soon as those consecutive hand seals were finished, the rest of the wolves showed themselves and immediately charged at the Uchiha; however, Tenzō quickly finished them up and shouted “Katon, Hōsenka no Jutsu!” a few small projectiles of fire began gushing out from those pale and numb lips.

All of them were aimed at the wolves, and due to the raging fire the animals were scared away while running with their tail between those legs. “That was a close one, Shiro.” the Uchiha lad said while scattering those eyes around their vicinity, making sure that he didn’t accidently set the forest on fire. Not everything went perfectly, and a small flame arose from a nearby mountain of leaves, although, with that high perception of his, Tenzō was capable of spotting it quickly before it spread and quickly dashed towards it before stomping the flames with that grey sandal of his. It was a bit unorthodox, but it worked eventually, dissipating that small flame which appeared within just moments.

Within thirty minutes or so, the group managed to finally arrive at the hospital and with the guidance of a nurse that was nearby, both Shiro and Tenzō entered a room that was destined for the children to enjoy the festivities despite their inability to leave the building. Despite the fact that they weren’t outside, the staff there ensured that the children had a couple of things that were destined for their entertainment, such as music and a couple of board games. While handling the chocolate eggs to each child, the Uchiha siblings received an invitation from one of the doctors to remain a few moments and enjoy the festival that was happening in at that moment; however, there were other things that needed to be done in that day. Once they kindly refused their hospitalities, the pair started making their way back towards the village in order to pick up their well-earned reward that was awaiting for them.

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