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Chase the White Rabbit D-Rank WC 0/600Mission name: Chase the White Rabbit – Part 1: Through the Trees
Mission rank: D rank
Objective: Find, chase and catch the white rabbit.
Location: Silverlight Forest.
Reward: 2 Easter Eggs
Mission description: There is a legend in Japan that speaks of the Moon Rabbit. A rare breed that comes out at night during this time of the year to stare at the moon. Some say to catch one would be a sign of new beginnings and good fortune. And some say that they have come to the forest? Would you believe these tall tales? Are you game enough to sneak out to the forest after dark and try your luck?

Mission details:
The creature you are looking for is a medium sized rabbit with large ears and a sneaky temper. He can usually be found in the deepest parts of Silver forest in patches where the moon can be seen. You’re task is to find it, catch it alive and bring it back to the town. Be warned, it is fast and clever and it will only reveal itself to you after you have reached the 600 words required of this mission.

Training Stats:

Strength E ~> E-1 0/75
Speed E~> E-1 0/75
Reaction Time E~> E-1 0/75
Perception E~> E-1 0/75
Endurance E~> E-1 0/75
Total stats 0/375

“Bunny?! Bunny where are you?!” Tsuru called out into the dark woods. She shivered as a night breeze blew, shaking the leaves in the trees and whistling through the blacks pillars of tree trunks. The girl had taken the easy enough looking mission, just for that reason, it looked easy enough! How could catching a little bunny be that hard? But of course it had to be at night, alone, in a creepy looking forest with hardly a clue as to where anything was!

It wasn’t that the plants themselves scared her, after all as a member of the Senju trees and greenery made her feel exactly at home, but it was the dark and scary aura that always came when one just happened to be around late at night, alone, and searching for stupid little rabbit that only came out late at night in really macabre appearing forest. Calm down! You got this Tsu! She gave herself a mental pep talk. “Haha!” Nervous laughter in mock confidence came out as well. “It’s not even that dark out, the full moon is right up there and… and it’s just like it’s in the middle of the day! Ahaha!”

She smiled to no one in particular, well, there was no one there besides herself. She looked upwards to the giant white rock in the sky. The full moon did indeed bathe her and her surroundings in a silvery light, almost a mysterious sylvan glow over took her and the forest of dark pillared trees. I should have waited and done this mission with my team… She mumbled more into the dark, wondering whether she truly could have taken this endeavor of a mission on her lonesome own.


Kyah!?” Tsu jumped at the sound of a branch breaking, followed by the rustling leaves and twigs moving through the forest.  “Oh… wait, it must be the bunny!” The sound of rustling leaves was about to leave her behind. “Bunny come back!” The girl began sprinting towards the sounds, losing her bearings once more in the forest.

Eventually the sounds died out and Tsu slowed to a walk. “Er, bunny?” But the fast little hare did not say anything back. The green haired girl put her hands to her temples to brainstorm ways to find that stupid little rabbit. Should I have brought carrots? Bunnies like carrots. I could’ve definitely had same help with carrots. I mean I don’t really like carrots so I guess that’s why I didn’t bring them, but I should’ve been thinking like a bunny and brought carrots! Tsu facepalmed at her mistake at not bringing some carrots to entice the bunny and maybe lure it to her.

“I’ve got it!” The girl said aloud. “The bunny has a name, the moon bunny. So if I call out ‘Moon Bunny’ it’s got to come out ‘cause bunnies have huge ear and it’s got to hear me!” Satisfied with her plan, Tsu began calling out the moon rabbit’s ‘name.’ “Moon bunny! Moon bunny! Come out Moon bunny! I’m looking for you! I’ve got carrots!”
So maybe the carrots part was a little bit of a trick, but rabbits did like carrots and the moon rabbit should’ve been no exception. After a while of calling out the name, Tsu came to a clearing in the forest still with no bunny in sight.

“Well that didn’t work.” The green haired girl slumped her shoulders in defeat. While looking down, she noticed some star shaped white flowers in the field in front of her. “Oh, moon flowers!” She dropped to her knees to examine the blooms closely.

Moon flowers were special plants that only bloomed at night especially on a full moon night like the one the girl was having herself. Wow, they’re kinda like the moon bunny. Tsu thought to herself.

Suddenly the girl had the urge to look beside her, she felt as if someone, no something, was watching her. Slowly she turned to head to find a small white ball of fur with big ears staring back at her. “Bunny? I found you moon bunny!”

But as soon as the words left her mouth, the rabbit took off into the forest. “Wait!” Tsu jumped up and nearly tripped herself. “Moon bunny come back!” She once again sprinted after the rabbit in the forest.

After just a few moments, the girl was panting out of breath. “Oh, back to square one again!” She pouted and sighed. Tsu just happened to look up again when she heard the sound of breaking wood?  Above her on a tree branch already half broken sat the moon rabbit! “Ah, oh no moon bunny you can’t be up there you’ll fall!” Tsu began panicking as the rabbit lay still on the branch just as it began to tilt down more. “Bunny!”

The girl immediately began climbing the tree, but… why climb when you could run? Tsu centered chakra onto her feet, she never was the best at the Supernatural Walking Technique but tonight had to be an exception if she wanted to save that bunny!

“Just hang in there moon bunny!” Tsu ran up the tree and got to the breaking branch, the small white furball trembling with fear at the branch’s edge. Tsu held onto the trunk of the tree while trying to reach out to the rabbit. The sound of cracking wood echoed through the silent forest, yet Tsu spoke gently to the small rabbit.
“Hey little guy, how’d you get up here anyway?” Tsu smiled trying to hide her fear that the rabbit could jump off the branch at any minute in fright. The rabbit turned its ears toward the girl, its nose twitching. The branch was at its end as the rabbit leaped into Tsu’s outstretched arms. Tsu and the rabbit both watched the branch fall to the ground and snap in half.

“To think that could’ve been you.” Tsu said as she held the rabbit close and walked down the tree. “Now lets get you back to town!”

The journey back wasn’t nearly as harrowing as the journey to find the rabbit. The moon helped guide their way and Tsu returned to the town happy with the moon rabbit in arms.

Jutsu Used:

Name: Supernatural Walking Practice (Shūgyō'shikachō ~ 修業歩然超)
Canon/Custom: Canon.
Rank: E.
Type: Supplementary.
Element: None.
Range: Self.
Specialty: Taijutsu (Chakra Flow).
Duration: -5 chakra every 3 posts (every 2 posts if using on water).
Cooldown: None.
Description: Supernatural Walking Practice is a basic ninja technique. It involves using chakra flow to channel chakra to one's hands or feet, allowing him/her to walk on, or cling to, surfaces that normally do not allow it. This includes, but is not limited to, walls/ceilings, trees, and even water. Should the flow of chakra stop for any reason, the user will immediately fall off of the surface they are walking on, or plunge underwater.

Chakra 145/150

Total Word Count 1040
Mission 600/600
Training Stats
Strength E ~> E-1 75/75
Speed E~> E-1 75/75
Reaction Time E~> E-1 75/75
Perception E~> E-1 75/75
Endurance E~> E-1 75/75
Total stats 375/375
WC Left 65


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