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1 I'm hunting Wabbits[D-rank Mission, Event] on Thu Apr 09, 2015 6:27 pm



the sound of her headband tightening could be heard through-out her camp-site... if anyone was there to hear it. Nobari had heard about spring valley, and that it was beautiful this time of year, so she decided to that she would come and check it out. However, instead of staying in the village where she would be bothered by a lot of people, she decided that she would simply camp in the woods. However, while she was in town one day she overheard someone talk about the legend of the moon rabbit. it was a fast little creature that was nocturnal (as she was), and was extremely rare. there was also a reward for anyone who could catch one. this perked Nobari's interest. She need money for supplies, to train, and a reward for catching something that might prove challenging seemed like the perfect idea.

Nobari had gathered all of her gear, and wore her typical black hoodie and black shorts, with her shuriken pouch on her legs, both of her dual ended sickles and chain strapped to each hip, and her scythe mounted on her back. now she knew she needed to bring it back alive, but that didn't mean that she wouldn't meet anything in the forest along the way there, and she had to be prepared. Besides, Iwagakure wouldn't be the only village here, and there might be rogue or roaming ninja around that could just as easily attack her. Being prepared was in much more of an interest for her than most might think. Even though she was a ninja who specialized in ninjutsu, her gear still helped her just as much, and would definitely aid her in a fight. However, for the purpose of capturing a rabbit she had also brought a rope net with her.

Nobari left her camp site with all of her gear in place. The sun was setting, and so it was the perfect time to start her rabbit hunt... or, wel.... maybe? it was nocturnal. maybe she had time to catch the sun set. she smiled at that idea. She would do that. Nobari climbed up the neardest tree, and then proceeded to bounce from tree to tree, until she reached the tallest one in her area. Then she scaled it quickly, reaching the top in a matter of seconds. she then sat down on the highest up branch that could support her own weight. Then she let out a sigh. the quick exertion of energy had been enough to make er start breathing hard. However, since she was significantly up higher, she figured that she had about 30 or so minutes before the sun would be behind the horizon. so she sat there watching as it went down. Nobari listened to the sounds of the forest as she waited. From the sounds of it, this forest wasn't entirely peaceful. However, the beautiful silver looking trees made up for the hostile sounds she could hear in the distance.

Nobari sat there for a for the 30 to minutes sit took for the sun to go down, then waited a little bit for her eyes to adjust to the darkness aorund her. then she let out a sigh, as she felt the air chill around her. "Alright. Let's hunt a rabbit" she said to the vacant air, as she dropped down to the ground, stopping on a few branches on the way down to prevent from injuring herself on the fall. once she was on the ground she looked around in the darkness. Rabbits. she was looking for a nocturnal rabbit.

600 wc reached, rabbit appearance.

luckily for nobari she turned over and looking in a patch of moon light, and in the circle of light nobari spotted not one but two rabbits. However, what she found was not what she expect. They were.... fighting? nobari crouched and watch as the battle ensued. One was clearly dominating the other, and the battle was draw to a close. Nobari saw this as her chance. a fiery wing spruted from nobari's back, with a stub of a counter-part on her other side, as she her iris became red and the whites of her eyes turned back. "alright bunny. your lifes about to become really shit." she said her voice definitely darker and more evil sounding. she dashed her increased speed making it seem as though she could teleport. She snatch the rabbit about to claim victory before it could even bat and eye, and put it in the rope. However, she stopped, and the second rabbit was there bloodied and dying, and she couldn't let it die. So she picked it up and carried it. Then she headed into town to collect her reward and get treatment for the second bunny. she only needed one for the reward, and so she figured she might as well get the other one treated and then release it into the forest again. if all went according to plan, which with nobari... it never did.

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