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WKazui stood with her back to one of the silvery trees that gave the forest it's name. The sun had gone down and the moon shone above contentedly in the sky, which was partially cloudy, yet without the threat of rain, which was fortunate. She was wearing her usual outfit, a white blouse with red accents, and a red skirt with white accents. They almost clashed with the bronze shield on her back, and the gladius on her hip. Casual female clothing was rarely worn with warriors weapons, and so the combination was somewhat odd. Kazui adjusted the shield slightly, feeling the extra weight the item forced her to carry. It slowed her down a bit, but was more than worth it in the end. The gladius, on the other hand, didn't slow her down at all. Together they would allow her to both attack and defend with at least some level of agility. Well, for a genin. Kazui was, in the end, just a genin. She couldn't hope to truly hold her own against higher ranking ninja.

Kazui surveyed the forest, and the forest clearly lived up to it's name. The trees were silvery, and the grass Orange, which gave the woods a whimsical feel. Adding to the effect was the fact that the grass and trees, everything perhaps, seemed to be faintly bioluminescent. Everything glowed in an odd way, that seemed to almost defy what one would expect a forest to look like. Kazui had taken up a simple mission. Rare rabbits that lived in these woods were being gathered. Those willing to do it were sent into the forest to find them. They were sneaky, said to be hard to spot, and ones best chance to spot them was when they came out to gaze at the moon. This was why Kazuu was in the woods this night, and not in the day. That said, she wondered why the town wanted these rabbits, and how many others were looking for these rabbits. Perhaps she would run into some others.

Word Count: [346]

[OoC: So sorry for the shortness... I don't really know how it's best to do missions with low WC requirements as a team... I didn't want to do a normal post and end up with more wc than necessary.... This is really my first mission of D rank that's not solo.]




“Finally, night has fallen.”, those were the thoughts of a single individual, their greyish silver hair visible in the moonlight, oddly enough, matched almost perfectly with the bark of the silver tree that they stood on.  Never in their life had they seen a tree of such color, nor have they seen grass that was orange. If they wasn’t currently busy, they would have looked more into the oddity of the flora life around them but alas things don’t work out in the way we want at times. Hidden within the darkness of the tree, alone predatory eye surveyed the forest floor, locking onto any type of moment, and dismissing it when it turns out not to be what they were seeking. As seconds, minutes, ticked by, the aforementioned action was repeated over, and over, and over again:  lock-on, dismiss, repeat. never once slowly down the seemingly fruitless search for its prey.

Rather out of annoyance or something else entirely, a tsk sound escaped the individual’s lips at the lack of finding the elusive prey. A prey that seemed to be mocking them with every passing minute. If that was enough the forest, once silent during the day, was now overflowing with a variety of wildlife - all which seem to be nocturnal in nature. It just made searching the thing that much harder. . .

Fantastic. With a slight bend of the knees, the individual propelled themselves off the branch, and landing on the forest floor with a thump, scaring the animals below, causing them to scatter from the sudden intrusion. Having left the shadows of the tree allowed the identity of this individual to be known - Guanyin Nanashi.  The medic of Iwagakure no Sato was wearing his typical gear: a dark green kimono with a skin tight black shirt underneath, black hakama pants that reached to his ankles, barely touching the match black getas with steel reinforced bottoms that elevated his height an additional two inches, keeping the top and bottom together was a dark green obi tied around the waist. Finishing off his attire was a simple black eyepatch covering his left eye. No kunai or shuriken pouch could be seen on his person though this didn’t mean that he was defenseless - far from it actually - for hidden within each sleeve a senbon measuring over a foot in length that was being held in place by a holster of sorts.

“Now where is this rabbit?” , Nanashi mused to himself, having walked deeper into the forest. Why was he searching for a rabbit? Funny story actually, while enjoying some time away from Iwagakure he somehow ended up in a small village where the townspeople as for his help in catching a rabbit. A rabbit that apparently is native to these woods but extremely hard catch and find. They also only seem to come out around this time of the year. So, with that information and the promise of a reward, Nanashi offered to help them. Thus the story behind him being in the woods looking for a rabbit.

Looking around for any tracks, Nanashi spotted movement out the corner of his right eye  and seeing how it was too big to be his target he was about to dismiss it. . .until he realized it was another person.
Walking up to the female, Nanashi spoke “Hey. Have you seen a rabbit nearby?”

Never would he know that, if he stayed in the tree for a few more minutes he would have spotted said animal.

Word Count: 587

((OOC:: No problem. I tend to just write till I get to a decent stopping point. >.> As seen in my reply. lol))



Kazui smiled as she looked around the odd forest, debating where she should look for this rabbit she was after. She had a plan to find a rabbit, but she preferred to look around first, She had a jutsu specifically for this purpose. Being an aburame, she could simply send out insects to find a rabbit. She also had a custom jutsu which used insects to sense living things within a good distance of herself. That said, at the moment, with all her kikaichu inside and under her skin, it wasn't exactly obvious that she was a living hive. It was actually a dark and frightening clan when you thought about It. You give your own babies to the bugs, which then burrow through the babies skin and start breeding inside their very flesh. Inside Kazui were hundreds, no, thousands of insects. Having grown up with them, their burrowing and such wasn't even uncomfortable. It was something she simply tuned out, like a person living next to a river tuned out the sound of rushing water as they adjusted to the constant sound.

