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Sekuro walked through the silver light forest, night had dawned upon them and streaks of moonlight could be seen in the trees. It was calm, cool, and the sound of the breeze shaking the trees could be heard in the forest. There was a legend that a white rabbit walked these forests at night and Sekuro had been challenged to find him, it was more of a dumb bet with a stranger in one of the shops in the Land of Sugar. Hey, if you're such a great ninja then how about you go catch that rabbit in the forest. a drunken man slurredly said as Sekuro remembered back to the dinner where all this happened. He had until the morning to find this rabbit, capture it, and bring it back to the village as proof of it's existence.

The better problem at the moment is, where is this rabbit and how do you catch rabbits? Sekuro had an idea or two but it was running late to setup a trap so he had to come up with something a little different. He had some carrot sticks from the inn he was staying in, but did rabbits actually eat carrots or was that all subjective and a stereotype placed upon an animal like many others were. He found a small clearing and scoped it out, the moonlight shun into the center of the area and Sekuro took his treats and placed it in a trail towards the center where the largest pile of carrots and some sweets would be.

After he created his trail he created 3 clones, and strategically placed them to catch the rabbit. For the first two, he placed them on both sides of the entrance of the trail and transformed them into small trees. They would hold their position there, and when he would began to catch the rabbit, if it showed up of course, they would stand there and try to block it's path. Being basic clones they couldn't do much else. The third clone he placed next to the food and transformed him into a rather large rock, the idea being to scare the rabbit towards the other two clones when he reverted back to being a clone. In the trees above, the real Sekuro waited, while th clones would corner the rabbit, Sekuro would use his Wind release to speed towards the rabbit and grab him, then it was a matter of getting him back to the village without running away at that point.

The clones were all set now and Sekuro positioned himself about ten meters away in the trees, ready to pounce upon the rabbit whenever it would show up, there was no guarantee of it happening and Sekuro began to worry if another animal might show up and scare him off or steal the food, if that were to happen he told only one of the pair of clones to revert back and scare that animal away. Luckily, nothing yet as an hour passed by and Sekuro pulled the book he was reading out of his bag, should the rabbit show up he would be ready to go within a few seconds so he decided to enjoy his reading in the moonlight of the night.

Another hour or two had gone by, getting deep into the night, he began to wonder if there was a way to entice only rabbit to come to his clearing, he finished a chapter in his book and put it up, sitting down he rested his head on his hands and began to wait, hopefully this rabbit shows up soon, he would had to go back empty handed after all that talk of him being good enough to catch a legendary rabbit. What a dumb bet to make, Sekuro was already regretting it.

As it began to drag on, from the opposite end of the clearing a snow white rabbit came out, it hopped a few meters towards the center and starred up to the moon for a second, it was on the wrong side, from that angle it was too far and could easily get away without his clones to trap it. Was this his luck manifest, or was his plan just good enough to succeed, the rabbit continued closer to the snacks and it noticed them there. Seeming to get a bit excited it began to nuzzle down on them, the breeze had calmed and it was time to begin Operation: Rabbit Trap. The first clone in the center poofed back to normal, nearly giving the rabbit a heart attack as it scurried down the trail, it was going as planned, Sekuro lunged in the tree going to use its branch as a springboard. The rabbit wasn't very quick hopping like a normal rabbit and with the clone not hardly moving towards it, it saw a glimpse of hope to escape, until the other two clones poofed in front of it and began to move towards it. It was in that instance that the rabbit froze, and Sekuro launched himself, using the tree, his fastest burst of speed, and his Wind Release: Stream, he was at the rabbit in less than one second. Landing around him and grabbing it, it must be a lot for such a small critter to take in as Sekuro grabbed him. He hoisted him up as he stood, the rabbit furiously squirming, and even biting his hand and arm, but it would take more than a rabbit's bite to get him to let go. He pet the rabbit as he began walking, grabbing a few carrots from the pile for it to munch on instead of his arm, he headed back towards the village.

Once he got back into town he headed towards his place, getting a small cage for the rabbit he went to bed for the night for a few hours and in the morning he would turn in this so called legendary White rabbit.

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