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1 Difficult Delivery [C Rank/Private] on Sat Apr 11, 2015 2:14 am



Mission Info:
Mission Name: Easter Delivery
Mission Rank: C Rank
Objective: Deliver the eggs from Cocoa Alley, through the forest to the Hospital
Location: Silverlight Forest
Reward: 3 Eggs
Mission Description: You, oh generous soul, have been assigned to deliver eggs from Coco Alley, to the nearest hospital on the other side of the forest. To the children who are too sick to enjoy the festivities of the outside.  
Mission Details: From the edge of town you are to travel right through the forest to get to the small hospital that rests on the other side. All the chocolate eggs are to be transported in a picnic basket and they are not to be broken. If they are hit with a mere E rank attack they will crack and break and you will fail the mission.  If this is not difficult enough, you will also face some danger.
There are wolves in this area who are hungry for the meat that is carrying the goods. Don’t let them trip you up. This mission needs at least 1000 words to be counted as complete. Good luck.

Feet pounding from tree branch to tree branch, Sachiko ran with all her might. The wolves were on her trail and she had a basket full of chocolate eggs that needed to be delivered. Without a scratch. Barking and padded footsteps could be heard just below her as she leapt from tree to tree. The wolves were relentless but she couldn’t let them get to her nor the eggs. She had to make the trip through the forest unscathed to reach the hospital on the other side of the forest. There children would be waiting for the chocolates that would normally be sold back in the center of Okashi no Sato, but some merchants were doing a charity run to the sick children who couldn’t be a part of the festivities.

That thought was nice, but it wasn’t the thought that Sachiko was focusing on at the moment. No, the thought that was running through her mind as she sped through the forest being chased by a pack of wolves was how in the world did I get stuck with this?

Earlier that day

Sachiko had just finished turning in the twin chocolate thieves to the officials when she saw Shingen again. He was so happy to see her successfully complete her first mission abroad that he nearly dropped his bag of treats that were in his hands. Those treats which he had bought while she was out on the mission ended up being the congratulatory treat for the afternoon.

“Do you want to go look around at all the shops?” Shingen asked after they had both eaten their fill.

Sachiko had already seen plenty of shops and stalls during her lookout over Cocoa Alley. “No thanks, I’m good.”

“Well, what do you want to do then?”

“Can I do another mission?” she asked, peering up at Shingen pleadingly.

“Looks like someone has got the mission craze,” he jeered. Shingen stood up and motioned for Sahciko to follow. “Alright then, let’s head to the city offices and see what’s all there to do.”

Being all giddy with excitement, Sachiko surged forward and followed him to the city offices. As soon as they entered the offices they were greeted warmly and the receptionist was more than pleased to guide them to a back room where they had prepared the basket that Sachiko was to deliver. The receptionist then detailed Sachiko on what she needed to do and where to go in the back room with the basket. Once she was briefed and warned about the eggs’ fragility and the dangers of the wolves within the forest she was on her way.

Mission: 440/600
Total: 440

2 Re: Difficult Delivery [C Rank/Private] on Sat Apr 11, 2015 2:22 am




Sachiko stopped, resting a bit on a tree branch a couple meters off the ground. The wolves all clamored around her and tried jumping up the sides but they could not reach her. They were an annoying nuisance that would soon have to be put down. She was unsure about this. The fighting. They were only dogs but still they had a lot of fight in them. Couple that with her inexperience in fighting animals versus humans (which she had only fought one other human before) and it was understandable why she was worried about fighting them.

But being a worry-wart or not, she still had to fight them. A quick count of them all came to six. Six were too many for her to take on by herself. She needed a way to separate the pack and pick them off. How to separate them? There were two white furred wolves that looked especially intimidating, three grey ones that looked more starving than strong, and one black one which made shivers run down her spine. The three grey ones would obviously be the safer bet of taking on first since they looked the weakest, but unpredictability comes with a hungry wild animal. She had to play this smart.

I’ve got it!

Sachiko let herself slide a bit along the tree branch until she found the proper angle for her to leap. With a snap of her legs she was off! Landing only 10 meters away from her tree, the wolves were quick to react. The first ones to head her way were two of the three grey wolves followed behind by the rest. Waiting until they were entering the range of one of her jutsus, Sachiko slammed her left foot on the ground and several large spikes launched up from the ground in all directions around her in a six meter radius. Standing safely in her one foot circle free of the spikes, Sachiko was able to take note of her carnage.

The two grey dogs had gotten caught in the midst of the circle of spikes, only two meters away from her as they tried to move out of their raised positions. The spikes had pierced their bodies several times over and their constant movements were only making them bleed out faster. They were no longer in the fight. Another wolf had gotten caught at the edge of the jutsu’s range. Just on the edge was the black wolf which had unfortunately only gotten a couple of the spikes in it and was able to push itself off and away from the spikes.

