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Dray sat on the roof top of one of the many buildings in cocoa alley, a small area in this big magical village. He looked from his angle of view up to a vantage point wondering what could possibly happen today. He looked into the void thinking about the many questions that concerned him and for once, he had never been able to answer these many questions or even find somebody with an answer. A source at iwagakure spoke a little on his abilitiy, the wood release. It explained that it belonged to a group of people named the senjus. It was a clan known for its ability to generate wood release or even manipulate plant life. He wondered if he had any family member. If there were any others like him that could generate wood from their body parts or even control plants and vegetations. He looked below him at the people walking on the streets and almost every one of them looked ever happy. It was a brilliant season indeed but not for all.
Scanning through the many humans that flooded the streets, one of them caught dray’s attention. It was a woman in her forties. she was standing all alone with a brown basket in her left hand and she was motioning to dray with her right hand that he should come down to her. Dray got down from the roof and walked across the street to meet her. “Young man, I would appreciate it if you would kindly take the eggs in this basket across the silver forest to the hospital at the other end and give them to the children who cannot well enjoy this festive season for one reason or the other”. Dray looked at the woman once more and stretched his hand forth to receive the picnic basket. “Thank you” the old woman said as she handed the basket over to dray. Dray began his journey towards the silver forest. It was one that he was very familiar with because it was in this forest that he caught the legendary or mythical white rabbit. The rabbit that appears one period in a year and under a full moon too so definitely, navigating through this silvery forest should not be much of a problem besides, it was daytime.
Dray entered the forest as the sun was still perfectly shining. The cooing of the birds and chirping of insects was beautiful. Almost every living creature in the forest was going about their businesses. Dray very much felt the life in the trees, plants and vegetations in general. It was like they were a part of him that could not be separated or even ignored for the slightest period of time. Dray continued on this path carefully seeing that eggs were very fragile objects. He held the basket to his side closely not ready to take the risk. Suddenly, he felt something unusual moving in the bushes. He kept walking while taking note of his surrounding and thinking of every possible enemy and the perfect way to combat them. Out of the bushes came flying a wolf and speedily, dray ducked allowing the wolf to fly over him. The wolf landed perfectly for dray to take a good look at it. It was a white wolf with large fangs and claws and dray could well see that it was salivating. It was a predator and dray was a prey or maybe that was what the wolf thought. Very well, dray thought. Come at me, he motioned with his right hand. The wolf began towards dray, running at full speed. Dray did not move an inch; he only looked at the basket in his left hand and the eggs in it. Few meters away, the big white wolf leapt towards dray as he closed in on him. With a flick of his wrist, dray had a kunai in his hand. As the wolf opened it’s mouth and prepared to embrace dray with its claws, dray stuck the kunai in it’s neck putting it to sleep, one which he would not wake up from.
The most part of the journey was peaceful until a about four wolves ambushed dray. They were probably members of the pack of the wolf that dray had earlier put to sleep and they had definitely come for revenge. Dray sighed as he looked at them with pity. He jumped up into the trees as he used a very thick vine to strap the basket to a tree where it was perfectly safe. Dray landed unto the ground with a thud instilling a bit of fear in the puny little wolves. He cracked his knuckles and twisted his neck to both sides to give off a crunching sound. He flicked both of his wrist in the process, retracting two kunais from his sleeves to his palms. He started towards the ignorant wolves as they also charged towards him. He needed not spend any chakra on such enemy so basic taijutsu was enough. He fought off the wolves, cutting them pretty bad. He made sure that he did not deal any major damage to them rather, he dealt painful damage. Major damage would be sure to kill them but painful ones would teach them not to bite more than they could chew. The fight went on for a short while because dray loved seeing them try to get him as he landed more blows, kicks and cuts on them. It was almost about time and the finishing blow was about now. Both parties jumped backwards and jumped forward to clash again but this time, dray showed them who was superior. The first wolf which was black in color received a kick to the head, one which sent him crashing into a tree, the second wolf that had brown skin collided with dray fist, a blow that was sure to break his jaw, the third wolf had a grey skin. it managed to escape the first blow but the second one to its abdomen was inevitable. The last wolf whose color seemed weird to dray saw what happened to its comrades so it did not bother fighting.
Dray retrieved the brown basket from its safe place and continued his journey. He exited the silver forest and the first building he saw was the hospital. He went straight in and delivered the basket of eggs just as the old woman had asked and he turned his back to go home.

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