A white haired figure approached her then. So then, he was going to look for rabbits too! Kazui once again found herself curious why the mission wanted her to catch one of these rabbits. "Ahh, looking for one too huh? I have a mission for one of these rabbits too... Sadly I haven't seen one around. If you want we could simply find them together... Besides it's more enjoyable doing this kind of stuff with someone else....oh! I forgot to give you my name... I am Kazui." Kazui, being in a rather good mood, was feeling very friendly and happy to talk to anyone in particular. At any rate, she was telling the truth, it was more entertaining to do such jobs As a pair, at least to her. That said, she could do such a mission herself. She had plans to finish the mission hopefully rather quickly and progress to doing more.

Kazui smiled then and looked around for a moment, before adjusting her shield and gladius. "Oh....and... I am an Aburame... So hopefully we can find those rabbits quickly." With that, she allowed her bugs to climb through her pores and onto the surface of her skin, before dispersing around her, flying into the air to scout around her. Her bugs flew around, and relayed back to her the locations of movements of every living thing within 20 meters of her. Hopefully She could spot rabbits as soon as they entered the area around her. "That should help."

Word Count: [439]
Total Word Count: [439+346=785]
Chakra: 140/150

Jutsu Used:

Name: Kikaichu Tracking: Basic
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: D Rank
Type: Supplementary
Element: N/A
Range: 20 Meters
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: 3 Posts
Cooldown: 6 Posts
Description: The Aburame clan member sends out a swarm of bugs which fly around the area. They report back on the positions of every living thing within 20 meters. This gives the user a mental map of their surroundings, and can help keep the user informed on the movements of others. After 3 posts, the kikaichu return to the user's body.




Shinobi, or maybe warrior? That’s the first two thoughts entering Nanashi’s mind as he looked at the woman before him - looking over her persona for any other weapons besides the gladius and bronze, least he thinks it’s bronze, shield visible. He found none though that meant little in today’s world due to many people, mostly shinobi, hide a majority of their weapons in seals on their body. And seeing how fuuinjutsu have involved to the point many of seals look like tribal tattoos it meant distinguishing them from a regular tattoo is a pain in the ass and half. Again from what he could see, she didn’t have any tattoos, but they could be simply hidden from view. Why he did care about her having additional weapons on her persona? Well, he didn’t feel like getting killed by seemingly innocent, and cute, woman due to him lowering his guard and underestimating her. Was he looking for trouble? Nope, he only wants to get this mission done and then restart the search for the mission geisha; they were his top priority after all.

What a coincidence. It seemed like he isn’t the only one looking for a rabbit. Having spent a couple of hours in the forest beforehand and not running into anyone else during this task, he thought that he was the only one who offer to assist the townspeople in bringing back a rabbit. It apparently that isn’t the case as revealed by the woman - Kazui “It’s a pleasure to meet you Kazui. I’m Guanyin Nanashi.”, he stated, gesturing for a hand-shake by extending his right hand, and if accepted, clasps her hand in a firm but gentle grip before allowing his own to return back to his side.  “You aren’t the only one who haven’t had any luck in finding a rabbit. I have been in this forest for a couple of hours now and have yet to see any signs of them. Working together? Sure, why not? Like you said it’s more enjoyable to work with another. Plus we will have a better chance of finding one.”, a small smile gracing his face at agreeing to work with her.

While naturally preferring to work alone, he will work with others when the circumstances call for it. And right now the situation indeed call for him to partner up with Kazui. This would hopefully speed up the process of finding the rabbits) allowing him to focus on more important things.

“An Aburame?”, he thought, watching the scene,  of hundreds upon hundreds of bugs squeezing their way out of her pores forming a black mass before dispersing around her and to the fore corners of the forest. with a hint of curiosity. This would be the first time that he worked with an Aburame. Before this, he had never worked, or known, anyone from the Aburame clan. It will truly be an experience for him. “ Good idea. The rabbits are less likely to run away from insects,  seeing them as a not a threat, unlike us. “ looking around the area, he still didn’t spot anything.

However, far from their locations a pair of rabbits had come out of hiding both brushing up against foliages and gained some unwanted passengers that may or may not be the bugs from Kazui.

Word Count: 565
Total Word Count: 1152



So his name was Nanashi? That was a nice name, she had to admit. That said, she wasn't terribly familiar with the Guanyin clan. It rang a bell, like something you overheard once, or was mentioned in passing, but other than that...she couldn't quite recall anything else. Regardless, she was somewhat glad he had given his name. As a former noble family of Konoha, the aburame clan was fairly well known, unfortunately that meant the name was a dead giveaway of what their abilities were. Kazui usually never introduced herself as an aburame, and that was partly why. The other major reason being that while she was an aburame, her surname was Kessho. Her mother had consented to let her father give her to his kikaichu, but requested she keep her mother's surname in exchange. Kazui's father found the deal more than agreeable, and so it was done. She supposed she could technically introduce herself as Kazui Kessho-Aburame or something similar, but she felt no need to.

