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1 Chase the Rabbit [D-Rank Mission] on Wed Apr 15, 2015 12:51 am



The Moon Rabbit was revered as a symbol of great things to come. Harichimo was hoping to turn that into great fortune this very night. He had come to this new land in an area called the Silverlight Forest in hopes of coming close the catching the elusive creature. It was coming close to the time when night would soon fall upon the forest. Harichimo was only reaching the entrance of the forest where tall trees seemed to snarl and grow into one another. As he stood beneath the arc of two giants tied together he looked at the horizon as the sun dropped out of view leaving a splash of red and orange in it's wake. The perfect time to try and spot this beast. I'm going to need all the good fortune I can get now that I am a chunin for the village. Huh, Akira senesi would think I'm a total flipping nut job for believing in such crazy and convoluted superstition. But luck or no luck it is worth the shot. He thought to himself admiring the great view. He looked down and gave his arm bandages a final tug making them tight as he liked. It was definately going to be a night of patience and endurance to see if he might only get a glimpse of the creature.

With that Harichimo turned his back to the fleeing dawn and made his way into the forest. The trees lining the path all grew close to each other letting very little light in except what moon light could be seen through below to the canopy. The further he walked into the forest, the more the trees seemed to be closing the path to a choke point. And at the head of the choke point the path split into three paths. Down each path seemed like nothing but darkness but down the center path a small amount of light seemed to leak through. He made his way down this path and at the very end was a small circular clearing where the trees didn't seem to encroach upon. The grass in the center of the clearing seemed to be perfectly grown to fill put the clearing and seemed int he most part to be untouched. There must be something important about this clearing if none of the trees have grown around it. And speaking of that I can see the moon pretty clear from here. Maybe I should set up and camp out here.

Harichimo took a look around and saw a lone branch growing in a direction that would give him a perfect cover of direction if the moon took the path he thought it would take. He focused his chakra for the super natural practice technique and began climbing the closest tree. When he reached the near top of the tree he began to weave in between the trees to try and not do anything that might cast his shadow into the clearing in case the rabbit showed up while he was getting ready. When he finally reached his chosen perch he took a seat crossing his legs and keeping a watch of the clearing and his surroundings. Everything seemed to be at a dead stand still. Nothing wanting to move or make a noise on this night. He looked up to the sky and watched as the moon reached it's peak in the sky and seem to almost freeze at the very top of it's arc. Man this makes me wish I could enjoy more nights like this. Not many locations can still be found where nature has made such beautiful sights for us to admire and watch. Even if this rabbit doesn't make it's rounds this way I can say I was lucky to get to see this in my life time.

And as he looked down from his thoughts he saw it. A pure white rabbit sitting in the middle of the field. In a split second he got to his feet and focused his chakra. I can flat out speed the creature with my technique but I will have to be fast and I can get this creature back to the village in no time flat. As his chakra became concentrated he let it flow into his veins triggering his adrenaline release technique to make him faster. And in a flash he descended upon the creature grabbing it with a snug grip but without crushing it. The rabbit obviously squirming to get free but he had it in his grasp and he wasn't about to let this charm get away. He sped off towards the village hoping to get back before the administrative building closed to get his reward.


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