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mission statement:

Mission name: Chase the White Rabbit – Part 1: Through the Trees
Mission rank: D rank
Objective: Find, chase and catch the white rabbit.
Location: Silverlight Forest.
Reward: 2 Easter Eggs
Mission description: There is a legend in Japan that speaks of the Moon Rabbit. A rare breed that comes out at night during this time of the year to stare at the moon. Some say to catch one would be a sign of new beginnings and good fortune. And some say that they have come to the forest? Would you believe these tall tales? Are you game enough to sneak out to the forest after dark and try your luck?

Mission details: The creature you are looking for is a medium sized rabbit with large ears and a sneaky temper. He can usually be found in the deepest parts of Silver forest in patches where the moon can be seen. You’re task is to find it, catch it alive and bring it back to the town. Be warned, it is fast and clever and it will only reveal itself to you after you have reached the 600 words required of this mission.

Trying to find a rabbit, a rabbit of all animals they could think of and no, not just any rabbit would've been good enough, no they wanted a genuine white rabbit. To ask this from an ANBU operative, no a captain of Konoha's elite was almost a prepostrous idea, but alas, there was alot of free time, as well as the fact that some lighter and less straining missions could always turn out to be quite nice.

Walking through the forest with Uraeus coiled around her waist and with his head resting upon her shoulders, the young captain of Konoha's ANBU forces wastrying to figure out how she would ever be able to catch something small and cuddly like that without killing it in the process.

"You know," The massive white snake hissed calmly, almost with a humoristic tone in his voice. "I'm a snake, we're searching for a rabbit...I'm hungry and willing to help you at this point. I can sniff it out if you want, a rabbit that is."

Risu stopped walking for a moment, thought about the proposal and gave a nod. A hungry snake was by far one of the best trackers in the entire animal kingdom. What they lacked in actual vision, they more than compensated by a combined taste of sense and smell, as well as hearing and sight, a unique power called synesthesia or simply put, all senses put into one mix.

"Ah well, it might be worth a shot," The young woman replied calmly, patting the snake's head for a bit, after which she waited for his instructions regarding where therewere any animals that could possibly fit the bill and how she would be taking that animal alive and well without uraeus gulping it down just for fun. "Do still behave, if you can."

The moon was shining through the forest's foliage with a pale, almost soothing light, making everything bathe in some kind of magical atmosphere, a feeling the young woman knew all to well, for she loved watching the moon and someway or another the people from the mission board said exactly the same thing about the rare breed of rabbit they wanted to have, they even called it the 'moon rabbit', which Risu decided to be an actually quite good sounding name for what she envisioned to be a cute white rabbit, perking its nose up from out of a hole straight in front of her...


Straight in front of her?

Two red, beady eyes blinked at the same time as her own golden eyes managed to blink and then poof!!

The rabbit started running through some bushes, escaping the young woman's sight, but apparently not her companion's sense of smell, as Uraeus managed to lock on the scent of this particular rabbit, his eyes turning greedy and lustful from shere hunger.

With a hiss the snake slithered off of the young woman's body, making hisway through those same bushes through which the white rabbit they had seen ran away.

"...I dont think that was the rabbit we were looking for," The young woman sighed, remembering that the people from the mission board had explicitly told her that the moon rabbit had a crescent-shaped patch of silver hair between their blueish black eyes and this one had red eyes, which practically made it an albino, just like Uraeus himself. "Probably his belly was speaking louder than his brains."

Walking further and further into the forest, Risu ended up on an open spot in the forest, deciding to take a rest on an old treestump at that open spot and take a break while waiting for her companion Uraeus to return, most likely with a full belly this time.
____________600 mark_______________

To her greatest surprise, the sound of rustling leaves behind her, made the young woman turn around and almost had she greeted her companion if it werent for the fact that out of the bushes did not slither a white snake, but a rather large example of a white rabbit, with a crescent shaped spot between two blueish black eyes.

Making not a single wasted movement, the young woman quickly made a few handseals, which in turn scared the rabbit off, which jumped back into the bushes, but Risu's jutsu was faster, when two snakes made out of rock and water emerged out of the ground and clasped the rabbit within their grasp.

"Smart and tricky, pfft," The young woman sighed, while checking that the rabbit wasn't hurt or worse...dead. "No rabbit outsmarts a snake."

773/600 mission complete



Not the monster you need, but the monster you deserve

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