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1 A Night with the White Rabbit (D-Rank Mission) on Tue Apr 21, 2015 10:51 pm



Word had reached the young Myugan of a rabbit said to bring good fortune and new beginnings. It seemed interesting though he didn't know how a new beginning would benefit him. He considered himself to already be in a "new" beginning having left his brother only a year ago now. Sure he had plans for the future but was no where near putting any of them into motion, he was still far too weak for that. Never the less catching such a rabbit did intrigue him.

Capturing a creature of legend was his goal as he waited for night to come. His recent ventures bringing the young Myugan to the forest the rabbit was said to live within. Camping out on his own was a normal thing for Bunshichi, ever since his brother. As night fell he needed to prepare for his hunt. He had to be light for tonight, bringing only what was essential for capture. His weapons set aside or at least most of them, overall the young man carried five swords, four of which were nearly identical to each other. His longsword Epsilon he would bring however, just so that he wouldn't be caught without one for defense. All of his munitions would be left at the campsite, he wanted to capture the creature not kill it so it was only reasonable to leaving thrown knives and needles behind. His shield would also be taken with him on this nightly venture again for defense, though the idea of blocking a path did come to mind as a use. Placing the shield on his back, next came his puppets. In total three puppets, a ball style creation named Kappa, and a pair of arms that he wore in battle or training. At first none of them seemed useful, though Kappa could grab the creature, block a path, or even lead the creature. Alpha and Beta, his arm puppets, also could be useful, more as traps though.

Peering into the sky as the sun was nearly fully set, it was time to set out into the forest. His plan was simple, the young blonde would set up some traps and simply wait. Ultimately it was a boring plan but it was the only way he'd capture a wild creature in it's home territory. Starting out he analyzed the forest floor for any signs of trails made by small animals frequenting the paths. Any small opening under fallen trees or little burrows dug into the ground were important to remember. Finding what he believed to be the most frequently used three trails or pathways, he set up his puppets leaving chakra strings attached to each. All it would take was a well timed reaction to capture what he sought. Next he'd have to wait, finding an open area up a tree as night continued to descend.

Waiting for hours the young blonde saw several small animals wonder through the area, none were the legendary white rabbit he wanted. As time passed he began reminiscing about his brother and one of his first training exercises. Most teachers would have the student find an object or a target or possibly ambush a target. His brother however had a more aggressive idea in mind. Given only two minutes, he had to hide before the man would begin hunting him down. At first it seemed to be a joke, especially when the man said he'd come "bulldozing through" in order to find him. After hiding himself in a tall well grown tree, it only took a few minutes before he had been found. Sitting in the tree, the solid structure vibrated and began moving. His brother had grabbed the base and ripped the tree out of the ground before slamming the entire thing down. Thinking back on it sent shivers down his spine.

Something caught his attention on the forest floor, a small glimpse of white that seemed to glow. Watching it for a moment more, it had to be the rabbit he was looking for. It was time, jumping from the tree, he landed almost on top of it trying to grab it with his hands. The rabbit was fast though, react quicker then he thought, though it was enough to calibrate his own reaction time. The rabbit took off down the first path it saw, only to be wrapped in the puppeteer's left arm puppet. He had captured it. Attempting to squirm free, Bunshichi watched the creature as he picked it up and freed it from the puppet. Holding it in his arms, he felt it trembling as it still wanted to get away. The thing was terrified. There was no way he'd take it back to town just to show off. Pulling out a pair of scissors, he clipped a portion of it's hair and then let the fearful rabbit go. The hair glowed subtly and it was enough to prove he had caught it. This was all he needed as proof and perhaps a lucky charm.

836/600 Mission Complete


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