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1 Konoha Senei needed! on Sun Apr 19, 2015 7:25 pm

Kaitu Burasu


Hi! Tsuru Shokubutsusou (Tsu-chan), Itazura Sarutobi, and I are new on this website and we are looking for a sensei. We're still learning, so we might be a bit more difficult than other students, but we are constantly on the site, so don't worry about absentee periods! My specialty is genjutsu, Ita's is taijutsu, and Tsu's is ninjutsu, so a sensei doesn't need to have any particular specialization to train us (We don't focus on one thing). In case you're interested, here are links to our character pages:

Itazura Sarutobi
Kaitu Burasu
Tsuru Shokubutsusou

Thanks! PM me for any questions!

Update: Sensei found!


Kaitu Burasu of the Burasu Clan
Genin of Konoha
Genjutsu-S l Ninjutsu-B
Doton-S l Raiton-C

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