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He had only left iwagakure no sato a few days ago in search of a legend. A very rare one. Most people believed it to be a legend and others believed it to be a myth but someone like dray.. its just something everyone seems interested in. He had no trouble exiting iwagakure after all, he was a lone wolf. He journeyed for about a day and half before finally getting there. It was a brand new land. One that looked like it was built for only those of pure souls. Floors of gold and skies of silver. Walls of gems and windows of crystals. Not a single thing looked ordinary in this strange land. Everything looked still yet they were busy. There was no feeling of life yet there were presence of living creatures. Taking one more cautious step forward, the whole surrounding sprang to life, taking dray aback. It was probably a surprise for any new person that came on but little did they know that dray was not much of a fun person. All he had was this calm look that made it difficult for anyone to know what he was thinking or planning, be it good or bad.
Dray checked into an inn in this mysterious village. The place looked more magical and breath taking. It was like a fantasy but do fantasies truly exist….. He was given a room on the fifth floor of the inn. He climbed up the stairs of cedar wood until he finally got to the fifth floor. He looked at each doors as he walked through the peaceful hallway. He looked to his right as he glanced at the number fourteen on the door. He turned the door knob and opened the door gently. Whoosh!! came an object straight at him from the inside of the room but using his fast reflexes, he had more than enough time to dodge what happened to be a jam doughnut. It was truly Easter. Chocolates and biscuits flying here and there. A season for fun and pranks. One prank down. The doughnut was directly headed for his mouth. Another welcome surprise. Dray came with no luggage so he had nothing to unpack. It was just he and himself. He had even left his precious puppets at home. The feeling of staying without them was aching. Dray took off his cloak like shirt as his upper body was exposed. His small yet fit body looked sexy. It was an almost perfect body. He walked over to the one window that the room had. He opened it and looked out into the streets. The smell of strawberry filled his nose yet he was not moved. He looked down as he saw almost everybody celebrating. Children playing all sorts of pranks, old men gambling and drinking while the women were carrying foods and drinks from one place to another. It was a sight to behold for whoever loved fun but dray only had fun when his strings were connected to his puppets. That feeling was mutual.
Dray moved away from the window and towards the bed. He fell unto it like someone shot at the head by an arrow. He lay on the bed like a lifeless body waiting to be buried. He then opened his eyes and looked at the ceiling. He stared at the dove symbols that were emblazoned on it. Somewhere white and other were brown. Some even had black in them but they were just images. Dray thought about why he came here in the first place. The legend of the white rabbit. The one with fluffy ears, regarded as the master of tricks and anger. Whatever anyone said, it was still a mere white rabbit unless dray was ready to be proven wrong tonight. It was said that the rabbit only comes out to see the moon and it is mostly seen in the darkest parts of the silver forest. Dray did not stand up from the bed as he waited for sunset. He was going to catch the rabbit alive and bring it in for everyone to see. He would be known as the one who caught a legend thereby making himself a legend. Sunset finally came and then everything fell dark but just immediately, lights of merry were lit. Dray opened his ninja pouch and poured out his twenty senbons unto the bed. The animal was a rabbit. It was fluffy too. Soft skin it had therefore, it had to be treated with caution. The only thing capable of dealing minimal damage were these needle like senbons and all they required were precision and skill to hit the required spots that would bring the rabbit down. Dray picked up his cloth and laced the tips of both of his sleeves with ten senbons each. They were well placed for easy withdrawal and instant launching such that they would not even harm dray himself. He then put on his cloth of green and black calmly as he breathed in and out. He opened the room’s door and exited it. Walking through the hallway and down the stairs, his mind remained fixed on exploring this mystery, legend, myth, whatever it was called… the white rabbit.
Dray treaded the path of the silver forest late into the night until he finally founded it. He was lucky because this very night, the moon was full. Dray ventured into the silver forest. A forest truly named for what it contained. Almost everything in this forest seemed to glisten probably because of the moon’s reflection. He listened carefully as he took gentle footsteps. He walked deeper into the forest, finally getting to the darkest parts. The coos of the birds did not find their way into this parts. It was like the place became sacred all of a sudden.. Dray stopped where he stood as he began to listen. How was he supposed to find this white rabbit in such forest and at night too. He closed his eyes to think and then the idea came. He walked gently towards the moon. The rabbit had to be somewhere around there. He got to a clearing that was directly under the moon. No trees or leaves hindered the moon’s light. Away in the distance stood this white rabbit. It looked much more bigger than other rabbit and it was basking in the light of the moon. As if it was somehow alerted by dray’s presence, it sprang to it’s feet and began to run. This was it. Dray chased after the rabbit. Its speed was outstanding but dray’s speed was alarming too. Both living creatures ran through the forest with the rabbit trying to find a window and dray working to get a clean shot. This rabbit was clever. It ran through where little trees were, forcing dray to crouch and slowing his movement but it was soon about to run out of luck. Dray slowed down and decided to do things the ninja way. He hopped unto a tree branch and gathered chakra under his feet to make his steps soundless. He had a clear view of the rabbit from above as he kept on following it. He withdrew four senbons from his sleeves and aimed it at the rabbit front allowing it to stop abruptly and taking another route. Dray wanted to corner it, He did the same with all his senbons until he was finally left with five senbons.
He jumped to the right as he aimed two senbons with brilliant focus at the rabbits left fore and hind limbs. He jumped and did the same to the right limbs of the rabbit putting it down carefully. Dray landed and walked over to the struggling rabbit. It was a small injury that would not take much time to heal. Dray bent down as he picked the rabbit with both hands and carried it carefully to the village. He had caught a legend but he did not seemed surprised or overjoyed. It was still a rabbit.

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