The other two white wolves and the last grey wolf started circling Sachiko, looking for a way through but the six meters of jutting spikes were too much of a hazard for them to get past. Knowing she would be overwhelmed if she dropped the spikes, she had to leave them there for her safety’s sake as well as to finish off the two grey ones that were caught up in them.

For her second act, Sachiko ran up the side of one of her spikes and launched herself backwards. The wolves followed her jump and were ready for her when she landed. The two white wolves were the first to lunge forward, their jaws going for her arms. A force of chakra pulsed from her body and sent them flying backwards, rolling on the ground. However, the third grey wolf was a close second to arrive and made a lunge for Sachiko after the pulse of chakra. His teeth sank into her right arm. The suddenness caught her off guard and forced her to use yet another jutsu. Lightning chakra coursed through her body and electrocuted the wolf, burning it’s mouth and forcing it to let go.

The black wolf was the last to attack, but after already being bitten by one of the weaker wolves, Sachiko was ready to counter the lunge. With a kunai in her left hand she reached forward to meet the wolf, catching it’s throat in the middle of it’s leap. The other two white wolves were back at it, one coming straight for an attack from behind while the other circled around to her other side. Using her hold on the black wolf, she flung it’s body at the incoming white wolf while pulling out three senbons with her right hand. The two canines clashed together, the white’s fangs accidentally sinking into it’s pack mate’s skin. Just as she figured, the other white wolf came in to attack her as she dealt the blow to the other two. Reacting with a flurry of three senbons to the dog’s eyes, it halted it’s attack and cowered in pain. Two senbons had taken out the wolf’s eyes with the third going into it’s chest.

None of the dogs were dead, except the two grey ones still hanging in the spikes, but they were all defeated. Wounded and bleeding, the dogs retreated from Sachiko. Once they had left, she returned to the tree she had first perched herself on before deciding to fight the wolves and reclaimed her egg basket which she had left there for safekeeping. Not a scratch or crack to any of the eggs in her basket. With the wolves handled, it was a simple trip to the hospital where the children gleamed with joy at the sight of the chocolates.

Now, to get myself patched up.

Chakra 110/150:
Rising Spears:
Name: Earth Release: Rising Spears (土遁・ライジング•スピアーズ  ~ Doton: Raijingu supiāzu)
Rank:  C
Canon/Custom: Custom
Element: Doton
Type:  Offensive
Range: 6 meter radius
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: 3 posts
Cooldown: 5 posts
Description: The user strikes the ground with one of his feet, and expels a minute amount of doton chakra into the ground. Immediately spikes of earth will rise forth from the earth moving at 20m/s, stabbing those within its vicinity causing 1 inch deep cuts on impact. The spikes are in upside down cone shapes and extend out 1 ft above ground and surround the user completely at every angle till the 6 meter range. There is no gap between each risen spike except for the small 1ft radius where the user stands so the jutsu doesn't affect the user. At a simple 10 chakra cost, the user can strike the ground once again and the earth spikes will retract back into the ground allowing the terrain to return to its initial state.
Name: Expulsion
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: C
Type: Defensive
Element: N/A
Range: Self
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: Instant
Cooldown: 3 posts
Description: Fearing an attack, the user blasts out a directional wave of chakra from their body as a repelling move at the speed of 20 m/s. Such a wave, as it is coming straight from the user's body, can also be used to remove any piercing, stabbing, or stuck-on items in/on the user's body. The strength of this jutsu can stop small thrown objects such as kunai, shuriken and senbon. If attacked physically, this jutsu can push back physical attacks (counteracts the opposing momentum) of up to 1 B rank level physical attack, or 2 C rank level physical attacks, or 3 D rank level physical attacks. The same can be applied to jutsu attacks. A combination of jutsu and physical attacks during the moment this jutsu is activated are counted together (e.g. 1 C rank jutsu attack and 1 C rank physical attack would break this jutsu).
Lightning Rod:
Name: Lightning Release: Lightning Rod (雷遁・避雷針 ~ Raiton: Hiraishin)
Canon/Custom: Canon
Rank: D
Type: Offensive
Element: Raiton
Range: Short (Contact)
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: Instantaneous
Cooldown: Duration + 3 posts
Description: The user gathers a large amount of lightning at the tip of their fingers which then travels down throughout their body, shocking anyone in direct contact with them. The raiton charge is relatively weak, causing only minor 1st degree burns and is mainly used to cause a person to release their grip on you or break contact. This jutsu does not require hand signs.

Post: 924/1364
Mission: 600/600
Unused Total: 764
Training Perception D -> D-2: 725/725
Words Remaining: 39

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