Kazui took his hand as he held it out. It was a nice greeting. He didn't try to break her hand like some people might. Kazui greatly appreciated that. Kazui smiled as he spoke of rabbits not running from bugs. It had been a good point, and that would certainly be useful. She was mainly hoping to simply scout them out. She wouldn't normally use a jutsu to find a rabbit, however these were sneaky rabbits, and it was a fairly inexpensive jutsu as far as chakra costs were concerned. With her bugs flying around, she had a good sense of where all the animals within range were. And suddenly, at the edge of her jutsu's range, her bugs picked up something New. Not just one something either, but 2 something's. She concentrated her attention on that area. Fortunately, as luck would have it, the rabbits managed to pick up a few unintended hitchhikers. Hitchhikers Kazui was quite familiar with at that.

"Over there, two rabbits have picked up a few of my bugs." Kazui smiled contentedly and jumped upwards onto a low hanging tree branch. Then she began jumping from branch to branch. To get closer. Kazui simply assumed he was following, which in hindsight, probably wasn't a good idea. "This way we can both finish the mission." Kazui paused for a moment as she looked again. There the rabbits were! Kazui pulled a kunai from a pouch on her belt and readied herself. "On your signal" When Nanashi indicated he was ready, Kazui would throw the kunai, aiming above the rabbits , aiming to strike the ground on the opposite side of The rabbits. This would scare at least be of them her way. It was her intention to then drop from the branch and land in front of it, capturing it.

Once Nanashi gave signal that he was ready, Kazui threw her plan into motion with phase one. With one of the rabbits, possibly 2, heading her way. She would jump down and catch it when it was stunned for a second by her sudden appearance. Kazui stood again, her hands clasping the rabbit securely, and smiled. A tree branch had been obscuring her view of the other rabbit, so she had no idea if and how Nanashi had captured his rabbit. "Hey Nanashi, did you get yours? Do you need any help?" With that said, Kazui proceeded to set off to find Nanashi. "You ready to head back to turn in these rabbits? We should do another mission together sometime!" Kazui would happily head back towards town with Nanashi, or go off on her own, whatever he prefered.


Word Count: [619]
Total Word Count: [785+619=1,404]
Chakra: 140/150

Mission WC required=600
Remaining WC= 804
Reaction Time D1 to D2= 400 WC and 50 ryo
Endurance D0 to D1= 325 WC and 25 ryo
Remaining WC= 79

[OoC: you wanted to end it in our next posts, otherwise I wouldn't have done so much in a single post. But dragging a D rank mission on too long didn't seem too great either. So sorry for the lack of speed with my posts. Been a tad busy and had a lot of topics at once to reply to. I Will do better in the future]




The pair didn’t have to wait long before Kazui’s companions managed to locate the target(s). For no sooner after they were released from her pores did it seem that they found not one, but two rabbits. This brought some relief to the silver haired man, having wanted to complete this mission as soon as possible in order to get back to more important stuff - like finding his missing friends. Nanashi followed the young Aburame’s example, jumping upward and landing on an adjacent tree branch from hers - using chakra to land with any audible sound. No sooner had he landed,  did he follow the teen, jumping from branch to branch, as they neared their designation.

“Yeah, though you did all the work,”, the words were spoken in a joking manner, lacking resentment, for they were the true - Kazui did do most of the work. The Aburame teen showcase why many missing-nin did not like having one of them on their trail. There are many different ways you can outsmart a dog, but not insects, they can evolve, they can adapt.

Landing on an adjacent branch, Nanashi gave a non-verbal signal and watched with mild interest on how Kazui was gong to ensure they both get a rabbit. A smile tugged at his otherwise stoic face as he noted her tactic almost instantly - confusion. Confusion can be, and often times will be, a shinobi greatest tool in their arsenal. Killing or striking someone without any warning cause many to panic for a few seconds, not knowing what’s exactly going on, before settling on a plan, however, it’s usually too late by then for the shinobi would’ve already completed their objective.

When the kunai hit the ground with a solid thump, the two rabbits sprinted off in an opposite direction, never knowing that they were sealing their fates in their panic states. With the grace of a cat, Nanashi landed right a front of a white rabbit, and with the precise of a mantis, snatched it up before it could escape, and securely cradle it in his arms. “Yeah, I got the other rabbit. Although, he doesn’t seem to like me much,”, that seem to be the case for the rabbit was angrily trying to nip at his arms. “Don’t worry I’m not here to hurt you.”, attempted to pet it resulted in Nanashi receiving a shallow wound on his hand, although that didn’t stop him from petting it.

The rabbit would have melody out by the time the two shinobi found each other “Yeah, I would like that. “ adjusting the rabbit in his arms, Nanashi followed Kazui out of the forest. A mission complete.


Word Count: 455
Total Word Count: 1607

WC Required for Mission:: 600
Remaining WC: 1007
Speed B-0 -> B-1 = 700 words & 175 ryo

Remaining WC: 307

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